MEANT TO BE: Chapter 61-The End

(being Elva)

Chapter 74


Zeemah writes ?

3 months later…

?Elva’s POV?

The great day has arrived!

My wedding day….I’m getting married to the love of my life?
It’s a bright and beautiful day…the little birds chirped happily like they are aware of my wedding.

Three months has slipped away…and we’ve all been happy…the competition made us famous all over the world…Mig and i got more than enough contracts after the competition..every company want us to model for them,we’ve released more than five songs within the space of three months and our songs are popular and well listened to..we now own our model company which is named “Fallen angels” it’s one of the biggest modelling company in Mexico and it’s booming so fast like magic.

People refer to us as Migvin…yeah that’s our brand-name.

Doctor Steph,Ben, Claire,the cook and so many other staff arrived in a hotel last night for our wedding and I’m sure they would have gotten to the wedding venue by now…I can’t wait to see them all again.
We invited just one thousand guests to our wedding but I’m very sure the guests will be more than two thousand especially those paparazzi..

Dad got married to Alicia in a small wedding last month and Alicia is the sweetest stepmom ever.
Sasha,Ryan, Juliet and their accomplice has been sentenced to life imprisonment…we found out Sasha and Ryan was the one who went to kill Daisy at the hospital…it was so sad…I missed Daisy so much.
Maisey has also become my personal assistant.

I shrugged off the bad mood that was starting to creep in..
My heart raced with happiness as i stood up from the bed.
I gasped in surprise when i saw my bridesmaids, hairdresser and makeup artist lined up by my door looking radiant and beautiful..

“OMG!” I exclaimed as they marched towards me.
“The beautiful bride is awake”
“Happy wedding day” They chorused happily, spraying flowers all over my body.
“Wow! Thanks so much guys” I muttered nearly crying.

“Wow you are all dressed up looking so beautiful” I said.
Fleur, Dianne,Maisey, Selena and Moira are my bridesmaids,they are all in the same cream-coloured gown which fit them perfectly,their face is covered in makeup and their hair is styled.

“Thanks bride…go take your bath,you won’t like to keep the groom waiting” Fleur said.
“Yeah yeah…have you ever heard of a smelly bride?” Dianne said sarcastically pushing me into the bathroom…I smiled.

“Pass me the towel”


I was done bathing and brushing in some minutes…
I stepped out of the bathroom and saw my wedding gown, shoes,Necklace,veil and wedding band on the bed… looking so beautiful.
Fleur is taking some pictures of it while the rest sat on the couch.
Nessa stood beside my dressing table bringing out her make up tools.

“Go sit sis,Nessa needs to make you radiant” Dianne said.
“You have to put on your wedding dress first” She said.
“I hope the make up isn’t gonna give it a stain?” I asked.
“No…your entire body will be covered”
“Okay then” I said.

“Should we excuse you?” Nessa asked.
“Of course no!” I said.
Dianne passed me my undies and i quickly put it on.
They all helped me get into the wedding dress.

“This is beautiful” they chorused.
I stood before the mirror and gasp.
I had worn it the day it was delivered but it didn’t look this beautiful on me.

It was long down to my feet,an oval cut out satin fell from the edge of a low neckline down to my waist. It formed fitting to my mid thigh…the rest was a chiffon flay which froth out to the front and formed an elegant train at the back .
The entire dress is beaded with tiny crystals which sparkled brightly.

“You look sexy” Fleur said.
“And bridal” Moira said.
“So beautiful…now sit let’s start with your make up” Nessa said.

I sat on the chair and she used a big fluffy cloth to wrap my body which concealed my wedding dress…she wiped off my entire face with some liquid before she start applying the main make-up.


She was done with the make up.
My reflection in the mirror convinced me i might be the most beautiful woman in the world.
My hair was in soft waves pinned to the little crown on my head,the veil was attached to a silver tiara which belonged to my step mom, Alicia…

Nessa has removed the big fluffy cloth she wrapped round my body.
She placed the tiny silver necklace on my neck followed by diamond earrings dangling with drops of pink diamond chips which Mig bought for me… can’t wait to see my husby?

The makeup gave my skin a fresh, glowing look.

