Written By Tosin Ezekiel

Episode 14

Pastor D just got appointed as the senior pastor and it was his first day in office. Little did he know that enemies were waiting for him. As he entered the office, he saw a shadow monkey jumping around like on a banana plantation.

The shadow monkey finally sat on his chair. He spoke loudly, “I never knew this office was a banana plantation. I advise you to back out now or you will regret it.”

The monkey wagged its tail twice as if not scared by his warning. The office was dark as the electric globe just stopped, the only light was the UPS indicator’s light, it would have ordinarily scared Pastor D but he started laughing,

Ha ha ha
Ha ha ha
Ha ha ha

As if the laughter scared the monkey, it made an angry sound and vanished.

Pastor D was not afraid, he had seen battles, he had seen a lot in his family, and this had prepared him. In fact, he wouldn’t wait for the battle, he created one. As he prayed and sat down, he quickly called on Pastor Johny and other close pastors to his office. He shared with them and they began to pray with fasting.

It was hot!

They prayed for four days and on the fifth day, something happened…



Pastor D was lying on the floor in his office meditating before they would start their vigil, suddenly, the building started vibrating and something like a flashlight penetrated through the closed door of his office, there was calmness and goosebumps in his body.

The light was so bright that every other thing in the office couldn’t be seen, they all became white.

Pastor D stood to observe the light.

As he stood, he saw his body on the floor, what?

He was out of his body.

There were two Pastor Ds, one on the floor lying like a dead man and one standing.

He moved close to the door to see the source of the light.

As he moved, there was the fragrance of the rose flower in the room.

He was about to touch the light when the flashlight began rolling like a bolt in the ceiling, Pastor D turned to follow the light.

Suddenly, a hand tap him on his right shoulder from behind and said “Daniel!”

His name echoed like thunder and he was filled with joy that couldn’t be explained.

He looked to see who tapped him…

There was someone like a human being standing with a bright smile, his face as bright as the sun, Pastor D couldn’t gaze at it for long, but when he looked, the eyes were deep like the ocean. When he saw them, he felt loved.

The Man held Pastor D’s hand and they both walked to the church auditorium, stood on the pulpit and many things were explained.

At that instance, Pastor Johny came with other pastors for the vigil. When they saw Pastor D on the floor, they supposed he was praying.

The man showed Pastor D many hidden things, one of them was an association of ten witches in the church and how some of the men had joined fraternity council to become rich.

Pastor Johny and others prayed until Pastor D woke up from the vision and joined them. After the prayer, God directed them to hold a three-day crusade which they did without wasting time.



On the first day of the crusade, a crowd was gathered on the large church premises. As people were trooping in, a mad man passing mingled with them and entered the church premises.

The ushers didn’t notice him on time, he ran and was heading for the pulpit, the congregation was scattered as ushers rushed after him.

The mad man ran and grabbed Pastor Oguns (financial secretary) who was in the front, he shouted, “Stop stealing my money or I’ll deal with you.”

The ushers eventually got the mad man. He was struggling with them as he left pastor Oguns. Suddenly, he broke away from the ushers and rushed to grab Pastor D by his leg, Pastor D was scared but he didn’t want to run to save his face.

Surprisingly, the mad man didn’t hurt him, he simply knelt and said, “Pray for me.” All the people shouted but Pastor D didn’t know what to do.

He sluggishly stretched his right hand to the man without touching his dirty dreadlocks, he whispered, “The Lord will heal you.”


The mad man broke into tears, “What am I doing here? Why am I wearing rags? Where is my wife? Where are my children?” The man was restored to his right mind.

There was uproar for joy, people were crying for joy. They couldn’t even finish the crusade that night, it was dancing and celebration.

Some sick people were also reported to have been healed during the noise and celebration.


The following day of the crusade, the crowd that gathered was beyond imagining. Everywhere was filled up, even people from Pastor D’s former church came to see. On the fence of the church were people seated.

Ella was seated at the front.

Then they announced there would be sharing of testimonies. People trooped out to share testimonies, among them was Mrs Collins, the secretary in Pastor D’s office.

There were many testimonies shared before it was Mrs Collins’ turn. Mrs Collins was a close friend to Mrs Oguns.

Mrs Collins grabbed the microphone with agility and shouted, “Praise the Lord.

Congregation: Hallelujah!

She rolled on the ground seven times before she continued, “I want to thank God for rescuing yesterday. You all know I am the secretary in the pastor’s office. I want to thank God for delivering me from adultery. The first day our pastor, Pastor D came to office, he tried to seduce me but I said no that I was married.”

There was silence on the crusade ground except for the sound of the generator.

She continued, “But after the service yesterday, I went to deliver a letter in his office, that was how he grabbed me, people of God, Pastor D grabbed me and said we should do it and nobody would hear.”

People started murmuring.

She continued, “Brethren, he almost did it but God Almighty, God of holiness, God of no hypocrisy, God who knows those who are liars, He sent someone to come to Pastor’s office and that was it.”

Mrs Collins turned to the next person in the queue who was a stranger, she gave her the microphone to also confirm what she had said…

The congregation were confused, they kept staring at Pastor D. Some murmuring, other holding their heads with their hands.

Ella, who sat at the front with her 16-month pregnancy had a sharp pain in her body.

Pastor D sat, looking like a fool, he thought, “For every level, there’s a devil.”


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