MEANT TO BE: Chapter 61-The End

(being Elva)

Chapter 69

Zeemah writes?

?Braun’s POV?

“I’m going to Mexico right now….Mig,Elva and Dianne has been kidnapped” Fleur said in tears, rushing into her room.
I stood at the living room bewildered.
‘Kidnapped?’ I asked myself.

I sighed and sat on the couch…the few days I’ve spent with Fleur has been wonderful and i can say this lady changed me a lot.
She’s so kind-hearted and generous and can be very bold at times.
I remembered when she stood up to my bodyguards… something most people can’t even dare..she did it confidently and till date, they all respect her.
I couldn’t hold my laughter when i remembered what she did at my house back there in Mexico…I shouldn’t laugh in this tense moment but i just can’t help it.

?? Flashback…

“Damn…I’m so gonna hit you today” She yelled running after me after I called her a Tom-boy.

Yeah…she behaves like one.

I laughed as i quickly ran inside dad’s bedroom.
He’s awake seated on the bed with a magazine in hand.

I ducked behind the bed and he chuckled already knowing what’s going on…this isn’t the first time Fleur would come for me after i tease her.
She walked in with a fake fierce look…rolling her big eyes in search of me.
It looked so funny that i had to chuckle giving her a hint of where i was hiding.

She smiled, rolled up the sleeves of her shirt advancing towards me with forced muscles.
“Dad please don’t let her come” I cried from my hidden place.
“It has been long you got beaten.. allow Fleur do it for me today” He said with a wide grin.
I noticed dad how happy dad has been since Fleur started working here and he’s now looking as young and healthy as ever.

“Dad you’re cruel” I cried making him laugh.
“Now Mr Braun Mortimer get ready for the beating of Miss Fleur Sydney” She growled with a click in the tongue.

I laughed.

“Damn… you’re still laughing when you are about to get beaten…I assure you I’m gonna increase it” She said.
“Fleur you need to beat him real well…it has been so long he got some beatings” Dad said with a wicked grin.
“Haha…Dad when did you became this cruel” I said in a fake crying tone.
“No time for idle talk…it’s time for beatings” She said with a smirk shifting closer to me throwing punches into the air.

The last punch she threw into the air hit the wardrobe and she let out a yell.
I laughed, sticking out my tongue….
“Tch..” She scoffed and landed a slap across my back.
It wasn’t painful,her hand is as soft as a new born baby’s.
“Ouch” I faked pain.
“Fleur,you have to hit him harder….he’s as solid as a rock” Dad said adjusting his glasses.
“Dad” I scolded.
“Yes Dad…do you know the funny thing?” She asked facing dad.

“What?” Dad asked.
“You know I’m the one hitting him?…he’s the one supposed to feel the pain but I’m the one who’s feeling it…my hand has almost broken into two” she cried.
I laughed…
“Yeah…I told you he’s as solid as a rock..I should help you hit him” Dad said already standing up.
My eyes widened as dad advanced towards me..
Fleur giggled throwing me a ‘good-for-you’ look.
“Damn…I gotta get outta here, dad’s hit is painful as fuck.

“’re so cruel” I said with a frown already planning on how to escape.
I dodged the first hit and ran out of the room…laughing hard.

??End of flashback…

Fleur has always been making me laugh…she’s just like the cause of my happiness.
Ever since Catherine,the daughter of a rich tycoon broke up with me..I’ve never been this happy.
Fleur drove my depression away,she healed my dad.
Her laughter always melt my heart,i normally await her beautiful face every morning…she has a free spirit,she’s ready to move along with everyone. I can tell the maids and bodyguards likes her.

I found myself not wanting to leave her company…she made me skip work so many times…And i make sure she accompanies me anytime i decide to go.
Being with Fleur changed me positively…I can’t believe she made me start helping the poor.

My generosity is all over the news and I’m glad and proud of myself.
I had to follow her down to this countryside just because i want to be with her.

She goes to work in the morning and comes back early..i stay here at home preparing the budget of the helps i want to render here in the countryside..
There is so much thing that needs to be advanced here and i will do my best to make it all done.

