Written By Tosin Ezekiel

Episode 20

They clutched and pulled him inside the black jeep as they sped off.

“You can’t handle me this way, I am a citizen, I am a pastor. What have I done?”

Pastor D started revolting inside the jeep.

“Shhhhh!” One of the kidnappers said putting his finger in his mouth to tell Pastor D to keep quiet.

Pastor D was at the back of the jeep in between two gûnmen, he look at their faces covered with dark sunglasses. He was beginning to think if they were truly policemen.

“But, you have to allow me to speak to my wife and my lawyer….” Pastor D wouldn’t stop talking.

The guy driving spoke, “Hey, guy, Kapo said you should hibernate him.”

The two supposed policemen at the back beside Pastor D put a veil on him and that was when he knew they weren’t policemen.

Handcuff on his hands and veil on his face, suddenly, he felt a sharp object pinch him on his thigh, one of the guñmen injected him: Pastor D slept off.

They travelled far to an unknown locale in the bush where a building well built was located.

Pastor D was dumped in a room alone. He woke up to find himself alone on a student size bed in a large room with a small window, a chair and a big mirror. His left hand was chained to the pole.

There was a dim red light in the room. From afar when Pastor D looked into the mirror, he only saw his silhouette.

“Where is Ella, have they carried her too? Where is Chris, where is my baby?” Pastor D started crying, but the room had sound control, no one outside could hear anything.

Pastor D was alone in the room for like an hour, he heard no voice or see anything. He started praying silently, “God, please, speak to me, I know you are with me… I want to hear You.”

Then he heard the voice of God, but what God said was strange and he didn’t understand.

God said to him, “His name is Philemon, he is impotent, pray for him.

“God, I don’t understand, who is Philemon? Who? Who is impotent?

But God said nothing again.

On the other side, still in the building, Kapo was sitting with his boys then a young lady brought them packs of smoke.

The lady was in her early twenties. She was Kapo’s toy. She was a university lady who fell victim to kidnapping in the quest for money. She served Kapo on the bed regularly and served others food and smokes.

Perol after speaking with the governor called Kapo. Kapo was the boss of the kidnappers.

Kapo: Everyone, delete!

Kapo said as he picked up the call.

Perol: Kapo!

Kapo: Boss!

Perol: That man you carried is known to his excellency, he just called now that nothing must happen to him.

Kapo: Perol, but na Jazz has this package, I can’t take orders from…( he stammered).

Perol: Kapo, I am not asking for your opinion, I am telling you what to do, keep him safe.

Kapo: Boss, but, Jazz!

Perol: Forget! Meanwhile, His excellency gave us something yesterday, I will send yours now.

Kapo: No qualm, Boss, but Jazz…( Perol dropped the call)

After the call, Kapo called one of his boys, Fifi, and instructed him to give Pastor D food.

Kapo left the building.

In the room alone, Pastor D was still praying silently when Fifi who had a mask over his face entered the room with a plate of food.

“Mr man, you are praying, pray for a sinner like me oh,” Fifi said with a rough voice beneath the mask on his face.

Fifi was about to lock the door when pastor D spoke, ” Philemon, I will pray for you. Your impotence will be gone.”

“Shut up! Who the hell are you?” Fifi yelled.

Pastor D got scared beside the bed, “Sorry sir, I thought you asked me to pray for you.”

“Who are you, how did you know my name?”

“Are you Philemon?” Pastor D said.

“Henn, hen, do you know me?” Fifi said calmly.

“I am sorry, no, no, sir,” Pastor D said as Fifi left.

When Fifi left pastor D, he was nervous, “How did he know my name? How? How did he know my issue?

He called the girl to bring her smoke. She came in bum shorts, looking attractive, Fifi saw her, then he remembered, ” It’s true, I am impotent
Only Kapo is servicing this girl, hmm, and we caught her together.”

In the room, Pastor D had changed his prayer, ” Oh Lord, scatter this place by fire and let me be delivered, Oh Lord, scatter them by fire.”

Fifi could not hold it, he went back to meet Pastor D, “Please pray for me.”

“I will pray for you, but you have to repent.” Pastor D said.

“See, Pastor, I am not ready to repent, but if you can heal me, I can think of repentance,” Fifi said.

Pastor D prayed.

Fifi: Is that all?

Pastor D: Yes. Are you married?

Fifi: Don’t worry Pastor.

Fifi went and called the girl to bring her smoke. As usual, she came in bum short, for the first time, Fifi felt fire in her body. It was so strong and he was feeling like he would run mad.

But, the girl belonged to Kapo and Kapo alone. No one could try sleeping with her.

Fifi collected the smoke and the girl left.

Fifi was in thoughts, he couldn’t hold it, though he was scared of Kapo.

He called the girl again and asked for a smoke. She came, as usual, sexy, in her bum short. This time, Fifi said wait, I need to tell you something….

While this was going on Pastor D was praying in the room

Fight against those who fight against me.
And stand up for my help.

Let those who seek after my life to put to shame.

Let the angel of the Lord chase those who have set to hurt me in the name of Jesus.

Join Pastor D in this prayer as we wait for the next episode.

Say your prayer!


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