“Why, why, why, Ella, but why?” Pastor D screamed out from his sleep. He jacked up, it had been a dream, he thought so much about the letter he was reading from Nneka and he dreamt.

He woke up panting, he was happy it was a dream. But Ella wasn’t inside, she was in the other room praying and crying. Pastor left the room to the other room and saw Ella praying and rolling on the floor.

He closed the door and went back to the room. He sat on the bed with his two hands covering his face, he was in thought, “Why is she crying and rolling? Has she also found the letter? But I hid it under the bed, she can’t find it.”


The whole world looked upside down and everything was crumbling. Pastor D couldn’t understand anything. “Is this also a dream?

” Or maybe I acted in haste. Maybe I should have waited to know her more? Maybe I should have listened to Nneka? Maybe I should not have married her?”

Pastor D was getting out of his mind. He saw the need to pray but he was weak. Instead, he logged in to his social media, perhaps, he would find something to refresh himself.

The first post that popped up was a story titled THINGS ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM…

Pastor D began to read.

“Two angels were travelling, they came to a city at night and needed a place to rest. They were in form of human beings.

They approached a rich man in the city to accommodate them but the man refused to let them into his house. He shut them outside to sleep beside the wall.

The two angels sat beside the wall, them the older angel saw a hole on the ground beside the wall, he made a lump of clay and started covering it.

The younger angel got angry and said that the rich man didn’t deserve that kindness because he shut them outside.

‘Don’t worry’ the older angel said.


In the morning, the rich man came out early and chased them away, he thought they were ordinary men. He didn’t even appreciate their effort.

The younger angel was in a rage, but the older angel replied, “Things are not always the way they seem to be.”

They continued their journey and on the second day, they came to another place and needed a place to rest again. They found a poor man who lived in a single room with his wife and his only son.

The only son was all their hope and joy, they laboured to raise. The poor man had a cow where he got milk daily to make living and the cow also helped in many other ways on the farm.

Despite their small room and poor condition, he accommodated the two strangers and fed them with their last meal.

The angels stayed in their house for two nights and on the third day while they were about to leave early in the morning. When the poor man woke up, he found his only cow dead. It was like he lost a child. The cow was dear to him, like a pet and a business.

The younger angel got angry and said, ‘ This is not fair, why should the kind man suffer the loss when he accommodated us?’

The older angel replied, ‘Things are not always the way they seem to be’.

He added, ‘The best thing to do is to ask questions when you don’t understand. Communication brings clarity. Instead of getting angry and thinking we are bad, you should ask for clarity.

Two days ago, I closed up the wall of the rich man, there was hidden gold inside the hole but his stinginess had made him lose it.

In the poor man’s house, the angel of death came to take his son yesterday, but I substituted his precious cow. The son will lift them out of poverty soon.

When the younger angel heard this, he echoed, “Truly, things are not always what they seem to be.”



When Pastor D read this, he sighed and thought, “Could Nneka be lying too? Maybe I should communicate to have clarity? Maybe things are not what thru seem here too? I’m going to communicate rather than assume.

He left the room again to the other room, but this time, Ella had finished praying but she was still sobbing. Pastor D entered the sitting room and carried a stool, he sat opposite her. Ella was on the bed.

“Why are you crying,” He asked.
“Nothing,” she replied.

Okay, I have two questions for you and I would be happy if you answer me straight. I just want YES or NO. Do you have fibroid?

Ella: Let me explain to you

Pastor D: “No, don’t add anything, just tell me yes or no.”

Ella: Okay, Yes, but…

Pastor D cut her, “But what? Now I have seen the truth. Nneka is correct. Why did you keep this from me?

Ella: Please, listen to me.

(Pastor D remembered what he just read, THINGS ARE NOT ALWAYS WHAT THEY SEEM TO BE.)

“Ok, I am listening…” Pastor D said.

“Some years ago, I had fibroid and it was one of those things that delayed me in marriage. I was once scheduled for an operation in India. Of course, money wasn’t the problem but the risk.

Before I travelled for the surgery, there was a crusade we held. I prayed for a miracle and believed.

I went back to the doctor to check me again and boom! The fibroid was melting. The doctor couldn’t believe it. We waited for some days and it kept melting. Right now, I don’t have any fibroid again.

Pastor D sighed and said, “Really?” But why didn’t you tell me?

Ella; What could I have told you, sir? She burst into tears.

Pastor D seeing Ella crying was moved but when he remembered his late wife, he stopped himself from crying. He thought, “But I didn’t read the last part, who knows what might be there?”

But he was scared to ask anything about Mama Chris’s death, that was too big to say, it might be a lie too but whether true or false, Pastor D wished to know the third thing Nneka had written in the letter.

Pastor D bowed his head. If you were there, you would see that he had something on his mind.

Ella stood straight and spoke,” I saw the letter under the bed and I read it. They are all full of lies. What she said were lies.”

Up till that time, Pastor D had not read the third secret that Nneka said about Ella.

Ella continued, “Firstly, I don’t have fibroid anyone as I have explained.

Also, I’m sorry if I appear arrogant to you, please teach me, I’ll learn, but what Nneka said wasn’t true, I am not as arrogant as she portrayed it. She said two guys left me because I was proud. No!

The first guy I met, my father employed him but he duped us of millions. The second guy wanted me to include his name on our property which I refused. He wanted to start controlling me even before we marry, claiming all I had was his. This was why he said I was proud.”

Ella squeezed the letter and threw it on the floor. But Pastor D wasn’t satisfied because Ella had refused to say the third thing.

Pastor D kept quiet, he was not satisfied but he wouldn’t say it. He just wished to read it himself. He was interested in the third secret.

Ella picked the latter on the floor again unwrapped it, looked at it, shook her head and said, “I’m sorry to say it, but Nneka was sent by the devil to destroy our marriage and they will all be scattered by fire.”

The third secret isn’t true too, this is what happened…


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