And the beautiful garden and the lake is wow…just like the ones i read in fairytale…I wish I can move it down to my house in Mexico….it’s so beautiful,a very lovely sight.
Fleur and i do swim and picnic everyday….
We take a lot of beautiful pictures. I bought her an iPod recently but she had said she preferred a smaller phone so i got her an IPhone the latest version which she’s using now.

She had been so excited that she nearly kssed me…but she didn’t which made me quite sad.
I don’t understand this feeling I’m having for her..I can’t describe it, even if i know where all this is going to end.

Fleur will soon be mine.

I can tell Dad likes her so much…he wasn’t that nice to Catherine, saying she’s rude, proud and all.
Mum has been dead for years now…since i was a little boy..I’ve been in care of dad and he took very good care of me and won’t hesitate to discipline me when required..
He’s one of the people who groomed me into who i am today.

I wasn’t born with a silver spoon…i went through hell to be successful and i cleared my path to success myself.

Yeah….hardwork pays..

Damn…why am i still sitting here when she said her family has been kidnapped…I gotta call Steve.
I picked up my iPod from the table and quickly placed a call through Steve.

? Hey Steve.

?Yes boss.

? Send my private jet to Australia airport right now.

? Okay boss.

? Alright bye.

Fleur walked back to the living room Immediately i disconnected the call.. carrying luggage,her face expression in a worried state.
I stood up.
“Calm down Fleur…all will be okay,I’ve told Steve to fly over my private jet…let me also go pack up” I said and she nodded.
“I will also put a call through Doc. Steph and also the man who helps us in taking care of the stable”
“Okay do that fast…” I patted her shoulder in a comforting way and walked to my room.


I walked back to the living room with my luggage in hand.
I met her sitting on the couch with her face down.
“Are you done?” I asked and she nodded raising up her tear streaked face.
“C’mon Fleur … It’s okay” I crouched and pulled her into a hug,she cried loudly on my shoulder.
Woah…This is the first time she’ll be crying in my presence..even though she looks cute crying…I can’t help but feel broken by her tears.
She must love her family a lot.

“I sho-uld h-ave be-en the-re w-it-h th-e-m” she said, almost choking amidst tears.
“It’s okay Fleur…I know how they mean to you..don’t cry anymore,your tears is hurting my heart” I said and saw an expression cross her face but it quickly vanish.

She sniffed.

“It’s okay Fleur… get up,let’s get going,let’s go save them”

I picked up her luggage with mine while she walked outside before me.
We got outside the house.
I walked to where i parked car and placed the luggage in the trunk.
I got behind the wheel and turned on the ignition,i reversed then drove out of the main house.
I stepped on the brake, waiting for Fleur to join me.

She walked to the car after locking the gates.
She got in beside me and i turned on the ignition.
” Can you tell me how all this happened? From the beginning” I said.
“Yes i will tell you everything…from the beginning” She said and i nodded.
I started driving towards the airport.

“It all began when;…..” she started and i listened attentively speeding away.

?Elva’s POV?

I was awake but with my eyes closed.
I groaned at the terrible pain behind my head.
I felt my hands and legs bounded together.
I opened my eyes and i couldn’t see a thing,it was so dark.

I heard someone breath beside me ,i turned sideways,i couldn’t see clearly but i strained my eyes. I gasped when i saw Mig looking so pale and unconscious.
His hands bounded behind his back and his legs also tied together.
Dianne sleeping beside him… she’s also tied up.

I cried at the pain I’m feeling…the rope they used in bounding my hands together is cutting through my skin…blood seeping out slowly changing the white color of the rope to red.
I cried…”Dianne” I called.
“Dianne” I called again but she laid still.
“Dianne” I called the third time before she stirred.
She opened her eyes and slowly looked around..
Her eyes met with mine and she started crying.

She sat up with a groan and started shifting on her butt till she got closer to me.
“Vinnie are you hurt?” She asked worriedly.
“Will Mig be okay?” I asked ignoring her question.
“I don’t know..” She cried turning to Mig.
She tried to kick him with her bounded legs but he didn’t shake nor stir.
I cried and shifted closer to him…
I placed my lips on his for a long time before he finally stirred.

