MEANT TO BE: Chapter 61-The End

(being Elva)

Chapter 63

Zeemah writes ?

?Fleur’s POV?

” My..prince.. charming” I muttered slowly before darkness enveloped me.
“Fleur … Fleur” I faintly heard Dianne screamed.

My eyes opened instantly when a strong hand jerked me up.
The hands sent shivers down my spine and my eyes got clearer to see the most beautiful pair of black eyes staring worriedly at me.
I gasped when he lifted me gently on the couch.

“Miss are you okay?” He asked worriedly and i nodded slowly not taking my eyes off him…
“Oh my God, Fleur are you okay?..
Do you wanna go home?
Are you sick?” Dianne asked tucking my bob behind my ears.
“I’m..I’m okay..I’m fine” I said still staring at my prince charming unbelievably.
He’s the one!

“Sure ??” Dianne asked..
“Yeah” I said.

He stood straight and that was when i sized him up.
He’s tall and powerfully built,he has chiseled features and his eyes are so dark against his tanned skin…his hair is thick and full in black curls,his nose stood pointed and his lips are !..he’s simply breathtakin,even more handsome than i do see in my dream.

“Is there anything on my face?” He asked and i jolted out of my infatuation in embarrassment.
“No” I stammered looking at my feet in embarrassment…when did i become a stammerer..damn.

Get yourself back Fleur…i bet you don’t want this guy to know you are already falling for him just in few minutes..I scolded myself inwardly and stood up straight.

“Good afternoon Mr Braun Mortimer, Sorry for the inconvenience i might have caused you…I’m Fleur Sydney, Dianne’s friend” I spoke boldly and he nodded.
“I’m Dianne, the daughter of Mr Winters,I’m to represent him as he’s busy at the moment…you are welcome to Winters industrial company” .

“Thanks…you already know my name but i think it will be proper to introduce myself…I’m Braun Mortimer,the CEO of castle group of companies…I’m here on behalf of the private contract i had to discuss with Mr Winters but in his absence…I hope it will be better to discuss it with you” He said calmly.
His voice alone made my heart beat faster.

“You are welcome once again to Winters industrial company… come have your seat” Dianne said and led him to the official seats meant only for business..
I sat on the couch with my heart in a race.
I watched them as they both sat and started to discuss business…my eyes didn’t go off him for a second.
I’ve finally seen my prince charming,what if he has a girlfriend or fiance or probably a wife…I’m gonna cry myself to death.

I’ve always prepared what to say to him if i finally meet him but now I’m just speechless…who knows..i might never see him again after this contract.
Who would have thought I’m gonna meet him on the first day i got to Mexico.
Could this be a dream?
Should i start a conversation with him after their meeting?…
No,i don’t want to look cheap.

I hope he notices me…I think im beautiful and i don’t think he can just look at me without a second thought..

‘What am i gonna do?…’ I was thinking when Dianne suddenly interrupted my thoughts.

“Fleur…Mr Braun and i just finished discussing business and he said he needs a private nurse who’s gonna take care of his father for some days and i recommended you to him,he said it’s fine so what’s your own perspective?” Dianne asked.
“Huh?..Mhm…it’s okay,i can do it but can i know the nature of his sickness?” I asked in the most professional voice i can mutter.

“I won’t really call it a sickness but you know old age it ca..”
“Oh i understand” I interrupted him eagerly or rather happily cause taking care of his father means i will see him every day before i leave for Australia.

“The thing is…I’m gonna treat him just for five days cause i’ll just be here for a week. So when do i start and also how much are you willing to pay me?” I asked.
He smiled and licked his lower lip… My heart is melting.
“Okay thanks,you can start tomorrow,and i will pay you any amount you want to have” he said.

“Really?” I asked.
“Mhm…you will pay me any amount i want? Okay i want $50,000 (fifty thousand dollars)” I said sarcastically.
“Done” he said with a smile.
“What!” I exclaimed.
“That’s way too much…I was only joking” I said in a more serious tone.
How could he be willing to pay me Fifty thousand dollars for just 5 days?…is he that wealthy or just tryna show off.

“You asked for it, so that’s what i’ll be paying you” He said pretty seriously.
“No i can’t collect that amount…it’s huge” I said.
“But you asked for it” He said.
“I was only joking” I said and saw Dianne laugh.
He shrugged … “Well…I don’t do jokes… Fifty thousand dollars and that’s final” He said and i breathe in.
“You don’t do jokes?…then i do jokes,i don’t want fifty thousand dollars,you should know that’s too huge for five days Mr Braun” I said and he smirked.

“Well…it’s nothing to me though” He said and i smiled.
“Wow..It’s nothing to you…you must have worked so hard to be in this position or is it privilege? But do you know how people are starving on the streets? you know how just a dollar means to some people,do you even know how parents abandon their kids in the hospital just because they can’t afford the bill and Mr Braun who seems to have the money to feed a whole nation…instead on squandering it,why don’t you just help the helpless” I said and he stared at me in astonishment.
Dianne secretly gave me a thumb up.