“OMG !!” They all exclaimed as I stood up.
“The most beautiful bride in the world!” Fleur screamed and i blushed slightly.
“My phone..I gotta snap this” They took their phones and began taking diff pictures of me..I beamed happily as i posed in each picture.

“Omg…Nessa,you should be awarded the best makeup artist of the year..” Fleur said.
“And the hairdresser too,she did a beautiful work” Dianne said.
They both smiled muttering thanks.

“My shoes please…I can’t wait to see Mig” I said happily.
They all gave me a playful jealous look.
I laughed loud.
Alicia walked in looking as beautiful as ever in her cream gown which made the blue colour of her eyes stand out.
She’s the chief bridesmaids.

“Mum” I called happily.
“ darling” She said rushing to hug me.
“You look so beautiful hunny…the tiara looks great on you” She said checking me out.
I smiled…”thanks mum”

“Now you need to hurry…your father is waiting downstairs and the groom has arrived at the wedding hall… where’s your shoe?” She asked.
Moira handed it over to her,she sat me down and quickly wore my glittering silver shoes on my feet .

“Now stand up… Fleur pass me her bridal bouquet” Alicia said..Fleur did.
I stood up and held the bridal bouquet in my hand beaming with smiles.

“You’re truly a fallen angel”
“So beautiful” they chorused.

I smiled..

“Now it’s time to go downstairs” Alicia said and stretched out her hand,i took it and glanced at the mirror one more time before heading downstairs with Moira holding my wedding dress behind.

?Mig’s POV?

It’s our wedding…

Braun and Michael,my two groomsmen lined up on the right of the arbour where i stood waiting to perform the marriage ceremony..
Words can’t express how happy i am today..
I’m dressed in a black tux and black shoes,my hair styled in roll waves.
The beautician..Morris performed a work of art on my face today..she’s also among the guests.

Behind us were one thousand guests..,but merely looking at them..they’ve exceed one thousand..most of them were dignitaries…
Even the judges of BEST TWO STARS and also the politicians are present..they are seated on the high table.

I’m very sure the paparazzi would have filled up outside.
I sighted the countryside people…at one side of the hall beaming like jolly pandas.
Little Dan and his friends are playing around them.

Music was been played by a chamber orchestra.

I stood with my face beaming with smiles anticipating the bride to come in.
The music stopped and i grew nervous..
The bride is about to come in…Elva is about to come in!

Alicia who is now Elva’s stepmom comes down the aisle with the beautiful bridesmaids..Moira,Maisey,Nessa,Fleur,Selena and Dianne lined up in a position to lead the bride in..
The orchestra began playing “Wedding March”
My heart raced as i looked forward to seeing Elva.

I sighed heavily as the two footmen who are Tim and Tony drew the curtain aside and there she is..
There is the most beautiful woman in my world, absolutely regal in her pure white wedding gown…,with the veil covering her face..the guests turned and looked admiringly at her as she walked down the aisle…her hand linked with her father’s.

A smile lit up on her face as our gaze locked..I broke into a grin as she came closer and closer till she got to my side.
I held out my hand,she slipped her hand away from her father’s, transferred the bouquet to her left hand and placed the most beautiful set of hands in mine.
I closed my hands over hers firmly as we smiled at each other.

“I give you my daughter” Mr Winters muttered then stepped back to walk to the high seat.
The Reverend father started the wedding vows process.


“Miguel Sydney,do you take Vinnie Winters as lawful wedded your wife?” The Reverend father said.
“Yes i do,till death do us apart” I said.
Braun held out the wedding band. I picked it up and slipped it into her tiny finger.

There were claps and cheers..

“Vinnie Winters,do you take Miguel Sydney as your lawful wedded husband” the Reverend father said to Elva who beamed with smile.
“Yes i do,forever” She said and picked the wedding band from Fleur’s hand,she slipped it into my fingers.
I opened her veil and we kissed before the Reverend father could say ‘you may kiss the bride’

The guests, clapped and cheered loudly..
“Happy married life”

We kssed on as the crowd cheered loudly, sounds of champagnes popping was heard in every corner of the hall.

“ don’t want your lips swollen on your wedding day right?” Braun whispered to me and i smiled breaking the kss.
“You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen” I whispered to Elva who blushed openly.
“And you are the most beautiful Guy in the world” She said and we didn’t know how our lips got closer till we were both kssing again..

