Written By Tosin Ezekiel

Episode 13

His first wife died mysteriously and left a boy of five with him.

He remarried.

The second wife couldn’t get pregnant, after some time, she got pregnant and they were happy.

But the wife carried the pregnancy for twelve months, the doctors said there was no baby in the womb but a big fibroid.

At the same time, his only son was admitted to the hospital, they said he was vomiting bIood.

He was suspended from his church because of jealousy, the church didn’t conduct his marriage. After the wedding, he had moved to a new church.

In the new church, he was favoured and got a new appointment.

The founder of the church had passed away and there was a rumour that he would be appointed the new senior pastor.

But many unknown enemies felt he was new and shouldn’t be chosen over them.

Ella, his new wife, didn’t want to make any friends in their new church because of what Nneka had done to them. Nneka was in their formal and she spread rumours about them, in fact, Nneka almost destroyed their wedding. This made Ella scared of making friends in the new church.

But there was this woman in the children’s church who always showed care to Ella. Her name was Mrs. Oguns. Her husband, Pastor Oguns, was also a pastor in the new church and he was the financial secretary.

Ella was scared, but the woman would always run after her after service. The problem was that anytime Mrs. Oguns was talking with her, Ella would be smelling burnt food.
It was strange, how could someone be smelling like burnt food?

But Mrs. Oguns seemed to like Ella, she told her if she needed any support she should call her.



The night Pastor D received the doctor’s report about his wife not having a baby, he couldn’t sleep, and he with his wife cried until there were no tears again.

When tears failed, they started praying, it was a fire vigil. Pastor D used to be a ‘fire fire’ pastor but he had relaxed. They prayed that night saying, “Every unknown enemy of our marriage and destiny, be scattered by fire.”

They had realized that they were in battles. They prayed and prayed and early the next morning, Pastor D set to go and see Chris, his only son, at the boarding school’s hospital where he was admitted.

He was about to go out when he received a call that Chris had suddenly responded to treatment and he might not need to come again.

“Ah, so the answer will come this quick?” Pastor D thought. The previous day, he was called that the boy was vomiting blood and now he was called that the boy was alright.

Pastor D and Ella continued the vigil daily. At that time, Ella had stopped feeling the baby in her womb kicking. Rather, her stomach felt unusually heavy.

After praying for a week, on the eighth day, Ella had a kick in her womb. She was happy that the baby was back.

They both rushed to the hospital in the morning to check but the doctors said there was still no baby but a bigger fibroid.

They were sad as they returned home.

“No giving up, we will win!” Pastor D said.



In their new church, there was a young pastor who had become a friend to Pastor D, his name was Pastor Johny.

Pastor D called Pastor Johny and they were praying together.

Ella suggested that they called Pastor Oguns or Mrs. Oguns, the woman in the children’s church who wanted to be close to Ella by force. But Pastor D said his spirit didn’t go with Pastor Oguns.

They agreed not to call either Pastor Oguns or Mrs. Oguns.

They continued their prayer with Pastor Johnny and it went on for one month. There was no change yet and Ella’s pregnancy had now reached 14 months.

They called on some other pastors and they continued praying. They were in prayer one night when Ella started feeling pain. It was so severe that they contemplated going to the hospital.

But she told them to continue praying while she lay on the couch in the sitting room.

Ella slept off while they prayed and she saw Nneka, her old friend, holding a baby.

She started running after Nneka shouting, “Give me my baby, Give me my baby.”

Ella snatched the baby from Nneka and started running away. Nneka attempted to run after Ella too but she stumbled and rolled on the floor shouting in pain.

Ella woke up and shouted, “I have collected my baby, I saw her, it was Nneka, she’s a witch, she fell, she must die.”

“Are you sure of this?” Pastor D said.

Ella: “Yeah, she is the one! I saw her. But why?”

Pastor Johnny said, “I don’t know who Nneka was but who you saw in your dream might not be the Nneka you talked about, it might be a manipulation to confuse you.”

“Well, whoever the person is, I saw how she fell, her judgement has come, she will die.”

They started praising God for the victory. When Ella went to the hospital in the morning, the doctors confirmed that there was a baby in the womb.

Hallelujah! She shouted.

But the baby was in the wrong position and it had not fully developed.

According to them, the baby was in his fifth month in the womb, though Ella had carried the baby for 15 months. She was advised to continue antenatal.



That morning, Ella returned home to share the news. Pastor D wasn’t at home, he heard that Mrs. Ogun slumped at night. That was the same night Ella saw Nneka in her dream.

Pastor D with Pastor Johny visited Pastor Oguns to greet his wife. When they were leaving, Pastor Oguns called Pastor D to his room,

“Sir, congrats as you will be ordained in two weeks. I have been the church financial secretary for many years and I want to work with you.” He then presented a big envelope to Pastor D.

“What is this for? Pastor D enquires.

” It’s just Kola, sir, to let you know I am with you.” Pastor Oguns said grinning.

Pastor D rejected the gift and became infuriated, he couldn’t understand what Pastor Oguns was insinuating.

Pastor D and Pastor Johny left Pastor Oguns that night. But there were two things he couldn’t forget, want Pastor Oguns meant and how Mrs. Oguns was asking of Ella all the time they spent,
“How is your wife? Greet her, she is a strong woman,” Mrs. Oguns said more than two times.

Finally, the church amidst the cold war set to ordain Pastor D as the Senior Pastor. It was a great ceremony, Pastor D sent a letter of invitation to his former church, and though their Pastor refused to come, some of the members came.



On the first day Pastor D would sit in his office, the Secretary, Mrs. Collins, had prepared everything as he opened the office, he was smelling burnt food in the office and the odour made him angry.

Notwithstanding, he sat to offer his prayer but he felt like someone entered the office too. As he opened his eyes to see, there was no one. He left the office to talk to Mrs. Collins, who said nobody entered the office.

Pastor D went back and as he opened his door, a shadow monkey jumped away from his chair and leapt across the room, it was bouncing around, it finally landed on the wall and stayed staring at Pastor D…

Then there was light out, the shadow monkey jumped back to Pastor D’s seat. Pastor D could see it by the indicator’s light on the UPS…


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