MEANT TO BE: Chapter 61-The End

(being Elva)

Chapter 71

Zeemah writes ?

?Sasha’s POV?

“Aaaah !!” I exclaimed banging my fist on the table.
“Didn’t you shoot them right?” I asked furiously facing Ryan who sat head down on the couch, puffing out smoke through his nose and mouth, from the cigarette tucked between his fingers.

It’s a shock they were able to dodge those bullets…how did they do that?

We fled the scene after Ryan shot at the three of them …
News just got to us that none of them is dead.. instead Miguel and Vinnie signed up for the upcoming competition.

“Why Ryan…you are smarter than this…those people escaped!! What are we gonna do?” I asked gulping the rest of my drink.

“I’m glad Juliet has deleted all the evidence they had…so we are safe now, there’s no evidence for the cops to arrest us…we are gonna hatch another plan after the competition…we gotta prepare hard for it not now that those two flies are also involved” He said.

I sighed twice.

“Ryan are you sure about this?” I asked.
“Of course i me babe” He said with a little grin.
“Alright..I trust you, I’m also rest assured that we’ve deleted the only piece of evidence they have…and about the competition..we are gonna hire the best trained model and musician to teach us some steps and also some other relevant things” I said.

“You handle that..then i will handle the judges,I’m gonna bribe them with some peanuts and we will be declared the winners” Ryan said.
“Ohhh… that will be great need some workout,so you can gain more muscle…I will also go for my plastic surgery so we can both look perfect” I said happily.

“Woah… that will be great…come here babe” he said and i hurried to his laps.
I sat on his laps…he puffed some smoke into my mouth and nose..I gladly inhaled it.

They are the only one who knows about my bald head and i can’t wait to get rid of them….I will forever swear at my manager..Tina…she bought me an hair cream saying it will make my hair grow long to butt…I gladly collected it after seeing how long Vinnie hair is..
I applied it on my hair and after three days…my hair started scraping off…I did all i can to make it stop but there was no solution…it scraped off completely leaving my head bald and nothing has grow on my head since then…

I killed Tina immediately all my hair scraped off..
I mean who does that and go Scot free..

“Babe I’m h©rny” Ryan interrupted my thoughts.
“Use the sx doll today Ryan..I’m tired” I said getting up from his laps heading to my bedroom.

I know if i didn’t stand up quickly,he’s gonna force himself on me and i don’t have much stress right now.

His banging is h.ell !!

?Dianne’s POV?

It’s getting late…we are still in the hospital…
We were eating the pizza Braun ordered, gulping down the wine…chatting and laughing at intervals.
I can’t curtail my happiness….

?? Flashback

Michael and i walked out of the ward hand in hand..
He led me outside the hospital and we stood behind Braun’s car in the parking lot.
I folded my hands beneath my breasts staring into his brown eyes.

“I’m not surprised you already have a child…” He said and i furrowed my brow.
“Yeah…cause I’ve known this since when we were still in Korea” he said and my eyes nearly popped out.

“Really?” I asked in astonishment.
“Yeah…I overheard your call with your sister when we were at Bo bae’s told her to take care of your son for you and you will be back soon”
“Wow” I muttered slowly.

“Then..I didn’t know it was rape,all i thought was that you and the father are no more an item, i wasn’t bothered about you having a child…I still went ahead to propose you but you ran away…it’s not fair,i was heartbroken for more than six months….you broke all our connection,i couldn’t call nor message….I remembered you told me your country is Mexico… that’s one of the reasons i came here to build an hospital hoping to see you one day…I was beginning to lose hope until i saw you today”

“First of all,I’m sorry..I believed you might not have proposed to me if you knew i had a child. I didn’t know how to tell you…I was so afraid you are gonna stop seeing me if you knew i had a child so i had to come back to Mexico…I was also heartbroken…I kept thinking about you for months even till now..I’m so sorry Mike” I said.