“Wow…nice,sincerely I’m motivated and i will try to work in the aspect you just mentioned.. thanks Miss Fleur” He said and i smiled.
He’s indeed my prince charming..
“You are welcome Mr Braun and i will be pleased if you start working in that aspect like you said”
“I will…there are enough cash for that,so how much do you want to charge?” He asked.
“Well…I’m okay with just $500(five hundred dollars)” I said.

“What…that’s way too small,i can pay you more than that” He said.
“No that’s what i will like to charge so what time do i resume?” I asked.
“That amount is way too small Miss Fleur…I can add to it” he said.
“I insist Mr Braun…I’m okay with that” I said beaming with a smile.

Just the thought of working in his house excites me.
“Okay…you resume by 8:30 and leave anytime you are done with the treatment…my driver will come pick you and also drop you” He said and i nodded.
“I look forward to working with you Miss Fleur” He said stretching forward his hand for a shake.
“I’m honored Mr Braun” I said taking his hand in mine, i almost jolted at the feeling that shot through me immediately our hands met.

I tried all my possible best to remain calm…he looked at me for a while longer before dropping my hand.
“Miss Dianne…the contract has been awarded to Winters industrial company,I know how capable the company is and i won’t want any disappointment” He said..
Dianne’s face lit up in a smile “Thanks so much Mr Braun for awarding the contract to our company…you won’t be disappointed and it will be a pleasure to work with Castle group of companies” Dianne said and they both shook hands.

“It’s a pleasure being here today,see you tomorrow Miss Fleur and bye” He said with a smile picked up his jacket and hung it on his shoulder.

“Bye Mr Braun” Dianne and i said in unison as he walked towards the door..
Two guards opened the door for him and he waved at us with a smile before disappearing through the door.

I jumped and screamed in excitement.
“Fleur why are so excited?” Dianne asked curiously.
“Dianne that’s my prince charming…my prince charming” I screamed loudly in excitement.
“OMG…you mean Mr Braun is the prince charming you told me about?”
“Yes Dianne he is” I said laughing happily.

“Wow your prince charming is really handsome but there is just one thing” She said with a sad expression.
“What?” I asked getting scared.
“He has a wife and two kids” She said and my body froze,my smile disappeared and my eyes were suddenly blinded with tears.

“Damn. Fleur i was only joking..haven’t you heard of the single billionaire..Mr Braun is as single as letter ‘I’ ” Dianne said laughing out loud.
I cleaned my tears and sniffed, smiling happily.
“I’m gonna kill you this minute” I threatened and picked up the flower vase on the table…
She giggled and went to hide behind Selena.
Everyone laughed as i went after her,she kept dodging and dodging till she landed on the floor.

I pounced on her and started hitting her playfully..

We all laughed at her fake ‘cry of help’

?Vin/Elva’s POV?

Mig and i sat on the couch in the living room watching an American movie titled “Bird box” …
It’s so emotional and a little bit scary for me.
“Perse please get us some chocolate chip cookies with two cups of creamy cappuccino” I said and she bowed before leaving for the kitchen.

“Mig see that” I said pointing to the TV screen in irritation..
The car was crushing on some dead bodies.
I buried my face at the crook of his neck.
He giggled…” C’mon it’s not real..its just a movie” he said kissing my hair.
“Raise up your little head,I’ve skipped the scene” He said and i giggled raising up my head slowly.

“Is my head little?” I asked with a pout.
“Yeah it is..just teasing” He said and i smiled.
“Once dad is okay,we will start working” I said excitedly.
“I can’t wait” Mig said..

Perse placed the chocolate chip cookies on the table in front of us with two cups of creamy cappuccino.
We took it while enjoying the movie.

“Ma’am a representative of B&M delivery company is here to deliver a parcel to you” One of the guards came to inform me.
“Oh…” I muttered..”I will be right outside” I said.
“It’s the camera i ordered online” I whispered to Mig sliding my feet into my footwear,he nodded and i picked my iPod.
“Should i come with you?” He asked and i shook my head.
“No…I will be right back” I said and blew him a kiss before walking outside with two guards behind me.

“Good afternoon ma’am,I’m Benson from B&M delivery company” The young guy greeted and i nodded.
“I’m Vinnie Winters,the one who ordered the ‘camera’ ” I said and he bowed bringing it out from his van…it’s concealed in a customised nylon.
He handed it over to me..
“Do you mind transfer?” I asked.
“No ma’am” he said.
“Okay…punch your company’s account number in here” I said, handing my iPod to him…
He handed it back to me after doing so.

“You’ve told me of the price earlier,so…I’ve sent the cash, have you received the notification yet?” I asked and he brought out the company’s Mobile phone.
He scrolled through it and nodded.
“Yes Ma’am..but I think there is a mistake,you sent more than the cash for the camera” He said.
“There is no mistake…the remaining $5,000 is a tip from me to you” I said and his face brightened up in a smile.

“Wow…thank so much ma’am,and also thanks for patronizing B&M delivery company” he said.
“You are welcome” I said and he bowed heading back to his van.

