Written By Tosin Ezekiel

Episode 15

Pastor D thought he had seen the devil when Nneka paid up someone to scatter their weeding, but the devil he saw on the crusade ground was greater.

Mrs Collins, his secretary, came out to share her testimony on the crusade ground where Pastor D would minister, instead of sharing testimony, she said Pastor D wanted to rape her the previous night.

She also brought an eyewitness. immediately Mrs Collins finished talking, she handed over the microphone to a witness she brought to confirm what she had said.

The lady witness took the microphone and shouted, “Hallelujah!”

Only a few people responded from the crusade, they were still perturbed.

The lady witness continued, “It is true, I met Pastor D yesterday trying to unwrap Mrs Collins in his office. I heard Mrs Collins begging but he would not agree until I entered. Brethren, we must be careful.”

The lady witness finished her talk and stretched the microphone to the next person on the testimony queue, the person refused to take it for fear. Mrs Collins and the lady witness walked back to take their seats in front of everyone.

Everywhere was quiet and all eyes turned to Pastor D.

Pastor D picked up his microphone, moved gently to the glass pulpit and said, “People of God, God is truly the God of holiness and not a liar as Mrs Collins said. I want to ask them to come to the front so I can apologize.”


The congregation upon hearing apologize went into an uproar, they thought Pastor D would debunk the accusation.

Mrs Collins herself was surprised, the way she was walking back to the podium showed she was surprised and fearful. Everyone was watching like a movie.

Mrs Collins stood in the front with the other lady witness.

Pastor D spoke, “Please, pick the microphone, ma, I have two questions to ask.

(Mrs Collins picked the microphone and there was murmuring in the congregation)

Pastor D sighted his wife, Ella, crying from afar, he continued talking, “All that you have said, have you told the truth, Mrs Collins?”

He said smiling. Mrs Collins took the Microphone and loudly shouted, “Yes!”


People shouted in surprise. But immediately Mrs Collins said Yes, and she started coughing. While people were mumbling, Mrs Collins was coughing so hard until bloód was coming out of mouth and nose.

She coughed so hard and the microphone fell from her hand and rolled down the steps of the platform.


The microphone fell.

The sound drew people’s attention and they saw how Mrs Collins was coughing. She fell down toe the microphones rolled down the steps too.

The lady witness started quivering when she saw what happened to Mrs Collins, she rushed forward and grabbed the microphone on the ground and shouted to it panting, “We were paid ooooo, they paid me to lie.”


The congregation shouted.

Mrs Collins couldn’t cough again, she was breathing once in a while like someone about you give up the ghost.

She had fallen off and rolled down the steps of the platform hitting her head, there was bloód all over her body. Some compassionate people rushed forward and carried her to the hospital. The other lady witness was kneeling begging for mercy.

Pastor D’s wife, Ella, who was at the front seeing everything started to feel the pain of child delivery, they carried her to the hospital as well. It was the same hospital as Mrs Collins.

Pastor D started preaching on repentance, he didn’t preach much when about eighty per cent of the crusade started weeping. When he gave an altar call, people who confessed Jesus as their Lord and Saviour were without number. There was never a crusade like this in history.

Pastor D prayed for the sick and many were healed. Immediately he was done praying, he rushed to the hospital to see his wife who was still in labour.

Ella was in the 16th month of her pregnancy, initially, the doctors said it was fibroid in her won’t and not a baby.

After much prayers, the doctors said a baby was there. The baby should be due for delivery in three months.

From that evening until the afternoon of the following day, which was the last day of the crusade, Ella could not be delivered of her baby. The doctors suggested Cesarean Section. Without wasting time, it was done towards the evening, but a deàd baby was brought out.


Ella was fine but her baby was deàd.

Pastor D was there when the operation was done and he saw the dead baby. He told them it was a lie that the baby would live.

He started praying while Ella was still sleeping. He prayed and prayed but the baby didn’t come alive.

The crusade had started and the crowd that gathered on the third day of the crusade was massive. It was testimony time and people rushed out to give testimonies. This time, they interviewed the people to give testimony before they were given the microphone.

Pastor D was still in the hospital holding the dead baby praying. Ella was still sleeping and would wake up soon as said by the doctors.

Pastor Johny called to let him know that they were waiting for him at the crusade.

Pastor D had not even had time to eat or shower since the previous day. He had sweated on his cloth badly. He asked Pastor Johnny to go to his house and bring him a cloth to wear for the crusade.

Pastor D prayed more on the dead child but it didn’t come back to life. He told the doctor to keep the child and do nothing to it.

He refused to let anybody know the child was dead and told the doctor the same. He also begged them not to let Ella know the child was dead.

He rushed out to the church. He met Pastor Johnny and without bathing, collected the cloth, changed and rushed to the pulpit to preach.

His mind was scattered but he preach a short message which drew thousands of people to receive Jesus.

He prayed for the sick and it was reported that virtually all the sick people on the crusade ground were held.

Some of the outstanding miracles was the Governor’s son being healed of paralysis.

The governor sent his son in a tinted glass car, the son was paralyzed and it was a shame. The boy was healed.

A woman also brought a sick baby, the baby dîed on the crusade ground but came back to life when Pastor D prayed.

Everyone was happy but Pastor D’s heart was heavy as he rushed back to the hospital. As he entered the hospital, he heard a noise, particularly, he heard his wife crying loudly from the ward.

He waited at the entrance, “Ahh, but I told the doctors not to let her know about the child…my child can’t be dead, no, we had waited for 16 months.”

Pastor D bowed his head as he moved in. One of the nurses saw him and rushed forward, “Sir you are here?”

“Yes, what happened?” Pastor D says trying to read the reaction on the nurse’s face, “Tell me what happened?”


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