Georgia felt emotional especially when her mom was mentioned but she put her emotions in check as soon as possible.

“Thanks Aunt, I’ve missed you a lot, how have you been?

“I’m very well thank you, wow what is it you have here?
Aunt Felicia asked referring to the bags Georgia was holding in both her hands.

“Oh, this? food stuffs, I want to make grandpa’s favorite”
Georgia grinned.
“Where is he?
she asked

“Old Gerald is taking a nap Georgia, should I go tell him you’re here?

“oh no no no, let him rest, I’ll just go to the kitchen and make dinner”
Georgia dismissed politely

“Oh, should I help you then? you must be tired too, why not I make dinner?
Aunt Felicia suggested and Georgia smiled.

Aunt Felicia has always been a caring and loving person.
Even though she was in her late fifties, she was still up and doing.

“No don’t worry, I’ll be fine”
Georgia said as she took the path to the kitchen

“Besides I promised grandpa I’ll be making his favorite”
She continued
“You must rest Aunt, you look tired”

“You’re so kind Georgia, alright if you insist, I’ll go to my room then”
Aunt Felicia informed and with a smile she left.

The old Gerald who was allegedly told to be sleeping was currently on a phone call in his room.

“And to what do I owe this call?
Old Gerald’s voice rang out.
He was actually surprised when the unknown number popped up but hearing the voice of the caller and his identity, he must say, he was bewildered.

As far as he could recall, there wasn’t any business between him and the caller.

“Would you mind I come over to your place for dinner Sir?

Old Gerald almost choked on his saliva when he heard the request.

“And why is that young man, has the almighty Dylan gone broke that he can’t even afford a dinner?
Old Gerald mocked.

Though the legendary Dylan was a man everyone was afraid of but that doesn’t apply to him.

The old man was a tough man that was as fearless as anything.
No normal person would be able to talk to Dylan like that.

on the other end, Dylan smiled
He could see now where his little woman got her boldness from.

“I’ll hung up if you don’t tell me the reason why you called”
Old Gerald threatened.

“I just want to have dinner, is the legendary Old Gerald so heartless that he wouldn’t even spare a dinner?
Dylan mocked back but in a teasing manner.

Old Gerald already had a faint idea of what Dylan called to have dinner.


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