The guests cheered loudly….Music boomed,it was ‘Till i met you’ the one we sang at the competition.
We broke the kss and danced to the beats of our music..
Camera lights flashed in our direction..
Our families and friends also joined in the dance and I must say it was the liveliest wedding in Mexico.. probably the world.


The wedding ceremony was over..
Elva, Fleur, Dianne, Michael, Braun and i left for the airport by evening after saying a thank you to the guests.
We managed to escape the paparazzi.

We are going to have our honeymoon in Paris..
I booked the “poetry of the” for it..I found out the place was r©mantic and that will be the best for our honeymoon.

Our private jet already waiting….
We said goodbyes to Fleur, Dianne,Braun and Michael who had accompanied us down to the airport.

We climbed the little stairs into the private jet and waved at them till the jet took flight soaring up to the sky.

“Our wedding was the best ever” Elva screamed in excitement hugging me tightly.
I hugged her back and kissed her lips repeatedly.
“I’m so happy” I said.
“Me too,you don’t know how happy i am” She said.
“You look so beautiful today” I said.
“Thanks love…so where are we having our honeymoon?” She asked.
“It’s a surprise” I said.
“Awwn…tell me please” She pleaded but i shook my head.

“Please Mig” She pleaded.
“No..we will soon get there…it’s a surprise” I said and she gave a slight frown.
“I hope you aren’t trying to kidnap me?” She asked sarcastically.
“Of course i am…no one is gonna hold me responsible if i kidnap my beautiful bride” I said.
“Mhmm…I just can’t wait to see where we are having our honeymoon, since you don’t wanna tell me” She pouted.

“We will be there soon sweetie” I pecked her forehead.

?Elva’s POV?

The jet landed safely at Paris airport,we stepped out of the jet and walked hand in hand towards the land cruiser already waiting for us…
“Mig…this airport is not crowded” I asked in amazement.
“Yeah…Braun booked it for some hours” I said.
“OMG that will be costly! ” I exclaimed.
“Yeah it is…he did it as a part of his wedding gift to us…if this airport was crowded,you know how famous we are…we won’t be able to get through ” Mig said.

“Yeah that’s true”
We got to the land cruiser,the driver stepped down and bowed in greetings.
We entered the car…we sat at the back seat while the bodyguard and the driver occupied the front.
He turned on the ignition and started driving.

I looked forward to where Mig booked for our honeymoon.
I was dozing off on Mig’s shoulder when the car came to a halt..I opened my eyes instantly and sat up.
I gasp..

“Here we are” Mig said and led me out of the car.

I stood in my wedding dress amazed by Mig’s choice for our honeymoon.
This is a very private tropical’s an island shielded from the rest of the world.
There was a beautiful turquoise sea right in front of the beautiful building which was built of natural wood with a thatched roof surrounded by jungle gardens.
There is a restaurant and a full service spa.
Lights shone from the inner part, sparkling into the sea making it glitter.

“Omg!” I screamed in amazement and jumped on Mig in a hug.
He grinned “do you like it?” He asked and i shook my head.
He frowned.
“I don’t just like it…I love it know how much i cherish natural things….” I said.
“Of course i do” He said.
“Thanks Mig,this is beautiful” I said happily.

“Wait till we get inside”He said,held my hand and led me towards the inside of the building.
He had collected our luggage from the bodyguard and booked a room for both the bodyguard and the driver.

We got to a plain door,he pulled it open and we walked in closing the door behind.

Wow…the interior is stunning,on the ground floor was a dining room, living room,terrace,chaise lounges and a crochet hammock for handy lazing beside the private swimming pool.
“Wow!” I exclaimed.
“Come to the bedroom” he said and led me towards a little corridor with two doors by the sides..
He opened the left side door and we walked in.

I nearly screamed in amazement but Mig held me,that didn’t stop me from giving out a little scream.

“This is beautiful! Mig this is beautiful!” I cried.
A king-sized bed was placed in the wide room..the view of the beautiful sea is clearly seen from the window.
The decor was bridal luxury…all white and romantic except for the baskets of red rose petals and the chocolate coated strawberries on a golden platter beside a champagne on the coffee table.
The ceiling palapa roof gave a good sense of space and the whole Villa was air-conditioned..

