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Iris drove recklessly on the road as tears rolled out of her eyes. How could Romina do that to her?

She trusted her, and she loved her but all she did was break her like everyone else. All her life she has been hurt, everyone who loved her ended up leaving her.

First, it was her dad, Neil, Elias, and now Romina. Why is her fate like that? What has she done wrong?

Life is so cruel towards her, she wiped her face briskly and pulled over, she had no idea she was being followed.

“What am I going to do?” She questioned herself as tears poured out of her eyes.

“Revenge, I am going to avenge myself,” she uttered coldly and ignited the car.

She drove at a higher speed, her tears stopped slowly as she gritted her teeth.

Romina who was following sighed tiredly as she struggled to keep her eyes open, tears were starting to blur her vision.

However, she doesn’t want to lose a friend and in other not to, she needs to keep going giving up is not a choice at the moment.

My life is a mess, a complete mess but it won’t be mine alone. I will drag everyone into the mud, we will all go through h’ll I promise.

You are all going to pay, you will all pay dearly.

While in Iris’s car, she muttered in rage, her heart was aching badly but she didn’t give a dmn.

She was going to make them feel twice about what she is going through, all those that hurt her will regret doing so.

They will plead for mercy at her feet, they will regret hurting her when they feel her wrath.

And she knows just where to make her dream come true, she smirked icily.

“Wait Iris, just a minute. Please listen,” Romina muttered as she tried to keep up with her (Iris) speed.

But, she can not. She needs to consider her child, as she wants to get rid of him or her she still needs to protect the baby in the meantime.

Iris pulled over in front of RGC, Romina was astonished as she pondered why Iris came to her company of all places.

Romina watched Iris walk into the company, she sat in her car contemplating following her.

She wants to explain things to her and doesn’t want Iris to hate her but that is the least of her problem now. She is interested in why Iris came to RGC.

Iris stormed into Neil’s office and met him scolding a guy, he seemed like he recorded some data wrong.

“You are fired!” He uttered with no remorse and the guy fell on his knees, with his palm glued together.

Neil motioned for him not to say a word and he stood up gently, he walked out of the office in tears.

Iris wanted to plead on his behalf but it was not her concern and the guy should learn to stand up for himself.

“What brings you here?” Neil asked as he sat on his swivel chair.

“I need your help,” she blurted.

While at the reception, Romina is begging the receptionist to let her through. Neil threatened to fire anyone who is helps Romina.

“Please,” Romina pleaded and the lady stared at her for a long time, she finally took a deep breath.

“Fine, but,” she paused and Romina waited patiently for her condition.

“You are going to face the consequences yourself if you are caught,” she stated harshly

“You have nothing to worry about,” Romina assured the lady and dashed to the elevator.

Back in the office, Iris was still explaining everything to Neil starting from when she first met Romina.

She pointed at the wristwatch gifted to her that she still wears, she took it off angrily and dropped it on the table.

“It is fine, I will help you just tell me what you want,” Neil said and she wiped her tears.

“Revenge, I want to make her cry. I want her heart to bleed and for her to plead for mercy but none will be shown to her,” she blurted Icily and Neil smirked in satisfaction

“You already got half of your revenge you know, you had a role to play in her miserable life at the moment,” Neil blurted.

Iris stared at him as she tried to recall if she has hurt Romina but she can’t remember plotting against her let alone Implementing it.

“You don’t remember, do you?” He asked and Iris rolled her eyes. Isn’t it obvious she doesn’t?

“The couple in a car accident, the one the twins begged you to save, those two are Romina’s parents,” he dropped the bombshell and Iris’s eyes widened.

She felt guilt and joy at the same time, she regretted everything she did in the past. She bowed her head in guilt but she raised it immediately she remembered Elias cheated on her with Romina.

“They are dead, aren’t they?” She asked. “Her father is but her pathetic mother is still alive,” he replied.

“That is not enough, that happened a long time ago and she probably doesn’t feel the pain anymore. I want to inflict a fresh wound on her heart, I still want to hurt her,” she stated with her eyes filled with tears and her voice laced with anger.

The door was opened and Romina was revealed, Iris stood up angrily while Neil smirked.

He has not seen her since she left the mansion, and he loved the miserable look on her.

“What are you doing here?” Iris questioned angrily.

Romina scoffed and wiped her tears, she wanted to scream but her voice came out softly. “And here I thought I was the bçh,” she started

“I thought I was wrong for hurting you, it hunts me night and day when I think about my decision. I wanted to explain things to you, I valued our friendship….”

“Spare me the fake love!” Iris rolled her eyes.

“Shut your mouth!” Romina retorted and she flinched, even Neil was taken aback.

“How dare you speak when you are a murderer, how dare you get mad at others when you should be stoned to de.ath!” Romina retorted and everywhere was silent.

Neil’s jaw dropped while Iris kept swallowing nothing.

“You are both d’vils, and guess what we are in this h’ll together. Let’s see who is gonna get burned!” She growled and walked out of the room.

“Was that Romina?” Neil wondered as he watched the door close loudly due to the force Romina dropped it.

Romina’s wrist was held before she could step into the elevator, she turned around reluctantly falling into the fellow’s arm.

She pushed him away in rage and Steve staggered a little, she raised her head angrily to find surprised Neil staring at her.

“Romina,” he called. “I… I am sorry,” she stuttered and brushed her hair backward.

“What is wrong? Why are you in the company?” He asked and she glared harshly at him.

“Why am I in the company?” She scoffed and bit her lips to prevent herself from crying.

“This is my parent’s company, my company and none of you,” she pointed at the air and then Steve.

“Has the right to question or stop me! You id!ots!” She cursed and pressed the elevator door angrily.

Steve has never seen her that angry, he wanted to follow her as she stepped into the elevator but he thought it won’t be nice.

Romina didn’t stop glaring at him as the door closed, Steve roughed his hair as he stared at the closed door.

“What is going on Romina?” He wondered as he stared at the closed door.



Elias paced around the living room, thank goodness the twins were not back yet.

He thought Iris went to her house so he followed them but Nora told him Iris has not returned from his house.

“Where on earth are you Romina?” He asked as he stared into space, a few minutes later he heard a car zoom into the compound.

He dashed outside and his heart leaped in him as he saw Romina step out of the car.

“Thank God you are okay,” he said as he hugged her.

“Elias,” she mumbled. “Yes,” he answered.

“Can we go inside, I feel tired,” she said and he let go of her.

Romina sat on the couch with lots of thoughts flooding her mind, she looked calm but her heart was aching.

“What happened?” Elias asked.

If not for Iris’s cruel decision, my parents would be fine. If only she had saved them, my life won’t be like this,” she stated bitterly.

“Iris?” He asked. “Turns out my parents survived the accident, all they needed was a little help but Iris didn’t….”

“It’s fine,” Elias hushed and hugged her to himself.

A few minutes later, Elias asked, “Have you decided?”

“Yeah,” she replied.

“I am keeping the baby,” she replied and Elias’s lips dilated with a smile.





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