MEANT TO BE: Chapter 61-The End

(being Elva)

#Chapter 62

Zeemah writes ?

?Mig’s POV?

We walked towards the door and it was opened by a bodyguard.
“Darling you are not stepping a feet into this house with those two low lives” A woman, with a stern look said, walking out of the door,in a shiny red gown that could blind eyes..her face is in a heavy make up and i can say she looks more like a witch.

Elva’s stepmom??


“Good afternoon Ma’am…we are not low lives. Please mind your speech” Fleur retorted.
“Fleur” I scolded giving her a look.
“No let her speak…I love boldness” Elva’s dad said and we gazed on,a bit stunned.
“Juliet what has gotten over you?..why are you doing this?…your long lost daughter just came home and you can’t even welcome her properly instead you are calling those who saved her low lives” Mr Winters said sternly.

“Darling, i can’t believe you just scold me just because of these things” Juliet said and i saw Fleur’s mouth about opening but i closed it back for her with a glare.
“And point of correction…she’s not my daughter!” Juliet seethe .
“Will you leave the way let’s go in Mrs Juliet” Elva scoffed.

Mrs Juliet was almost pushed out of the way by Dianne and we all walked in.

The living room is beautiful and classy.
Simple but endearing furnitures, everywhere is sparkly clean.

We took our seats on the shiny leather couch which felt so good beneath my bums…Fleur’s teeth are out which shows she’s really excited about this place.
Three maids walked in and served us each a glass cup of chilled apple drink with small dishes containing freshly baked cookies.

We gulped the juice and i sigh in relief…my eyes roaming the entire place.
This is paradise.
This living room alone is almost wider than our entire house in Australia.

Fleur winked at me and i smiled as i chewed on my cookies..It’s so delicious.
Mr Winters cleared his throat and we all looked up at him.
“Once you are done with the cookies…the maids will show you to your rooms,then you freshen up and come down for lunch” He said and we nodded.
“Fleur and i will be sleeping in the same room” Dianne said, crunching her cookies.

Little Dan was running around the living room…playing with the toys that was placed in front of him.
“No problem with that…So Perse you should show Miguel his room once he’s ready” He said to one of the maids who bowed.

“I will be at the pool…send for a meconce you are all ready for lunch” He smiled.
He looked so happy.
“Okay Dad” We all said and he walked away with two bodyguards by his sides.

“I’m done Perse, show me to my room. I badly need to freshen up” I said and she smiled.
“Come with me sir” She said with a wink and i wondered what the wink was for?
“Hey Perse, nevermind. I will show him to his room,you can bring his luggage behind us” Elva said and pulled my hand, heading up to the stairs with me.

“She’s a shameless slut,she might just drag you on the bed and….” Elva whispered to me and i laughed.
“Naughty you” I said pinching her nose…and she giggled.
“Your house is so beautiful by the way” I said.
“If this is so beautiful to you then wait till you see our other mansions” .
“Really?” I asked and she nodded.
We walked through a wide and beautiful corridor before finally stopping at a door..
Elva twisted the knob and it opened..we both walked in.

“Wow” I exclaimed on seeing the room i would be staying.
Almost everything in the room is in blue…one of my favorite colors.

The bed is wide enough to contain six people,it’s well spread looking bouncy,the floor is tiled in marble and the walls shone with blue wallpapers,the wardrobe looks smooth, new and beautiful.
The couch…table..shelf..TV set…Everything in here is so beautiful that my mouth almost dropped open.

“This is beautiful” I said,still feeding my eyes with the room.
“Do you like it?” Elva asked.
“No i don’t like it,i love it” I said and she smiled.

Perse walked in with my luggage and Elva quickly collected it from her.
I noticed her gown has gone upper,above her thigh.
Woah..It looked disgusting to me though..

“Thanks,you can leave now” Elva said and she bowed before walking out.
“Whoa” I said jumping on the bed..this bed is soft and bouncy as fuck. It’ll make one not want to get up.

