Written By Tosin Ezekiel

Episode 21

Fifi never felt a sxual urge in his body until he was about thirty.

Not for once, he had been impotent all his life.

His occupation was political thuggery and kidnapping, he worked with a squad of guys for high profiled men.

One time, they were sent by a grassroots, powerful politician, honourable Jazz, to kidnap a pastor. This led to an unprecedented change

They kidnapped Pastor D and kept him for Hon. jazz. But as chance would have it, Pastor D prayed for Fifi in the bush where they hid in a place they called powerhouse.

The prayer of Pastor D made Fifi potent. His body was aroused for the first time.

That day, it was like all the urges Fifi had never felt in his life came together, he couldn’t resist it, it was erupting like a volcano, fire everywhere in his body. He was always scattered by his passion.

They were in the bush, in their den, in the powerhouse and the only girl there was his boss’ sèx toy who also served them smokes and food, her name, Fokie. Kapo named her Fokie.

She was serving Kapo alone in bed and no one else was to touch her.

Fokie used to work around the building in bum shorts. Fifi seeing her couldn’t resist the urge.

For some minutes, he was holding it, finally, he had to grab Fokie. He pulled off her cloth, it was easy to do, he pulled off his trousers and was about diving into the act.

Fokie didn’t resist him, she only whispered, “I am Hîv positive.”

“You are what?” Fifi said as she pushed her away while kneeling on the bed, all the current in his body dièd down.


Fokie smiled. “I told you this because you are the only one in the building that have not attempted to force me, many of those guys have tried it, but you have never harassed me before, I respect you for this.”

Fifi couldn’t have harassed Fokie before, since he was impotent. Other guys had forced Fokie even though Kapo did not know.

Fifi: You are lying.

Fokie: Okay, if you think I am lying.

Fifi: But how did you know?

Fokie explained that before one of their guys who died of Hîv died, he had forced her.

Every other person among them including Kapo had caught Hiv because they had slept with Fokie. They were walking dead men.

Fifi quickly pulled himself, he never thought there was something that could quench the passion on his body.

He was trying to put on his trousers when Kapo, the boss, entered the room!

Oppps! He saw them wearing their clothes. What a mess!

Fifi didn’t do it but no one would see and believe he hadn’t done it, the scene appeared like they just finished the act.

Kapo even heard Fifi saying Thank you to Fokie.

“Fifi! You! You are eating what I am eating, ah, you!” Kapo roared.

“Boss, I swear with my mother, it didn’t happen, I swear, boss, it didn’t happen,” Fifi begged.

“Ah, you, of all people, you are eating my meat, my own Fokie.”

Fifi begged more but Kapo refused, he said Fifi would pay for the mess.

What was the fine?

Fifi would lose the money for that month and would not be allowed to perform any operation. Even with the current job over pastor D, Fifi would get nothing.

He must remain in the bush, no operation, no money. That was a hard
blow on him and he thought of revenge.

On the other side…

The governor was trying hard to reach Jazz for a dialogue, but Jazz was a half cut and hurt snake, he would not listen.

After many attempts, it was clear Jazz wouldn’t pardon Pastor D. The issue of Pastor D resurrected the old fight between Jazz and the governor.

Jazz stopped responding to the governor’s message.

The governor tried to use Perol to reach Kapo at least to keep Pastor D safe, but Kapo stopped responding to Perol too, he was scared of what Jazz could do.

When the governor saw that Jazz wouldn’t give up, he called Perol and promised him a huge amount of money if only he could rescue Pastor D from the power house.

Perol organised his boys and set to invade the powerhouse, it was a dangerous mission.

It was clear, the battle line had been drawn:

The governor vs Jazz

Perol vs Kapo.

Jazz called Kapo and his boys to come and see him celebrate a job well done. Kapo left with his boys except for Fifi. Fifi was left alone in the powerhouse as part of his punishment.

Jazz gave Kapo’s double the money for being loyal and entertained them.

While this was ongoing, Pastor D was praying, “Oh lord, every plotting of darkness to terminate me, scatter them by fire Lord.

Show me your mercy and rescue me.”

Then be heard the voice of God, “I am with you.”

Pastor D started praising.

Jazz was an enemy you should not have, they don’t relent or forgive. They want to end you before they rest.

While all this was going on, Fifi met Pastor D again, this time he listened to his preaching and repented.

After he repented, he said,

“Pastor, I felt peace right now and I am not afraid to die. I wish to quit this job but I cannot hide, I cannot back out, these people will kîll me, they will find me, they are everywhere, but I am not afraid to dîe.”

Fifi made up his mind that he wouldn’t allow them to harm Pastor D, he thought of releasing him. But how?

Releasing him was not the issue, but how would he survive and handle Kapo and Jazz? It could only be de.ath, he knew Jazz would show no mercy.

After the entertainment, both Kapo and Jazz we’re on their way returning to the powerhouse to finish Pastor D.

On their other side, Peril was coming with his squad to rescue Pastor D as requested by the governor.

In the powerhouse, Fifi was set to make Pastor D Free.

He released him together with Fokie.

Pastor D said, “But you…how would you….”

“Pastor, you don’t have to worry about it, they will soon be here, if we all run, they will catch us, I will stay. I am not afraid to die,” Fifi said as he released Pastor D and Fokie. He gave Pastor D his phone.

They both started running in the bush without a clear direction.

Fifi entered the room where Pastor D was locked and sat on the bed, he felt peace in his mind.

He gently awaited his de.àth…


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