MEANT TO BE: Chapter 61-The End

(being Elva)

Chapter 67

Zeemah writes?

?Elva’s POV?

“What’s wrong” I asked worriedly.
“Vinnie…Mrs Winters,Ryan and Sasha were the criminals who partook in the plan of ending your life”


“Wha..t” I said slowly…tears blinding my eyes.
“Wow..Really” Mig sighed.
“Yeah…C’mon Elva,you don’t have to cry,they don’t worth your tears,…let’s look for a way to bring them to book…crying won’t solve a thing” Fleur said and i nodded amidst tears.
Mig rested my head on his shoulder and stroked my hair gently.
I’m so hurt…who could have thought my family had partook in the attempt to end my life.

Even Ryan..whom i had trusted,whom i was planning to get married to.

“It’s okay Vin…I was as shocked as you are,even if Sasha Lee partook in the plan… it’s still okay but Ryan and Mrs Winters who are or rather were our family also partook in it…it’’s just so sad” Dianne said.
I wiped my tears and sat up.

“I’ve always known Mrs Winters to be desperate and i don’t see the cause to cry over what she did to me even though im so hurt by it. Let’s go on with the plan to bring them to book” I sniffed.
“Of course,that’s what we are gonna do. Was it through the secret camera you found out about all this?” Mig asked.

“Yes…you both should come,you need to watch it” Dianne said.
Mig and i stood up and walked with them to Dianne’s room.
We got there and she sat on the couch. Dianne placed the laptop on my lap and replayed the video for us.

On the screen is Mrs Winters, seated on the couch with two maids massaging her feet.
Her phone suddenly rang and Maisey brought it to her.
?It’s Mr Ryan ma’am” Maisey said.
?When did you start reading out my callers for me?” She barked at Maisey who flinched back.

I know Maisey did that to indirectly inform us of the caller ID.
I smiled at her intelligence.
?Hey you both should scurry away now” She blurted to the two maids massaging her feet.
They scurried away as told,closing the door behind them.

She hissed and shot Maisey a look..
She placed the phone on her ear.
?Hey Ryan…have you come up with any plan?” She said into the phone.
Her face suddenly went pale.
? Maisey get out right now” she said to Maisey,the phone still placed on her ear .
Maisey bowed before walking out of the room.

Mrs Winters stood up and started pace to and fro the room with an unsettled look.
?What did you say you will do Ryan?…you mean you will tell Vinnie we were the one who kidnapped her and also dumped her in the countryside right?” She said into the phone.

She paced to where the camera is and now she looked more big from the laptop screen.
?Oh…really? Just because she beat up Sasha right? Remember Sasha is also involved in the plan…we had all partook in the plan to take her out of the way! If you dare mention a thing to Vinnie,i will make sure you do not survive it” She threatened.

Based on how loud the phone was and how Mrs Winters is close to the camera,we heard what Ryan also said from the other end.

?Oh…So you think your threat is gonna scare me… impossible..why the hell didn’t you call us immediately that Mr Winters is not dead instead of making us come there to make a fool of ourselves….
Do you know Sasha’s face is disfigured and she can’t go for any modelling shoot for now” Ryan yelled into the phone.

?They were beginning to suspect me and they would have caught me if i made any move that day…you don’t have to reveal anything bcause we will all suffer for it…let’s just hatch another plan” She said.
? Okay then..come over to my house now,because Sasha keeps crying that she wants Vinnie dead..Vinnie is starting to make her lose contracts and i also want that guy Mia or Mig or whatever his name is dead!” Ryan said.

? Trust me,i want them gone also, give me few minutes to get changed before coming over…our plan is gonna be stronger this time” She said.
?Of course…see you soon” Ryan said before disconnecting the call.

The video stopped and i sighed ..”They even want me dead also,they are about making another plan,what are we gonna do?” I asked.
“Never mind…we’ve given Maisey a tape recorder to record all what they are gonna say” Fleur said.
“Really?” I asked.
“Yeah…you should trust us” Dianne said.
“High five girls” Mig said and they exchanged high fives.