“I have to go freshen up” I said, getting to my feet reluctantly.
I opened my luggage and brought out my body towel.
“There is a clean towel and some toiletries in the bathroom cabinet” Elva said.
“Oh..okay, i will make use of them then” I said.
“I also gotta go freshen up…i will come call you once I’m done” She said before walking out.

I smiled as i walked into the bathroom..
Who would believe i would be in Mexico today.
It takes just few seconds for things to change.

“Uh..uh” I grinned harder when i saw jacuzzi…

Geez…i’m gonna take long in this bathroom than i intended to.
I laid on the soft bed gazing at the beautiful cream-coloured ceiling admiringly.
I had spent up to 40 minutes in the bathroom…the bath was awesome,i never thought Jacuzzi could make me feel that way….
The bathroom is well equipped with every necessary thing, i found everything i needed in there.
A lot must have been spent on each rooms in this mansion,not to talk of other mansions they own.

I wonder where Elva is…she said she’s gonna come get me.
I might fall asleep before she comes,this bed is so tempting.
I stood up immediately from the bed when i heard some noise downstairs.
Are the reporters here again!?
I slid my feet in my footwear and hurried out of the room heading down the stairs.
I got to the living room and sighed in relief when i saw the noise was coming from the big screen television .

I saw Fleur, Dianne and Elva sitting on the couch enjoying the so called movie.
They were yet to notice my presence .

“Boom” I shouted and they flinched turning towards me .
They sighed,sending me glares and i grinned at them.
“Elva…you said you will come get me once you are done” I said sitting beside her.
“Well…I came twice but you were still in the bathroom” She said.
“Oh” I nodded.
“Perse go get Dad, let’s have lunch” Dianne said and Perse bowed before walking out.

We all sat round the dining table eating different delicacies for lunch..we were also chatting and laughing at intervals except Elva’s stepmom who kept giving everyone mean looks, Elva in particular.
“I’m so much enjoying this” Fleur said.
“Yeah our Cooks are the best” Mr Winters said.
“Dad, what if i tell you Mig is the best cook I’ve ever known” Elva said.
“Really?” He asked.
“Yes Dad…the casserole he made for us yesterday was mouth watering” Dianne said.
“Wow…you will cook for me some other time” Mr Winters said and i smiled.
“I will gladly do that sir” I smiled.
Even at the dining,there are bodyguards surrounding us.

Modelling companies started calling Mr Winters already to make me work with them.
I’m still stunned.

“Sir” One of them said, then bowed.
“Yes?” Mr Winters asked.
“Mr Ryan Marton is here to see you”
“Ohh…really?…tell him to come join us at the dining room” Mr Winters said.
Isn’t Ryan Elva’s Ex…I looked over at Elva and saw her face unsettled.
My mood also changed.

Ryan walked in and i was not a bit impressed…i find Ben even more handsome and hot than Ryan is.
“Vinnie is this really you” He said and i noticed the shock in his expression but it was gone in a second, his smile was so tight and i knew it was fake.
I don’t like him and I’m so sure it’s not because he was Elva fiance,Elva is mine already but what’s the thing about him that’s making me feel so airy.
Was it the quick glance he exchanged with Mrs Juliet?
Or am i just been mistaken?

“Yeah Ryan..long time” Elva said with a small smile.
“Wow…I’ve missed you so much,you have no idea how i cried day and night for you…i waited for you and promised myself not to get married to anyone. Thanks for coming back Vinnie” He said happily drawing her up then pulling her to his chest for a hug.

“Hmm..Permit me to say this but she’s now my brother’s girlfriend and you can’t hold her that tightly” Fleur said.
“Yeah Ryan… Vinnie is now this good looking guy’s girlfriend,you must have seen it in the news” Dianne said with a smile.

