Georgia was still in a daze and didn’t notice that Dylan had walked past her and into the house fully.

When he leaned down earlier to whisper those words to her, she could have sworn her heart leaped out of her chest due to nervousness.

His manly scent wafted into her nose and she didn’t know why her mind wandered off to the night they had sex.

Coming back to her senses she realized that Dylan wasn’t in front of her anymore but was inside rather.

She wanted to scream out of frustration.

“Hey I didn’t say you could come in!
She shouted after him but Dylan was already visible to Old Gerald who was currently scooping in a spoon filled with soup in his mouth.

Seeing Dylan strode straight to the dinning room as if he owned the house already with a bottle of champagne in his hand, Old Gerald sighed inwardly with raised brows.

Georgia followed not too long with a darkened face that got him smiling discreetly.

‘It seems my granddaughter is already giving him a tough time?
Old Gerald thought to himself.

“Good evening Sir, thanks for inviting me to your home for dinner”

Dylan acknowledged that got Old Gerald raising his brows in amusement.

Dylan made it sound as if he was invited on his own accord!

The man was sure cunning!

“for someone who got invited, you sure made it earlier than expected”

Old Gerald Said, the words sounded friendly but someone who was observant enough would notice there was an underlying meaning in them.

Dylan narrowed his eyes a little bit but chose to ignore the old man who somehow seem to have a problem with him, not that it mattered to him anyways, he was someone who would make sure to get what he wants.

Georgia felt confused seeing their interaction, she didn’t understand

why would her Grandpa invite Dylan to the house and not for business related things but for dinner!

Dinner for the love of mankind!!

“Grandpa! Georgia mumbled grudgingly enough for the men to hear.

“I invited him child, come let’s eat”
Old Gerald coerced Georgia who was obviously not in a good mood.

Georgia couldn’t abandon the food because of Dylan, after all it was her hard work and why should she starve herself just because he’s in the house?

Well, I just have to ignore him and behave as if I’m having dinner with just grandpa present’

Georgia thought as she drew out a seat for herself.

Dinner started to be silent but not awkward, Georgia kept placing deboned fish on Old Gerald’s plate once in a while totally ignoring the man who sat opposite her.

Old Gerald noticed how Dylan kept staring at his place and at Georgia like a wronged child who was expecting a gift from his mom.

Old Gerald sighed inwardly, Dylan was already a goner, he could see it in his eyes, that look which tells he had completely fallen.

After all, he had felt that same way when he was trying to win his wife over then.

Thinking about this, old Gerald got a little uneasy in his heart, if people finds out about Dylan taking a liken to his granddaughter, it would constantly put her in danger.

Dylan was nearly untouchable, infact he was undefeatable, he is known as a man without a heart and if people get to discover his weakness, they would do anything to bring him down which would bring Georgia to harm’s way.


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