“C’mon Elva,cheer up .. we are getting to the end of this” Mig said holding my shoulders.
I smiled a bit.
“Once they are back from Ryan’s place..we are gonna collect the tape from Maisey and listen to it…then we will know the next step” I said.

“When did they leave for Ryan’s place?” I asked.
“Since afternoon…I guess the plan they are hatching is gonna be a hard nut to crack” Dianne said.
“No matter how hard the nut is…trust me, we’re gonna crack it” Fleur said and we all smiled.
So…we are gradually having more evidence to use against them…I can’t wait to see their terrible faces locked up behind bars” Dianne said and we laughed a bit.

“How’s Dad? I should check on him” I said.
“He’s asleep now, you can do that later” Dianne said.
“I hope he’s getting better?” Mig asked.
“Yes,he is” Fleur said.

“How was your day?…I’ve started seeing your modelling pictures online and damn… people are already going crazy” Fleur said and my face brightened up Immediately.
I smiled happily looking at Mig.

“Our day was good…we impressed the three companies we modeled for today and they all treated us like mini gods..the press kept going from one place to another just to see us…
We got more direct contract booked for tomorrow and next, right now our account is buzzing with money while my phone is buzzing with messages followers on my social media pages has increased so much…Mig has also gotten an iPod,he’ll be creating his social media accounts tonight and i can boldy say he’s gonna get more followers than i. I’m jealous in advance” I faked a frown and we all laughed.

“Another good news,the sales of the companies we modeled for increased and more companies are calling to book contracts with us..I think Mig and i need to get personal assistants or manager because the rate which all this is going…we won’t be able to handle it alone” Mig said proudly.

“Wow!” Fleur and Dianne smiled gazing at us proudly.
“Seriously I’m jealous of you guys…,the progress you both made in a day is what some people can’t even make in a year” Dianne said.
“Yeah…you already got a lot of fans…you made us proud” Fleur said hugging us tightly.

“Thanks guys” Mig and i said.
“It was also like magic to us” I said with a grin.
“We need to celebrate this” Fleur said.
“Yes we need to and we will prepare the things for celebration…you guys should just go in, freshen up, have a change of wears and come join us in the garden. There’s a surprise for you guys.” Dianne said.
” Woah…I can’t wait” I said getting up.
“Neither can i” Mig said standing up beside me.

“So hurry off,we will be waiting in the garden” They said.


I turned off the faucet and stepped out of the jacuzzi with my body dripping wet.
I picked a towel from the bathroom closet, wrapped it around my body before walking back to my room.
I feel so refreshed.
I walked to the bed where my fresh outfit is waiting.
A short blue designer gown with silver stones attached all over it…

I dried my body, slipped on my underwear and wore the dress.
it hugged my body tightly jumping above my laps but i wasn’t bothered because we will be the garden.

The gown was gifted to me by Mrs Smith,the owner of the second company we modeled for today..

I faced the mirror to look at my reflection and the gown looks very beautiful and shiny on my body.
I brushed back my hair and let it down to my waist.

I checked my shoe rack and settled for blue flats..
I stood in front of the mirror and grinned at my reflection.
I look great,i always do.

I walked out of my room and headed to Mig’s.
I was about knocking when his door opened.
He stepped out,clad in blue jeans and white T-shirt,his muscles looking carved in the almost tight T-shirt.

His hair in messy curls.
I sniffed in the scent of him and smiled.

“Damn…you look beautiful” He said and i nodded.
“Thanks babe…let’s go join them” I said tucking my arm in his.
“Yeah…I can’t wait to see the surprise they claim to have for us” Mig said as we walked to the garden hand in hand.


We stepped into the garden and gasped at the sight in front of us.
Lit candles surrounded a picnic rug,a picnic basket in the middle containing different types of fruits.
A beautiful medium sized cake decorated with whipped cream and cherry stood beside the basket and then wines and glass cups.
It looks so beautiful and romantic.