My magical lips…

I smiled as i saw his eyes flicked open.
He looked lazily around.
“Elva” He called weakly.
“Yes Mig…are you okay?” I asked.
“Are you okay?” He asked…slowly sitting up.
“Ouch” He groaned in pain.
“Sorry Mig” Dianne and i said.
“Damn…I’m feeling terrible pains behind my head” He said.
“Me too” I cried.
“Really?..are you okay?..are you sure you are fine?” He asked and i nodded.

He finally sat up firmly and i rested my head on his shoulder.
“Dianne are you okay?” He asked and she nodded.
“We’ve been kidnapped right?…let’s not act like everything is okay..let’s scream for help…I’m in pains” Dianne screamed.
“ amount of scream would make anyone hear us because I’m pretty sure this room is soundproofed,let’s plan on how to get out of here” Mig said.
“I have a hunch that we are gonna be killed” I cried.

“Yes your hunch is right” We heard and looked up.
Three people walked in,i couldn’t decipher their face because it’s quite dark but that voice..that voice seems familiar.

The light suddenly switched on .. so bright it almost blinded my eyes.
I shut my eyes closed and opened it when i heard chuckles.

Woah…my guess is right..
It’s Sasha,Ryan and who?…
Mrs Winters.
“Bunch of fools” Sasha said.
She advanced towards me and sl@pped me hard on both cheeks which made me tumble backwards,the sound echoing In my ears.
“You are dare you hit her?” Mig roared.
“Oh…you dare ask her that huh?” Ryan said and also advanced towards Mig.
He punched him hard on the face.

“Why are you acting cowardly…you should have just loosen this rope and punch me the way you just did now” Mig said.
“I can’t loosen the rope because you son of a bitch hit anything you come across” Ryan spat.
“Ohh..really? you think I’m an animal like you” Mig smirked.
A pained expression crossed Ryan face and he made to punch Mig once more but Mig dodged it and his fist collided with the hard wall.
He cried out in pain, jumping round the room holding out the fist which is already stained in bl©©d.

Mig and i chuckled .. Dianne laughed.
“Aren’t you guys ashamed a bit… despite the fact that we are tied of you still ended up getting hurt…you are just one crazy team” Dianne chuckled.
“Oh…you have the guts to talk right? this little nitwit..I will tell you all you need to know since you will be dieing soon” Mrs Winters said and i felt Dianne use her elbow to click something in her pocket…

Uh..Smart a$$.

“Go on…our ugly step mother” She said and we couldn’t help but laugh.
Isn’t it ridiculous to be laughing in this situation? is,but we just have to.

Mrs Winters wore an angry look,she angrily sl@pped Dianne across the face.
“Is your stupid dead mother as pretty as i am” She fumed.
“No she isn’t as pretty as you are” I said and Mrs Winters smiled.
“You see…even your elder sister knows I’m prettier than your dead mother” Mr Winters said to Dianne who looked at me with a surprise expression.

I smiled” My mum isn’t as pretty as you are because she’s way prettier than you in hundred folds” I said and Dianne laughed.
“Ohh…daughters of a bitch” she blurted out.
“Ok well…I need to tell you some things because you are all gonna die soon so it’s better i let you know;

Well… Dianne remember the two guys who raped you years ago..I’m the one who sent them to do it,when it resulted into pregnancy..I was glad because i thought your father is gonna detest you but the idiot loved you more and even have to include your stupid son in his will…and that was the reason i kidnapped Dan and sent him off to a faraway countryside but luckily for you…you found him” Mrs Winters said with a loud laughter .
I didn’t notice my mouth was wide agape till it closed itself.

“Wow!” Mig exclaimed.

I looked over at Dianne and saw her face filled with tears.
She sniffled … “I’m not as surprised as i should be, i know you to be a cruel person… any other information?” Dianne asked with a smile but i could sense that pain behind her voice.