It’s the perfect place for Honeymooners…

“Wow…Mig i love you” I said hugging him happily.
He smiled and kissed my cheeks..”I love you too baby…now go on and have your bath…I’m gonna order something for the both us now” He said… I nodded.
I saw our luggage already placed on the bed.

Mig walked round the room inspecting it.
I opened it our luggage and brought out the lingerie Fleur bought for me with my pink fluffy towel and toiletries bag..
I closed the luggage bag and turned to Mig.

“Mig come help me with my zip” I said.
“Okay” he said..I turned my back towards him and felt his hands on my back.
He zipped my dress down slowly till it got to my waist where the zip stopped.

He kissed my bare back and i shivered.
My cheeks already covered in a shade of purple.
“Go have your bath babe” he kssed my back one more time.
I smiled and headed to the bathroom.


I stepped out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my body.

I walked towards the bed and my mouth watered at the sight of the steaming Macroons with spiced chicken in two dishes placed on a tray beside the bed..
I sniffed in the aroma and smiled gracefully.
Mig walked into the bedroom with a towel around his waist…
The sight of his bare chest filled with abs and biceps almost made me drool…it’s not the first time I’m seeing it but it looks more special tonight.

“Quickly go have your bath…I can’t wait to munch this” I said happily.
“Mhmm…I hope you are not turning into a food monger” He teased.
I advanced towards him with a glare,he laughed and ran off to the bathroom shutting the door behind him.

I smiled and walked back to the bed.
I sat down and locked my gaze with the meal beaming truly like a food monger.


Mig stepped out if the bathroom few minutes later dripping wet,the curly hair on his chest has gotten more darker and curlier looking sxy and r©mantic.
He walked towards the bed and sat beside me.

He draped a hand and gave me a quick kss on the lips.
I smiled.
“Let’s eat and….” He said completing his statement with a grin..
“Let’s eat and what?” I asked even if i know what he meant.
“Hmm…let’s finish eating first” He grinned.
“Mig you are so naughty” I said and pinched his nose.
“Ouch” he said.
I stuck our my tongue and carried the tray of meal..I placed it in our middle.

We began eating… chatting about the wedding and laughing at how some guests were dancing.


I sighed and placed the empty tray on the coffee table..
We’ve finished eating and i know what’s gonna happen next;

My slightly dreaded moment…it would have been better if i wasn’t a vrgin.
I trembled and look out of the window.
“Elva” Mig called but i didn’t turn.
“Com’on Elv..I will be okay. I won’t hurt you. I promise” Mig said.

I smiled and turned slowly slipping my towel from my body… revealing my pink lingerie.
I walked to Mig and saw him exclaimed slightly with a grin.

After we were done, I wrapped my hands around him and yawned before falling into a deep sleep.

???Next morning..

My eyelids fluttered open as, sunlight beamed through the window.
I yelled slightly as i felt some pain down there.. everything came back rushing to me..
I smiled naughtily…so that’s what making l©ve feels like.
We had more round of sx throughout the midnight and i can’t help but want more.

“Should i be bothered if my wife is grinning on the morning of our honeymoon” I heard Mig said and flinched.
I sat up on the bed and saw him standing with a cup of steaming coffee and toast bread.
I smiled slightly and focused my gaze on his eyes.
He placed the tray of breakfast on the coffee table and turned to face me.

“Good morning to my angel” He said before placing his lips on mine.
We had a short kss…
“Good morning to the most handsome guy in the world” I said and we both beamed with smiles.

I noticed I’m in my pyjamas …
I had slept n@ked..

“Hmm…I wore your pyjamas for you” He said sensing my confusion.
“Okay” I nodded.
I turned and noticed the bottom sheet and duvet has also been changed.
“I did that also” Mig said and i chuckled..
“Are you a did you know what i was thinking?” I asked.
“Maybe you don’t know i have some magical powers” He said sarcastically and I laughed.

“But how did you do change the bottom sheet while I’m sleeping on it and why did you change it?” I asked curiously.
“Hmm..there was some..some blood stain on it so i placed you gently on the couch and quickly changed it…it’s rolling in the washing machine right now” He said.

“Awwn… that’s thoughtful of you…and you brought me breakfast on bed..I’m so lucky i gat a r©mantic husby” I said happily.
He smiled and leaned to kss me..

I can’t wait!


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