Pushing the door open, Ryan strode into the ward, casually dropping himself on the sofa there.
It was a VIP Ward.

Ryan brought out his phone and started gaming, totally ignoring the person on the bed who was looking at him with a disbelief expression on her face.

“Aren’t you here to see me?
Violet asked

“I’m talking to you Ryan! don’t just treat me like air!
Violet got agitated when Ryan still ignored her!

Sighing, Ryan looked up from his phone and to the girl half lying on the bed with displeasure written all over his face.

“What’s your motive? Ryan threw the question at her

“I don’t understand, what do you mean, what’s my motive?
Violet asked looking confused but wasn’t really meeting his eyes.

Ryan chuckled
Directing a cold gaze at her
“I made it clear to you, I don’t intend on dating, I just have the fun for the moment and that’s it but you didn’t listen right?

Violet shuddered, she was afraid of Ryan’s sudden change in demure
The guy was a playboy who always have this gentle look on his face and is always smiling but this moment he looked dangerously cold.

“I-I I know but look Ryan I’m in love with you, why don’t you give us a chance and maybe we could work?
Violet suggested

She met Ryan in a Club and though it was her first time, she gladly gave him herself, it wasn’t that she wouldn’t have done it with another man sooner or later
it was just that Ryan was the perfect guy, rich, handsome, hot.

Of course Ryan made it clear to her what she’s getting into and she accepted without hesitation, thinking that after they have sx, he would kind of find her special and change his mind but she was wrong!

Ryan was a damn playboy without a heart and wouldn’t find anyone special.

She purposely hurt herself and managed to contact him with so much sweat and connections and threatened him to come visit her in the hospital or else she would make a public statement, telling the whole world that she was a victim of Ryan Donovan.

She knew Ryan wouldn’t jeopardize the Donovan’s reputation and would come to find her.

“Trust me, you’re going to suffer if we date, so I’m actually doing you a favour of avoiding a future heartbreak”
Ryan said

Violet shook her head
“I don’t care, I want you Ryan, and you must accept or else I’m really going to do what I said” She insisted and got shocked when Ryan’s face clouded with a frown and he stood up walking towards her.

“Who do you think you are to threaten me? Ryan asked coldly
“Do anything stupid and I’ll make sure you find yourself in a place where you’d suffer for the rest of your life! and trust me, I’m not bluffing”

Violet shuddered in fear as she watched Ryan walk out of the ward without giving her another glance.

Walking through the hallway, Ryan suddenly halted when he came across a ward, looking through the door whose upper part was transparent from where he stood, he saw the girl he helped earlier and another girl younger than she was,

He watched as the girl smiled at what the other one said
Realizing he was staring awkwardly, Ryan shook his head and moved away from the spot

A text message pop up on his phone’s notification bar, tapping on it, he saw it was from Leah

Hamster: Hey bro I’m back!

He quickly typed a reply

Game Freak: I didn’t miss you.

He chuckled when, Leah replied with an angry Emoji

Ryan decided not to reply as he put back his phone in his pocket and entered his car.


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