CONGRATULATIONS is inscribed on a silver lining,laid flat on the grass.
The brightness of the candle made us see Dianne and Fleur at the very end,each with cards.
We were able to pick out the words on it.

?We love you?
?Thanks for making us proud?
My eyes watered at the sight and i sniffed back tears.

“Mig this is so beautiful” I said.
“Yes it is” He whispered in a calm voice.
“Surprise!!” Dianne and Fleur exclaimed rushing to us.
That was when i noticed they were clad in the same pink gown looking radiant and beautiful.
They pulled us into a hug…
We all engaged ourselves in a big hug, pecking one another’s cheek.

We heard a camera click and turned to see Selena.
“I’m sorry,i just had to take a shot of you guys because the sight was so beautiful that it shouldn’t have a memory” She said before rushing off.
We smiled.
“Now let’s go picnic” Dianne said and we all walked towards the picnic rug.

We sat round it,the lit candles surrounding us.
“Thanks so much guys” Mig said.
“Thanks dearies…you made me feel elated” I said and they nodded.
“You both deserve more than this…it should have been something bigger than this,just that Fleur and i planned it this evening” Dianne said.
“This is more than enough” Mig said.

We sat for a while in silence before Fleur cleared her throat and i knew she has something interesting to say..
I sat up to listen to her.

“Elva..remember i said i have something to tell you guys at home when we were at Braun’s office” She said and i nodded eagerly.
“Well…do you wanna hear it?” She asked picking up cherries then throwing it into her mouth, chewing them happily.
“Yes we want to” We all said,also picking fruits of our choice chewing them delightfully.

“Well…Braun and i have gotten closer,we’ve started the project of helping the poor and i noticed he already took a liking to me…I was surprised when he told me to accompany him to his company today…even when we were in the car,he kept telling me about his childhood days and also asked to know more about guess what?” She asked with a blush to her cheeks.
“What?” We asked in anticipation.

“He said he’s gonna go with me to the countryside next week, he’s gonna modernise the hospital and supply us with enough equipment,he also said he’s gonna provide for the poor in the countryside,he wants to make a great impact in the countryside” Fleur said.

“OMG really?”
“Wow…he’s a nice dude”
“God…he’s benevolent” We chorused.
“He’s so nice and it made me love him more” She said.
“ you know who made him change?” Dianne asked and we all shook our heads.
“It’s Fleur. To be sincere,Braun has never been that benevolent,it seems he’s also in love with you” Dianne said.

We nodded in affirmative.

Fleur sighed with a chuckle…”Anyways..I can’t wait to get to the countryside with him..I will show him our garden and the waterfall conjoined with a lake..I’m sure he’s gonna be amused” She said with a grin.
“Wow…I’ve missed all that” Mig said.
“Me too”

“Wow…we’ve eaten the fruit halfway let’s dig into the cake and wine” Fleur said setting the basket of fruits aside.
She cut the cake into slices and placed it in a little tray.
Mig popped the wine open and we all shouted in excitement.
He poured a reasonable portion into our glass cups each.

“Cheers to our lasting happiness” Dianne said and clicked our glass cups together.

We ate our cake and gulped our wine in,chatting and laughing in enjoyment.
It made me remember when we were still in the countryside,the night we also celebrated my first salary.

I’m starting to feel dizzy..

“Is this wine alcoholic?” I asked.
“Yes” Dianne replied.
“It’s not affecting me” Fleur boasted pouring more into her cup and gulping it down her throat.
I noticed she’s also starting to get dizzy as she kept swaying helplessly.
She yawned and laid flat on the rug.

My eyes widened when i saw the candle light starting to burn her hair.
She screamed out in pain, getting up instantly shouting.

“I don’t want to be bald like Sasha” She screamed,her eyes widened like a frog’s making us all burst into laughter.


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