“I understand Dianne…but dammit I’ve missed you, seeing you here today brought back our old memories,not especially now that you are looking more beautiful” he said.
I smiled…”thanks Mike and you are also looking more handsome,why did you cut your know i love it long”

“Mhm..yes i do but keeping a long hair in this type of work is a bit stressful..just imagine if I’m treating a patient and the hair keeps falling to my shoulders” He said.
“Ohh… okay.i understand,you still look cute anyways” I said.

“I’m gonna grow it long for you” He said.
“Really?” I beamed.
“Yes baby” He said and i blushed a little.
“I love seeing you in long hair…do you remember how i do play with your curly shoulder length hair then?” I asked..he nodded.

“Of course..I do. Permit me to ask something” he said.
“You’re permitted”
“Do you have someone you are probably going out with?” He asked and i sensed a little fear in his tone.

I laughed inwardly..

“No Mike,i don’t…ever since i left Korea..I’ve been refusing proposals” .
“Wow.. really?” He asked happily.
“Of course”
“Why are you so happy about that” I teased,even though i knew what’s coming up.

“Mhm.. Dianne don’t act like you don’t know what i meant…we still love each other Dianne,I’ve not also been able to date any other person since you left Korea. Please Dianne accept my proposal,the one you ran off with long ago” He pleaded holding my hand in his.

I felt butterflies in my stomach and my heart raced faster.

“Uhm..hmm” I cleared my throat facing the other side of the parking lot.
“Please Dianne..I still love you,just be my girlfriend and I will be the most happiest person on earth” He said and i smiled.

“Mike…we just met again today after a long time…I’m thinking we should start off as friends again,then when we’ve gotten to know our new selves..then we can start a relationship” I said and i saw his face in a slight frown.

“Com’on Mike..I love you and you are the one i will still end up dating.. let’s get to know ourselves better before we start a relationship” I said holding his cheeks in my palms.

He smiled.

“Really?..I understand what you are saying…there is truth in’s fine let’s get to know our new selves better..I’m happy cause i know you will still be mine…” he said pecking my two cheeks.

“Mtcheew” we heard a loud hiss and turned to see the rude nurse.
She’s already changed into a white tank top tucked into a green mini skirt..her lips shone with red lipstick and her blonde hair fell down to her shoulders..
She carried a black handbag with green wedge.

“Mike…I’m done working in this your hospital,my resignation letter is in your can go meet that damn nurse that performed magic” She said with a hiss.
Mike laughed…”Juliet I’m so glad you resigned..I was planning to sack you initially..and yes i will go meet the nurse that performed magic and as a matter of fact…she will be working in our hospital for three months .. the nurses are gonna gain a lot from her…you are the one at lost…now walk out of this place “Mike yelled.

“Whatever” She scoffed and walked away looking back at intervals…she nearly tripped over a stone.

I laughed…” The two juliets i know are starting to make me believe that all ‘juliets’ are bad”
“Who’s the other Juliet you know?” Mike asked.
” My ex-step mom”
“Ohh…I’m also starting to believe that all juliets are bad and maybe ugly” Mike said and we both shared a laughter.

“Damn…we offered to bring wines and here we are talking about juliets” I said bursting into laughter.
Mike’s eyes widened…”damn that’s true” He held my hand and we both ran back into the hospital heading to his office to get the wines.

??End of flashback…

?Elva’s POV?

Mig and i have filled the form and it has been submitted…we will rest tomorrow then start our practice by ourselves the day after.
I’m eagerly anticipating the competition..

Nessa has left saying she has an emergency work.

“Is anyone ready to leave for home yet?” Dad asked.

“No” we chorused not ready to leave the spot.
“Then let’s visit Moira’s mum cafeteria to go have dinner” He said and Moira’s blue eyes widen happily.
“Mum will be so glad to have you all will enjoy her special dishes” She said happily.

“Yes let’s go” Mig said and we all stood up.
I jumped on his back..
“I’m dizzy babe…wines are not my thing” I whispered to him.
He chuckled, adjusted me perfectly on his back before walking out of the ward.
I smiled and placed my head on his hard back which served as a pillow to me.

