After all he heard from his assistant, Clifford about Georgia being carried out from Ariana’s birthday party by Dylan and the scandal which was being taken down all of a sudden.

He knew it was Dylan’s doing but what he doesn’t understand was what he really wants from his precious grandchild.

He had turned a blind eye once to Georgia’s relationship with that bastard of the Davidson family who made his grandchild miserable at the end and the guilt of not doing anything to stop it was eating him up.

He wasn’t going to let her get hurt this time again, her tears are so precious and he would hunt whosever makes her cry to the depths of hell no matter who it was.

“Don’t mess with me youngman! You better tell me your motive!
Old Gerald scolded

“Georgia, my motive is to win Georgia over”
Came Dylan’s unwavering voice.

Old Sterling smiled when he heard Dylan.

Had it been that Dylan lied about his motive, he would have lost his chance, but he have known Dylan was a man who never hides his motive, that was how he was able to succeed in the business world that is filled with manipulations and deceit.

Men who would do anything to get a business trophy but Dylan was different.

“As much as I wouldn’t like to share my favourite meal specially prepared by my granddaughter, I would want to witness the great Dylan try to win my granddaughter over”

Old Sterling smiled mockingly
come to think of it, how the hell did he know Georgia was to make dinner here tonight?
This Man!

“Thank you”
Dylan said and the phone got disconnected before he could even end the call.

He sighed as he shook his head
Old Gerald was his woman’s Grandpa and be treats her well so he wouldn’t take anything he does to mind.

As all these went on, Georgia was innocently making dinner in the kitchen totally unaware of how that night would go.

“Why are you two here? Leave this instant I don’t want to see you and I believe Louise wouldn’t want to see you either!
Velvet boomed

She was on her way to get fruits for her sister when she met the useless son of a bch accompanied by her sister’s godforsaken best friend outside her sister’s ward.

Right now, Velvet didn’t care if Reed or Clara were way more older than she was.

They were two bunch of traitors, they really deserved each other!

Anybody who hurts her sister doesn’t deserve a single mossle of her respect!

“I need to talk to her Velvet, you need to stay out of this, this is about adults”
Clara said sternly


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