I started walking back into the house and collided into Mrs Winters.
“May i know what is it..that you squandered your father’s money on?” She asked in her high pitched tone.
Darn it…this woman is an ugly wtch.

I braced up….”what i order with my father’s money isn’t your concern…how should that bother you?” I asked.
“You don’t just squander my husband’s money…he worked hard for it” She said menacingly and i laughed.

“Firstly,this isn’t dad’s money…it’s my money…
Secondly,even if i squander my father’s money,who are you to confront me” I said and she bit her lip in anger.
“Let’s go…the crazy nurse is here” She said walking away with her maids.

I looked back and saw Fleur and Dianne alighting from Dad’s land cruiser car,they were giggling like kids.
I smiled and folded my arm beneath my breast awaiting them to giggle-walk to where i am.
“Elva you wont believe this” Fleur said happily jumping on me.
“Wow…you seem so happy, what’s going on?” I asked curiously.

“Let’s go in…where’s Mig?” She asked beaming happily.
“He’s in the living room…we were both watching a movie when i came out to receive what i ordered” I said.
“What did you ordered?” Dianne asked.
“You gonna know soon Dian” I said as we walked in.

“Wow the drama queens are here” Mig teased and they both chuckled.
Fleur went straight to the remaining chocolate chip cookies on the table and started munching it happily.
“Mig guess what?” She asked happily with a mouthful.
“What? seem happy” Mig said.
“I can’t say it here…let’s all go to your room” She said.
Mig and i exchanged glances.

“C’mon you guys should just come” She said carrying a cup of creamy cappuccino.
She beamed like a jolly panda as we followed her to Mig’s room..
“Wow…” I said hugging Fleur happily.
She just told us she met her prince charming and all.
“Wow…high five sis” Mig said and they both clicked their palms together.
“No wonder you were so happy when you came in”.
“He’s so tall and cute” Fleur said blushing hard.
“Really? Is he as cute as me?” Mig asked.
“No..i don’t think I’ve seen any guy more good looking than you are. Braun is close though…you won’t believe i collapsed when i first sighted him” Fleur said.

“Wow…the mighty Fleur collapsed just because of her prince charming” Mig said and we laughed.
“I’m gonna be seeing him every day before i leave for Australia and i hope he…i hope he can..” She trailed off with a cute smile.
“No cool guy should be able to resist my sis” Mig said.

“Of course…he won’t be able to resist you and trust me,he might have also started nursing some feelings for you considering the little drama you performed at the office” I said.
“Fleur was so cool and calm in the presence of Braun and i was like is this drama queen?” Dianne said furrowing her brows.
We laughed.

“C’mon guys…you are making me blush” Fleur said shyly holding her cheeks.
We laughed and kept on teasing her.
“Dianne almost gave me heart attack when she told me he already has a wife and two kids” Fleur said and we gasped.
“Damn! Dianne…that was an expensive joke” I said and she giggled.
“Yeah it was…she was about collapsing again when i quickly told her it was a joke” Dianne said and we laughed.

“Okay okay… now we have to be more serious,let’s keep my cute prince charming aside.. what’s up about the camera?” Fleur asked.
“It has been delivered” I said throwing it to her.
She caught it and unwrapped it from the nylon.
“What’s going on?” Dianne asked.
We glanced at one another till Fleur offered to explain to her.
“Ohh…really?” Dianne asked after Fleur finished explaining to her and we nodded.
“That’s a good idea…Mrs Winters is also my suspect…so about the computer issue..I will handle it all..I’m a genius” Dianne boasted and we smiled.
“So all we need to do now is to plant the camera in her room…we decided on using Maisey” I said.

“Yeah let’s get her” Fleur said.
“Hold on I’m gonna call her through phone because if we send for her,it might arouse suspicion and Mrs Winters is a smart witch” I said and we giggled.
I started scrolling through the contacts on my iPod…till i got to Maisey’s ,I clicked on it and turned it on loud speaker.

“It’s going through” I said placing the iPod on the bed.

?Hello” Maisey’s voice broke into the now silent room.
?Hi Maisey it’s Vinnie,can you come over to my room now please” I said.
?No Boss Vin,I shouldn’t say this but right now Mrs Winters is about to put a call through B&M delivery company to ask for what you ordered” Maisey said.

“What!!” We all exclaimed.

“Aaaa!” Fleur said rushing out of the room with Dianne.
We rushed after them heading to Dad’s bedroom where Mrs Winters is at the moment.

“I’m sorry Mrs Winters is quite busy at the moment,you can’t come in” A bodyguard told us at the door.
“Will you get out of the way … I need to see Dad” Dianne lied.
“I’m sorry,I was informed by Mrs Winters not to let anyone in” He said and i breathe out in frustration.
“Are you cr.azy?…move out of the way” I said.
“I’m sorry i can’t…” He was saying but was shut with a slap from Fleur.

She pushed him out of the way and we all barged in and truly saw Mrs Winters on a call.
She’s backing us and isn’t aware of our presence yet.

?So, can you tell me what Vinnie Winters ordered please” she said into the phone.

“Stop” we yelled rushing towards her….

But we were the ones who stopped in our tracks when we heard her say..;



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