Velvet scoffed as if she had just heard a hilarious joke
“Ha! if being an adult turns out like you two then I’m better off being a child!
She spat hatefully.

Reed just kept quiet looking at Louise’s ward.

Louise who heard the little commotion outside, panicked as she painstakingly grabbed the clutches near her bed and limp walked out of the ward.

Her heart froze when she saw the two people who broke her heart to pieces and served it back to her on a platter.

Reed stared at her, his emotions unreadable.

Velvet who noticed her sister had walked out panicked and she ran over to her
“You shouldn’t have come out sis, what if you fell?

“Louise look I’m here to apologize, it wasn’t intentional but somehow we got drunk and had sx with each other”
Clara shamelessly revealed.

Louise stared at Clara who up untill the day Reed told her about him and clara being together had been her best friend.

“So because of this you decided to marry?
Louise asked Reed instead, somehow she was calm.

Reed wasn’t able to meet her judgement filled eyes.
Clara seeing this almost rolled her eyes
“That’s because I’m pregnant”

Louise staggered backwards and Velvet held her worriedly
She felt like sI.apping the both of them hard.

“if you two are here to ask for my blessings then you have nothing to worry about, I hope you two have a happy married life”

Louise uttered and was about turning around to go back to her ward when she felt Reed hold her hand

Clara saw this and frowned
“Well darling, I’ll wait in the car, when you make sure she’s okay, meet me there”
She said as she kissed Reed on his lips
Smirking at Louise, she left.

“Velvet please go ahead, you wanted to get me some fruits right?

“Yes but”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine”
Louise assured.
when Velvet hesitantly left, Reed suddenly hugged Louise.

With shock and repulsion, Louise mustered strength and pushed him off her which made her nearly fall but luckily she didn’t.

“Yu better leave Reed”
She said coldly.

“Louise I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean for this to happen, I love you but”

“But Clara is pregnant, right? it’s fine, I don’t care about you anymore so you don’t have to feel guilty about it”

Louise said thinking how she managed to say so much without breaking down entirely but she didn’t want to seem weak in Reed’s presence.

“Louise you don’t have to pretend you don’t love me, I know you do!”
Reed said in frustration

“So what if I still love you? will you cancel the wedding if I say so?

Louise asked and expected Reed looked away from her eyes giving her the answer.

Louise smiled mockingly

“Look, I-I Know you’re disappointed but I promise you I’ll figure it out, we can still get married after I marry her”
Reed said and Louise almost sI.apped sense into him.

Reed was so shameless! So she would automatically become his Mistress?

“You know what Reed? you’re hopeless, I regret falling for someone like you, get out of my sight, your fiancee would be worried”
Louise uttered coldly without a trace of warmth

Reed hesitantly left the hospital.

Immediately he was out of sight, Louise broke down entirely as she cried her eyes out.


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