“Vinnie tell me this is not true” He yelled.
“I’m sorry Ryan but he’s the one i love..I don’t love you but only liked you as a friend,you should know that. I hope you also find someone you love…I’m sorry” Elva said.
“Gosh” he said brushing his hand through his hair angrily.
“You don’t have to get annoyed,i heard you are now dating Sasha Lee” Dianne said and Elva raised a brow.
“So why am i apologising?.. that’s great,you can totally continue with Sasha and let me be with the love of my life” Elva said.
“No those are just rumours,I’m not dating Sasha” Ryan said,he finally gazed at me and it was a mean look.
“Well… whatever,i don’t want my sister to date you back” Dianne said.
“Ryan…I won’t repeat this,I’m sorry i don’t love you,this is the guy i love and he’s the one i really want to spend the rest of my life with” She said and i grinned like a fool.

“This is not fair…how could you do this to me just because of an ugly countryside guy,who doesn’t even have a life” He said and Fleur slowly stood up,she sent two slaps on Ryan’s cheeks before anyone could blink.

Everyone gasped.
“Oh…he’s an ugly countryside guy huh? And yet your ex chose him over you,he’s an ugly countryside guy,yet ladies drool at the sight of him…do you know how many female reporters lost their cameras because of my brother,do you even know how much attention he gets just with his looks?.. do you have an idea of how many modelling companies already calling Mr Winters to allow him work with them just few hours he got here…don’t ever refer to my brother as such again or i will use my fingers to write your name on your face…ugly thing! i expected you to look more good looking than this..seems most guys in the countryside are even more good looking than most city guys!” Fleur said angrily to Ryan’s face who was still looking shocked.

Well… everyone else looked shocked as well except Elva and i,we know the stuff Fleur is made of.
“Wow!” Mr Winters exclaimed breaking the tensed silence.
“You dared sl.ap me?” Ryan thundered and Fleur moved back a bit.
“Hey..I didn’t move back because I’m afraid of you,but i moved back because your breath stinks…are you so anxious to see Elva that you forgot to brush your already brown stinking teeth” Fleur said and everyone mouth was opened,most people looked like they were struggling to hold their laughter excluding Mrs Winters who seems to be in support of Ryan.

Ryan gritted his teeth in anger. “What are you both doing there C’mon teach her a lesson” Ryan told his two bodyguards who advanced towards Fleur.
I stood up.
“Bro just chill…I gotta make them know i learnt Kung Fu in China” Fleur said rolling the sleeve of her shirt up and the two bodyguards immediately stopped.
Damn…Fleur and her tricks.
“What are you both doing?…go teach her a lesson” Ryan told his bodyguards who looked as if they were shivering.

Are these really bodyguards?
I bet they’re gonna run off, peeing in their pants when their employer is at the point of being attacked.

“He’s telling you both to come forward right? Then come to me only if you are ready to lose your life” Fleur said tightening her fists together.
The two guards stood on a spot without moving..

They fell for Fleur’s trick?
Fleur advanced towards them and within the blink of an eye,they had run out.
“Come back here” Ryan yelled running after his coward guards.

We bursted out laughing…and it lasted for minutes.

“Fleur did you really learnt Kung Fu?” Mr Winters asked when he finally stopped laughing.
“No sir…I didn’t, i did that just to scare them” She said.
“Wow…you are so brave” He said and motioned for her to come closer.
He patted her back..
“That was a brave move…I love brave ladies like you” He said and Fleur smiled.

“Fleur,you made me almost laugh out my lungs…you are my best friend from now” Dianne said.
“’ve been my best friend since i saw you” Fleur grinned.

“Fleur is a drama queen…she acts any type of drama” Elva said and i nodded.
We heard some maids still laughing in the kitchen and we bursted into laughter again,even the bodyguards with stern looks were trying to hold their laughter.
“You all should laugh…it has been long we laughed like this” Mr Winters told the bodyguards and they let out the laugh they were holding.