“Yeah..there is still more information.;

We kidnapped Vinnie because she’s a pain in the ass..
She keeps stealing Sasha’s fame and she’s a threat to me in that house.
We wanted her dead,never to return again but yes..the bitch returned glowing more but all that is gonna end today…i was the one who ordered Ryan to silence your dad but that crazy nurse saved him…
I want you all dead so i can have everything to myself” She said with a grin.

Well I’m not surprised…

“Just in a week you guys arrived here in Mexico…you have been the talk of the city,you have stolen the fame i used my body to build…you’ve destroyed me,I’m not being called for contracts anymore…you both are the headline of every paper…with your social media pages booming with followers while mine is decreasing but I’m so glad all that will come to an end because you all are going down today” Sasha yelled.

Dianne laughed….” Of course no one will want to call a bald headed model for work” We laughed.

“I should be pained but I’m not because i will happily scrap off your hair also before you die” Sasha said referring to me.
I laughed…”I dare you to do that”
“Yeah…you are all going down but first we know you have some evidence with you… provide it now because the secret camera you planted in Mrs Winters room has been discovered and i know you already know one or two secrets, hand it over now or we will kill your father” Ryan threatened.

I stared at Dianne who winked at me.
I turned to Mig who seems sad they will be taking away our only source of evidence.
“I don’t think there is a need for you to have the laptop anymore..I are gonna kill us now,so what do you need it for” I said.
“We need it because we can’t allow the damn thing get to the public” Sasha said.
“Whose room is it?” Mrs Winters asked.
“My room…in the shelf” Dianne replied.
“Wow..I love your cooperation..guys deal with them while i go get the laptop” Mrs Winters said, turned and walked out.

“Vinnie I missed you..your kss” Ryan said walking towards me with a smile.
He crouched in front of me and i shot him a deadly glare.
“Don’t you dare try anything funny…or you’ll have your front teeth plucked out” Mig threatened.
Ryan gave a short laugh.
“She’s my girlfriend…I mean my fiancee before you came into the picture from nowhere to snatch her from me” Ryan said.
“Snatch say?…what if she has been dead as you had wanted..Would you open that wide mouth to tell me she’s yours” Mig retorted.

“Whatever…I’m gonna kiss her hard before she dies…she can’t die a saint” He said already pushing his lips towards mine…I spat on his face and he shifted back in disgust .
I saw my saliva smear his face and i sighed at the angry look on his face.

I groaned in pain when he threw a punch to my lips…I slowly felt bl©©d seep into my mouth.

“To hell with you and your disgusting saliva…Sash come with me..i need to go clean this up” He said to Sasha who followed him like a puppy.
They walked out of the room and i noticed they forgot to switch off the light.
“Sorry Vinnie” Dianne said sadly and i nodded
“Sorry babe…it’s painful right?” Mig asked and i nodded.
“Sorry” He said, looking so worried he might cry.

“There are two things in my pocket…a wireless recording tape conjoined with a location setting…if sent to someone,the person is gonna find our location and the second is a knife blade which we can use to cut off these ropes” Dianne said quietly.

“Really?” We asked amused..
“Did you know we were gonna be kidnapped?” I asked curiously.
“No…remember when i went to study further in Korea..I had a friend.. Michael. He taught me that one need to always be with a defensive object because we can’t tell what might happen…the knife blade is always with me.
And about the tape recorder…my subconsciousness told me to take it” She explained and i sighed.

“You are so smart Dian, you said the tape recorder has a location setting right? there a way we can connect it to Fleur?” Mig asked.
“Ofcourse, there is”
“Then quickly connect it” I said.
“My hands are still bounded together…I can’t take anything” She said.
“That’s true..thank goodness you are with a knife blade but how are we gonna remove the knife blade from your pocket..we are all tied” I said and we all sigh.

“Just hold on…my teeth is quite strong..I’m gonna use it in cutting a part of the rope” Mig Said.
“Mig the rope is thick” I said.
“No it isn’t very thick” He said and we watched him chew the rope…which slowly gave way.

He did that for some minutes before the rope finally loosened,we sighed in relief.
He freed one of his hand and used it to remove the rope completely.

