Episode 16

What is more sorrowful than carrying the pregnancy for 16 months only to give birth to a deàd baby?

Pastor D left the dèad baby in the hospital and went to preach. He told the doctor, Doctor Brown, not to allow his wife, Ella, to know. Ella was still sleeping when he left.


After his preaching, he rushed back to the hospital to see the child but entering the hospital, he heard his wife crying from afar, Ahh! Pastor D leaned on the wall with his eyes fixed on the ceiling, tears rolling down his cheeks uncontrollably.

A nurse passed by, ” Sir, you are here?”

“Yes, what happened?” Pastor D said trying to read the reaction on the nurse’s face, “Tell me what happened?”

The nurse without talking grabbed Pastor D’s hand and dragged him like a mother would drag her child to school, they raced down to the private ward.

When they entered, lo! Ella was breastfeeding the baby with tears.

It happened that when Ella woke from her sleep after the operation, one of the nurses told her they had lost the baby, she rushed to the room where the deàd baby was laid.

She pulled the cloth off the baby and grabbed her wailing. Suddenly the baby cried out. Ella was scared so much that the baby almost fell off. The baby came back to life.

What God cannot, does not exist!

Doctor Brown rushed inside to see Pastor D, he said, “Your God is real, please pray for me too.”

Pastor D said, “I am sorry, don’t be embarrassed, but I feel in my spirit that you should kneel while I pray for you.”

The Doctor’s face changed, but he managed to kneel. After the prayer, he stood up and shouted, “My goodness!”

Nobody knew why he shouted. But he requested to see Pastor D privately. He led Pastor D to his office.

“Sit, sir,” Doctor Brown said while he remained standing, he said further, “Sir, before I talk, let me check again.”

Doctor Brown bent down and stood up again laughing. He knelt, stood again and shouted, “I am healed!”

Pastor D was confused. Then the doctor started narrating, “Sir, when you asked me to kneel, I was disturbed because I used to have serious pain and difficulty with my knees. As a doctor, I’ve done everything. But right now I am okay…see me…” Doctor Brown knelt again.

“Thank God. I am sorry, I want to go and see my wife, can I go?” Pastor D said.

The doctor said, “No, I have one more thing, sir, don’t be annoyed, I won’t take your time. ”

“Ok…” Pastor D said rather sluggishly.

“Sir, I have a story to tell. I have been a doctor in this hospital for some years, we have many doctors as you can see that this is the best and biggest hospital in town. But something is strange in this hospital, there’s no month that somebody won’t dîe in this hospital, if it’s not a baby, it must be an adult.

I once talked about it but they said it’s normal for people to dîe in hospitals. When I said it again, they said I was talkative. But I know something was unusual. Or am I talkative, sir?

“No, not really,” Pastor D said with a fake smile.

(Pastor D was getting tired of the story, he wanted to go and hug his wife and see his new baby. He was finding the doctor talkative. “How on earth did this man become a doctor? He was talking like a woman,” he thought.)

“So…,” Pastor D said.

“Hennhenn, as I was saying, let me cut the story now. When your baby diéd and you refused to accept it, I was giggling inside. All the while you were praying I thought you were wasting your time.

Today is the last day of the month and no one has dièd here this month. I thought your child wouldn’t come back to life. But I was surprised.

Now, this is evening, If no one else dies before 12 a.m, this has never happened in our hospital. And, in fact, you see…”

Pastor D cut him, “So what do you want me to do?”

“See, pastor, sir, is it bad that I told you this? You know they always assign me to women’s ward because I am jovial although some, although, some say it’s because I talk a lot.”

Pastor D was fed up, he wanted to go and see his wife. Suddenly, they heard a noise from one of the wards.

“I told you, sir, someone must cry, that crying is nothing but for someone that just passed away.”

They both left the office. While Doctor Brown left for the ward where therewas crying, Pastor D left him to see his wife.

Pastor D rushed and hugged Ella in the bed and glanced at their baby on her bed, it was a baby girl. “It’s a girl,” Pastor D said with a warm smile. “Chris will like his sister, so beautiful.” Pastor D kissed the hand of his baby.

Then they heard a noise outside their ward, a woman was carrying a lifeless boy to meet Pastor D. Pastor D left the ward to see.

Doctor Brown was trying to stop her, “Madam, wait first, wait…I only told you what happened, wait.”

The woman wouldn’t agree, she rushed and met Pastor D with the lifeless boy, “Pastor help me oooo,” the woman pleaded.

Pastor D was confused, “Can God raise this boy too.”

Doctor Brown was scratching his head.

“Bring the baby but I am not the one to wake him, only God can do it,” Pastor D said gently.

He held the lifeless boy without saying a word, he really didn’t know what to pray. Suddenly the boy sneezed out two times, there was a shout in the hospital.

The doctor moved closed to Pastor D while everyone was shouting for the miracle.

“Sir, we have a morgue here and there are fresh and old deád bodies. I can take permission for you to visit…” The doctor said.

“You said what? Pastor D pretended not to hear.

The doctor replied, “I mean, we should…”

Pastor D cut him. “Let’s save that for another day,”

Pastor D returned to meet Ella, he sat down and sighed, it had been a long day. Ella looked at him from the bed, Pastor D stood up and moved close, he placed a peck on Ella’s forehead.

“It’s now a testimony!”

There was a knock at the door. Doctor Brown came in again with a smile, then Pastor Johnny’s wife also came in, she had come to stay with Ella.

Pastor D, “Oh Mrs Johny, thank you so much for coming.”

“Sorry, I delayed, sir, I had to quickly rush down after the crusade,” Mrs Johnny said.

“No problem, Mrs Johnny.”

“Wow. That’s a good one. Her husband must be your good friend? Right? Maybe a pastor too?

Pastor D managed to reply, “Yes, Doctor Brown.”

Doctor Brown, “Sir, I need to see you again.”

Pastor D was like, ‘Kai, this man again’.

But he pretended and replied, “My Doctor, My Doctor.”

“My pastor, my pastor,” Doctor Brown said laughing like a kid.

They both went to his office and sat.

“You know, my Pastor, I won’t take your time, just one minute. You know last year they brought a woman here. Hmm, that woman was a witch! I don’t want to marry that kind of woman. Do you know I am not married?

Pastor! Pastor, you are closing your eyes?
As I was saying, ask me how did I know the woman was a witch. Pastor, are you listening?”

(Pastor D snored like a rumble of thunder on the chair. He was dam tired.)

“My pastor, are you sleeping?

Pastor D: ajajagagajajakakajajakak…
? ? ?


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