The Hunted House : Episode 1 – 10

The Hunted House!

Written and composed by Excelrhymez
Aka Mummy E

Episode 7.

The sound of people discussing and laughing and making funny noises was just too much that Loveth could barely catch a sleep. At a time she wanted to go downstairs to confront them because it was becoming unbearable but then she was too tired and lazy to stand up. She tried covering her ears with a pillow but still she continued hearing the voices. She wondered why John and her cousin were awake at this time and what they were discussing.

She looked at Lilian and saw his she slept peacefully, she smiled to herself and then she turned and looked at the portrait on the wall. She felt the man on the portrait was angrily frowning his face at her, but she didnt take it to heart, she wasn’t so sure because she had not really taken the time to study the picture if it was like that or not.

When the noise won’t let her sleep she decided to read her bible, she picked it up the Bible and started reading it out loud. She was so engrossed in it that she didnt notice that the noise had stopped.

But when she finally did. She smiled to herself and thank God that the boys had finally slept off. Then she climbed on her bed and then she slept off.

Barely twenty minutes after she sleeps she jumped up from her sleep because she heard Lilian scream out in fear. She jumped up and held the little girl to herself.

Lilian was terrified as she pointed to the picture on the wall.

Loveth: baby! Baby! What is it?

Lilian: (sobbing) him, him, him

Loveth: Him?what is him? Who?

Lilian: (still pointing to the picture and sobbing). He was cayying me and when I yefuse to come, he was na dwagging my yeg! (Lilian began to cry again)

Loveth: (holding tightly to Lilian) ssshhhhhhh, baby, dont cry okay? Its just a picture it can’t drag your leg. You are just having a bad dream.

Lilian: no no no sister Yoveth, I didnt dream, the man came down from the pishure and dwag my yeg. I was not dreaming o. That man cab walk o.

Loveth looked at Lilian again before staring at the picture. She knew something was wrong. She had never seen baby act like this. She stood up and carried the picture then faced it down on the ground.

Loveth: Baby its okay. It won’t see you anymore. I want you to hold me and sleep in my hands okay?

Lilian: shita Yoveth dont sleep and yiv me o, dont yiv me in d yum o.

Loveth: no baby, I won’t leave you in the room. Sleep, I right here okay?

Lilian: yes!

It took some time but Lilian finally slept off. When she was fast asleep. Loveth dropped her gently on the bed and went over to the portrait, she carried the picture up and looked at it. She kept on staring at it for some time.

And suddenly she saw it. The man in the picture smiled. Loveth wasn’t sure if she saw right or not and so she continued looking until the man in the picture blinked his eyes and asked.

Picture: (shouting) Young girl what are you looking at?

Loveth: Jesus! (She threw the picture on the ground shattering it on the floor, she quickly ran to where Lilian was and carried her and ran out of the room)

Loveth ran straight to the parlour and it felt as if the picture was running after her. When she got to the sitting room she realized the picture was everywhere. She started screaming waking everyone in the house up. They all rushed to the sitting room.

Mr Ade: Loveth what is it? Are you okay?

John: Loveth why are you shouting?

Loveth: mom, dad, the picture is alive. The man in the picture is alive.

Mrs Ade: what do you mean by the man in the picture is alive.

Loveth: yes mom, it is. The man spoke to me.

They all looked at her as if she was mad. Mrs Ade even touched her in the neck to feel her temperature.

Mrs Ade: Are you sure you are alright?

Loveth: Mum please listen to me. Am telling you the truth. The picture is alive.

Mr Ade looked at his daughter and then hissed. He dismissed everyone to go to bed that Loveth was probably sick. All her efforts to convince them failed and so she watched as they all left her in the parlour. Mrs Ade carried Lilian from her and left her standing alone in the sitting room. When they’ve all left and Loveth was alone, she was terrified but quickly summoned up courage. She didnt go back to her room, but she stayed in the parlour speaking in other tongues.

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