He shifted to Dianne dipped his hand into her pocket and brought out the knife blade.
He cut off the rope used to bound his legs, smiled and stood up.
He use the knife in cutting off the ropes on my arm and leg…I smiled and also stood up feeling relieved.
I almost exclaimed at the sight of my’s looking so red and swollen.
He did same to Dianne,who quickly dipped her hand into the pocket of her trouser.

She brought out the tape recorder and i noticed it was that black thing i saw her putting in her pocket earlier.
She opened another part of the tape…”Might do you by chance know Fleur’s contact?” She asked.
“Of course ” He said and started calling it out to Dianne.
She input Fleur’s contact in it and nodded.
“Yes…she would have received a notification about our whereabout by now” Dianne said with a smile.
“I trust Fleur…she’s gonna swing into action immediately” Mig said.

“Let’s try to escape by ourselves,what if they come in now” I said.
“No..the security here is tight…if we end up trying to escape by ourselves…we will be caught and that will be the end” Mig said.
“So it’s better to wait for Fleur”

“You all know what?” Dianne asked
“What?” We asked.
“I copied all the evidences we have into my iPod last night…so even if they destroy the laptop…there is a still a copy of the evidences in my iPod” Dianne said with a smile.
I nearly jumped up in excitement…”really?” Mig asked.
“Yeah or why do you think i let go of the laptop so easily” Dianne said and Mig gave her a high five.
“If they come in and meet us like this..they are gonna kill us immediately. Let’s pretend we are still bounded with the rope” I said and we all sat on the floor using the rope to tighten our hands and legs back..but we tied it loosely this time…

Some minutes later,the door opened and we quickly hid our smile.

Sasha and Ryan walked in.
“Your time is now…Mrs winter’s has found your laptop,she has deleted the evidences in it so now we are free to kill you” Ryan said pulling out a pistol.

I froze…damn.

I doubt Fleur has left the countryside at all.. I cried inwardly…
He pointed the pistol at us with a satisfied look…”I’m sorry you all have to end this way” he said with a wicked grin.

Sasha smiled…”pull the trigger baby”
Ryan pointed it first to Dianne who shook in fear.
I breathe out.
“Please don’t shoot” We begged.
He was about shooting when a guy rushed in…I recognized him as one of the guys who kidnapped us.
“Jack what’s wrong?” Ryan asked.
“Boss…the cops are around… everyone has flee” He said breathing hard like he ran all the way here.

“OMG.. really?” Ryan said.
“Damn !! ” Sasha exclaimed..
“Well i still have to shoot you guys” Ryan said and fired three shots at us before running out of the room with Sasha.

I had moved away even before he pulled the trigger,the bullet whizzed past me and the heat made me feel dizzy..

My eyes swayed at the loud sound, i shook in fear as i prayed that Mig and Dianne survives it also.

I was so shaken that i felt the tiny hair on the back of my neck stood up.
There was silence..the loudest silence.
I raised my head slowly and signed in total relief when i saw none of us is hurt.

“Such a bad shooter” Mig laughed.

“Are you okay?” We all asked at the same time.
We bursted into laughter and freed the rope from our hands and legs.
We stood up..
“Damn..I thought the bullet was gonna hit us all dead” I said.
“He was in a rush and couldn’t get to shoot at us perfectly.. we should be tagged most luckiest people on earth” Mig said.. hugging me tightly.

Fleur suddenly rushed in and she rushed to pull us in a hug.
“Are you all okay?” She asked worriedly with a sniffle.
“Yes Fleur thanks so much for saving us”
“I thought you are all gonna leave me,you almost made me cry my eyes out” She pouted.
“I’m so surprised drama queen can cry” Mig said and we laughed.
“All thanks to Braun…his private jet flew us here and immediately i received the notification of your location,he helped me call the cops and we headed here immediately” She said with a smile.

Braun walked in behind her.
“Are you guys okay?” He asked and we nodded.
“Thanks so much Braun..we appreciate your help” We chorused.
“It’s nothing…you guys are quite hurt,come with me,the ambulance is outside” He said.

“What of the criminals..I hope they’ve been apprehended?” Dianne asked.
“No they escaped” Braun said sadly.


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