“Enough of all this … This isn’t funny. How could you mock your daughter’s fiance!” Mrs Winters seethe.
“Point of correction…he’s my ex and i don’t know why you are concerned about this,you never interfere in my personal life,so what’s up?” Elva asked.
The woman stood up angrily and left the dining room…I noticed she had changed into wear, a bright yellow gown which trailed behind her as she left.

We continued our lunch in chatters and laughter.
We were done eating and the maids came to clear away the dishes,then served us deserts..
Fleur is already grinning…’food monger’
“I’m grateful you both came with Dianne and Vinnie because I’m enjoying your company a has been so long we’ve laughed together this way” Mr Winters said and we smiled.
“Our pleasure sir” Fleur and i said.. Fleur was already devouring her deserts…
We were done with deserts also and we were served chilled wine .

Mr Winters came to join us after going to receive a call.
“Mig…more modelling companies are now contacting me to let you and Vinnie work with them” Mr Winters said.
“Really?” I asked excitedly.
“Yeah… news spread a lot here in Mexico..they already know you arrived at my house and i won’t be surprised if those reporters come banging the estate gate tomorrow” He said.
“Wow!” I exclaimed.
“So are you ready to work for them?” He asked.
“Yes sir…I’m not only based in modelling. I can also sing real good sir” I said and his eyes widened in excitement.

“Yes Dad…you need to listen to the songs we composed” Elva said.
“Wow…this is nice,can you both sing for me now?” He asked.
Elva and i looked at each other with a smile before clearing our throats.
“Yes Dad…Mig let’s the one we composed a day before” Elva said and i nodded.

?Love is a feeling that can’t be described.

?It hurts and heals the heart.

?Love is something to be shared,

?And i want to share it with you.

?Let me stay in your heart.

?Let me occupy your thoughts…

?Our love journey is sweet even with thorns.


We continued singing were not even done when we heard claps,wows,and a lot more..
We ended the song with ;

?You will always be my love.

“OMG…i had thought it was two angels singing…Wow you both should come closer,you both deserve a hug” Mr Winters said and Elva i smiled as we moved closer to him.
He pulled us into a warm hug.
“Wow,Mig your voice was amazing. Vinnie’s voice has also improved a lot” Dianne said.
“I’ve heard them sing severally and their voice still remains the best I’ve ever heard” Fleur said.
“The thing is…both of you are gonna be working together but you can do your modelling separately if you wish…I will contact one of my friends in the music industry and you will get signed in Mig, Vinnie is signed already” Mr Winters said.

“Wow… thanks so much sir” I said happily..
My dream is finally coming to true…so easily that it’s almost bringing tears to my eyes.
“I’m proud of you both,make sure you work very hard to be the most famous models and musicians in the whole of Mexico. it will be my pride…you just don’t know how happy i am right now. When will you both like to start?” Mr Winters asked.
“Dad we have to rest and practice for few more days” Elva said and i nodded.
“Okay then…I will get back to you guys once i contact my friend…I need to go take a nap.. enjoy yourselves ” Mr Winters said with a smile before standing up.
His two bodyguards trailed behind him.
“Thank you so much sir” Fleur and i said.
“Thanks Dad”

“It’s nothing” He smiled before disappearing into the corridor.
Elva and i squealed excitedly hugging each other.
“Congrats guys” Dianne and Fleur said.

“Why don’t we go swim in the pool” Dianne suggested and we all grinned.



We screamed excitedly splashing water on ourselves .
We’ve swim raced,water fought and now we are relaxing in the pool seeping our drinks.
There are bodyguards surrounding us and some maids holding dry towels for us.
“Let’s water fight again” Elva said.
“Yes” I said and we began splashing water on ourselves, giggling like kids.

We all froze in the when we heard gunshots…
The bodyguards cocked their guns obviously ready for whatever it is.
Elva clung to me in fear.

Tim and Tony rushed to us ..

“Mr Winters has been shot” They said.

What !!!


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