We got outside the hospital…Mig,Fleur, Dianne, Michael,Braun and i entered Braun’s Mercedes Benz while the rest entered dad’s Lamborghini…
We drove off heading to Moira’s mum cafeteria..
Moira is in dad’s Lamborghini which is moving fast ahead of us…we are following behind them.

I rested my head on Mig’s shoulder who kept stroking my hair.
I was starting to fall asleep when the car came to a halt.
My eyes opened instantly and i saw Dad’s Lamborghini parked in front of us.

They all stepped down…
We also stepped down from the car and that was when i noticed the cafeteria right in front of us..
It’s dark outside but we can see the inside which was made bright by a low watt bulb..
The cafeteria is a bit small but okay.

We all walked in..with Moira leading..
Wow…the inside is looking nice and neat..there are just few customers left..
A woman was cleaning the tables, packing away the stained dishes.

“Mum” Moira called rushing to pull the woman into a hug.
The woman turn to face us and that was when i noticed how beautiful she is..
She has big blue eyes just like Moira..she looks beautiful and young.

She gasped on sighting us,the napkin falling away from her hands.



We all sat on the chair round a large table.
The customers are gone…we were the only ones left.
Moira’s mum beamed with smiles as we all gisted and laughed.
She had been surprised to see us at first…she screamed happily and hugged us one after the other.. leading us to a table.

She is a very beautiful,jovial and funny woman…she has been making us laugh out our lungs with her jokes.
We were served chilled juice.

“Excuse me…i have to go make a delicious dinner for everyone…Moira come with me” Moira’s mum said standing up from the chair… Moira also stood up.
“I will come with you” I offered.
“Really…a model like you wants to come with me to the kitchen?” She asked in surprise.

I chuckled…”of course ma’am” I said.
She grinned.
“Let Moira stay behind…I need to ask her some things about you” Dad said flashing a smile to Moira’s mum who kept blushing.

Wait… what’s going on??

“Ok Mr Winters” She said.
“You can call me by my name which is Ethan” Dad said.

Wow ?

“Really? mean i can call you by your name?” Moira’s mum asked with a grin.
“Of course…only a beautiful woman like you is allowed to do so” Dad said and everyone faked a cough at the same time…we already known what’s going on..I guess you do too?

“What’s wrong with this little children of nowadays?” Dad asked with a hidden grin facing Moira’s mum who beamed like a jolly panda…haha.

I held her hand…she gasp..
“Vinnie Winters held my hand !!” She exclaimed happily.
I smiled…”of course ..i did,let’s go to the kitchen” I said.
“Okay Vin” She said happily holding my hand tight then leading me towards the kitchen.

I could feel dad’s gaze behind us or rather her.


We got to the kitchen…and wow .. it’s wide and beautiful.
I had thought it will be a small kitchen but i was wrong.
My gaze roamed the kitchen and I’m pleased at the neatness of everything.
There is no dirty dish in sight…the utensils are sparkling clean.

I smiled contentedly…
“So what are we making for dinner?” I asked.
“There is a list of different types of dishes pasted on the wall behind can choose the one you know all of you is gonna like cause i have no idea” She said.
“Okay” I said and turned..I went through the list before settling for casserole dish.

“Let’s make casserole ma’am” I said.
“Wow that’s what i love the most” She said.
“Really?..we also love casserole” I said.
“Let’s pick our aprons and hair can call me Alicia,i feel uncomfortable with the ‘ma’am’ ” She said and I nodded.

“Okay Alicia” I said.
She opened a shelf and brought out two neatly wrapped apron with two hair nets.
She handed one me and i quickly wore it over my gown…
I felt a sharp pain on my wound but i quickly shrugged it off.
I packed my hair into a bun before wearing the hair net over it.

“I’m gonna tell you a funny story over the cooking” Alicia said and i smiled.
“Wow…I can’t wait…where are the ingredients?” I asked.
“It’s in the fridge beside you..but Sorry to you cook?” She asked and i nodded with a smile.
“My boyfriend thought me how to make a lot of dishes and casserole is among. I can list all the ingredients for you and prepare it within 30 minutes” I said proudly..

