Marry Me”

Georgia stood dumbfounded, it was as if everyother sound around her was filtered out leaving only the echos of Dylan’s words in her head.

Georgia gazed intently at his dark eyes trying to figure out a hint of sarcasm in it but Dylan was looking at her with every ounce of seriousness.

He didn’t give any emotion away, whether he was serious or joking, it was unknown.

For a moment Georgia felt her heart strings being pulled mercilessly

“please don’t mock me Mr Donovan”
She managed to say, as she looked away from him

Somehow deep down she was feeling hurt that he was teasing her that way because she knew there was no way someone like Dylan would spare someone like her a glance.

Her fiancee didn’t even want her. Her life was so pathetic.

Georgia shuddered when she felt Dylan’s long fingers brush her cheeks as he tucked back some strands of her baby hairs that had gotten loose due to the wind.

“Is that a yes? Dylan asked.

Honestly, he didn’t plan on asking her to marry him at first but seeing her anytime makes him feel like he was walking on a hot coal, she does something to him that even him can’t explain. He said those words without even realizing it.

She was like a butterfly, and all he wanted was just to clip it’s wings and make her his.

Though she and her fiancee wasn’t together anymore, he didn’t fail to notice how Raymond looked at her as if she was a meat to be gobbled up.

Dylan felt like gauging Raymond’s eyes earlier.
He was even more frustrated that the little women in front of him was oblivious to the effect she had on men.

“I don’t know what you take me for but I would appreciate if you stop joking with me and stay away from me, good bye Mr Donovan”

Georgia uttered coldly and left Dylan whose eyes darkened at her retreating figure as a plan came to his mind making him smile.

In the car to the Geralds family house, Georgia was completely unaware of her surroundings due to the deep thought she was in.

who does he think he is to joke about something as sacred as marriage?

oh maybe he sees her as a cheap woman who had a one night stand with him!

Who in the world proposes without a ring?!
Georgia thought bitterly
She would really applaud Dylan’s acting

When he asked her to marry him earlier, she nearly fell for it.

As much as she would want to deny it but the walls she had built around her heart was gradually crumbling down by his emotional attack.



“I’m home Grandpa!
Georgia called out when she got inside.

She saw a cup of cappuccino half finished on the dinning table and she smiled

Her Grandpa can never stay a day without his favorite coffee.

The house cook, Aunt Felicia came out from the kitchen when she heard the familiar voice
Her hands were wet as she was currently washing the dishes

Aunt Felicia smiled widely when she saw it was Old Gerald’s granddaughter.

“Georgia?” Aunt Felicia said as she wiped her wet hands on the apron tied around her waist

“Oh Aunt Felicia! Good evening”
Georgia greeted politely and happily.

There were few people who were kind enough to love her dearly and couldn’t bear to see her being bullied and Aunt Felicia was one of them.

“You’ve grown into a fine woman, so beautiful just like your mom”
Aunt Felicia uttered her eyes a little bit reddened


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