Written By Tosin Ezekiel

Episode 19

The night he named his new baby…

Some unknown hefty men in police uniforms stormed his house with three black jeeps.

He heard the car door sound.

As he went out to see what was up, they grabbed him.

He was rough handled and pushed in one of the jeeps, without explanation to his wife or family, they sped off.

It was late in the night, the supposed policemen didn’t tell them from which station they came, no warrant or discussions, it appeared like kidnapping all within a minute.

His wife, Ella, after crying with her mother picked up his phone and started calling all the callable people.

Then she stumbled on the number of the Governor on the phone.

The Governor gave her husband his private phone number when his paralysed son was healed at the crusade. He told him he could him anytime he needed whatever.

She became happy that the solution has come. Without hesitation, she dialled the Governor’s number.

That was odd, calling the Governor for the first time at night.

But went through, “Graraaraara…the number rang.”

Her heart started beating faster but no one picked.

It rang again.

On the third ring,

“Hello, Pastor…” A thick voice picked from the other end.

“H…e…llo… Hello, sir, this is pastor D’s wife.”

“Oh, Woman of God, how is pastor.” The governor said.

“Sir, they have arrested my husband.” She burst into tears before she could finish the talk.

“Please, relax, all will be well, he will be released.” The governor said.

“Okay, sir,” Ella said sobbing.

“When was that and which police station.”

“Sir, they came with three black jeeps and didn’t say anything, they only grabbed my husband, they grabbed…one man, wicked man among them wanted to even shoot me…”

Governor: Sorry, Madam. What was their car like?

Ella: Jeep, three jeeps, black, sir

“In jeeps?” The governor said

“Yes, three black jeeps, sir.”

The governor sighed and said, “Hold on!”

The call was muted as Mr Governor placed a call to the commissioner of police and asked him to enquire from all their stations and report.

While this was going on, Ella’s call dropped.

The governor asked his PA to wait for the response from the commissioner of police and feed him back.

Ella called the governor again but he didn’t pick up. He became troubled.

The commissioner of police sent a message that there was no operation that night from any of their stations. He asked for the kind of vehicles used.

When he heard that they were black jeeps, he said it was certainly not from any of the stations in the State as none of their vehicles was black jeeps.

When the governor was back, his PA narrated the commissioner’s report and he understood that those men were not police.

He asked his PA to call Ella back.

PA: “Hello. This is from his excellency. He asked me to let you know your husband is safe and he will be released soon but not tonight as it’s late.”

Ella: Thank you…tha…thank you. Please can I speak with him?”

PA: I am sorry, I can’t say anything further.

Ella: Please, sir, please, I am his wife, I have a baby, are you the policeman?

PA: No, I am redirected to inform you by his excellency and this will be all for now.

PA dropped the call.

“Hello…he..he…” Ella said as the end of call sound beeped


The governor asked his PA to leave while he made some calls.

The Governor on the phone…

“Hello, Perol!”

Perol: Your Excellency, sir

Governor: How are you?

Perol: Your boys are good. Thank you for that gift again, sir.

Governor: Perol, I need to know, have you guys performed any operation today?

Perol: Yes, sir. We went to the house of that idiot contesting the primary with honourable. It was a warning visit though and we…

Governor: “It’s okay, Perol,” the governor cut him.

” I want to know. Find out from your boys on other sides if they did any operation this night, just some hours ago.”

Perol: “Okay, your excellency. I’m doing that right away.

Perol dropped the call and started calling his other men who worked for highly placed politicians and parties.


Five minutes later, he called back.

“Your excellency, there were two operations today and I have their full details. One unknown pastor and another…

” Yes. Let me know about that pastor,” the governor said.

Perol: “Okay, your excellency, they went two hours ago and they captured the target. No bullet was shot, no expo, the mission was successful in the disguise of policemen.

Governor: O…kay, who sent them?

“Sir, it’s honourable”


“Honourable Jazz, sir’

“Jazz? Are you sure?

“Yes, sir.”

“Why? The governor enquired.

Perol: ” Sir, Honourable didn’t disclose to any of my boys. He said the target should be captured and…

Governor: “Wait….is he alive”.

Perol: “Yes, your excellency!”

Governor; What is the judgement?

Perol: Undisclosed, sir, the guy who headed the operation said it would be tomorrow.

Governor: “Tell your boys to keep him safe and nothing should happen to him.”

Perol: “Your Excellency, it’s honourable Jazz…” Parol said as he was warning the governor.

Governor: “I have spoken!”

Perol: Your excellency…Jazz!



Honourable Jazz was a grassroots politician, uneducated but a strong party player. Even though he was not in political office, he was a figure that couldn’t be relegated.

He was a feared man.

His effort was one of the things that the governor enjoyed to win his second term.

But they had a clash, Jazz wanted his son to be chairman of his local government, but he was offered vice-chairman, this became an issue between them.

Jazz refused to take the offer for his son, his son didn’t get anything eventually.

This birthed a cold war between the governor and Honourable Jazz.

The problem was, Mr Governor couldn’t understand what Pastor D had to do with Jazz.

Everyone knew Jazz to be a hard man both in juju and politics. He was nicknamed Jazz because he was believed to have much diabolical power.


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