“Wow.. that’s nice,I’m also very good at making casserole..if we both make it’s gonna be best they’ve ever let’s begin..I will set up the stove,you bring out the ingredients in the fridge” She said and i nodded eagerly.

I placed all the required ingredients on the kitchen table .. Alicia has finished setting up the stove.
We began cooking…


I almost choked with laughter while listening to the funny story Alicia was telling me.


We all sat round the table with a dish of steaming casserole placed in front of us each.

“The aroma emanating from this meal is indescribable” Braun said sniffing in the aroma.
“I can’t wait..let’s start eating please” Michael said.
“I was thinking we should make it cool off a little but the aroma keep pushing me to dip my spoon into it…let’s eat guys” Dad said and we all began eating.

“Wow it’s delicious than i thought”
“I love this”

Alicia and i smiled at ourselves as they kept complimenting the dish we prepared.

“Everyone” Alicia called.
“Yes” we answered with a mouthful.
“Today is one of the most happiest day in my life…I can’t believe I’m sitting and dining with dignitaries. It has always been my dream to have a connection with the upper class and here it is…you guys made my dream come true,you didn’t made my daughter and i feel like a low lives … I can’t believe wealthy people like you still exist…I appreciate everyone for making me this happy…I’m so honored” Alicia said.

“It’s nothing…we are also happy being here with you”
“You made us laugh out our worries… thanks to you too” We chorused.
She smiled happily…
“Everything guess what?” She asked.
“What?” We asked curiously..

“We’re all gonna dance after dinner..I want this night to be a memorable night for everyone”

“Wow !!” We exclaimed.
“It has been long i danced”Dad said.
“Damn…I will have to shake my hard butt to the tune of the music” Braun said and we all laughed.
“Let’s eat fast guys…I can’t wait to dance”


“Yaaaaay !!” We exclaimed happily shaking our bodies immediately the music came into life.
It was the one Mig and i released recently “I want to be your love”.

We shifted all the tables and chairs to a side after dinner…to create enough space for the dance floor.
Mig and Braun set up the stereo and the music boomed into life.

Yaaaaay !!” We exclaimed happily shaking our bodies immediately the music came into life.
It was the one Mig and i released recently “I want to be your love”.

We took ourselves in twos.. everyone dancing with their partners..
Braun and Fleur, Michael and Dianne,Tony and Moira,Tim and Selena,dad and Alicia and lastly Mig and i.

Everyone looks so happy dancing with different steps to our music.
Mig pecked my forehead then swirled me around..I landed in his arms.
I smiled happily…hearing how sweet out voice is in the music..

We held ourselves more tight rocking the beats of the music.
I looked round…my eyes dropped first at Selena and Tim, she’s looking so happy dancing with Tim..I’ve always known she had something for him and it seems he has also started having something for her… that’s great.

My eyes left Tim and Selena then landed on Tony and Moira who’s blushing uncontrollably..Tony seems to be hitting on her…haha.

My eyes left Tony and Moira then landed on Michael and Dianne…I’ve never seen my sis looking so bright and happy.. Michael seems to be a good dancer,he kept dancing without his eyes leaving Dianne’s face..awwn…cute couples.

My eyes left Dianne and Michael then landed on drama queen and Braun,dancing happily … The happiness on their faces can’t be compared…they are so in love with each other ??
Fleur caught my gaze…she winked at me and i winked back smiling happily.

My eyes finally landed on dad and Alicia,they are both dancing like young couples and to be sincere,they suit each other so well…dad face is never this bright any time he’s with Juliet … Seeing dad flashing his perfect dentition made me more happy… Alicia kept blushing hard shaking her body to the music.

Dad looked over at me.

“Dad… Juliet is at home” I whispered teasingly to him.
“To hell with Juliet…this is my new heartrob” Dad whispered back with a grin.

I laughed and faced my Mig…
He smiled and kissed me fully on the lips…

Can i be more happy than this?…


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