As Georgia kept on placing fish on his plate which she had carefully deprived of any bone, old Gerald who couldn’t take it anymore, said

“Umm child, why don’t you help Mr Donovan with his fish too?

Dylan who heard this perked up his ears, his face suddenly brightening as he anticipated Georgia’s action

For once the old man had finally said something reasonable
Dylan’s action got old Gerald shaking his head

The man was already hopeless’
He didn’t know he looked like a lovestruck fool at the moment.

Old Gerald wondered how his granddaughter trapped someone like Dylan.

Dylan was like a fiery fire that would consume anything in its way while Georgia was like a fluffy little lamb.

The difference was striking.

A look of surprise flashed on Georgia’s lovable eyes as to what old Gerald said, looking over to Dylan, she saw him raise his brows at her delay, a small smile grazing his lips.

Peeking at old Gerald to see him so concentrated on his plate as if it was the most interesting thing in the world

Georgia sighed and picked up a fish neatly, professionally deboning it so that it doesn’t look disgusting.

She carefully placed it on Dylan’s plate to see the man grin as he gave it a little cut with his fork to lift his hand directing the fork to his mouth.

Georgia rolled her eyes at the action but froze when she watched as a little stream of soup escaped from Dylan’s side lips and he wiped it with his thumb only to suck it back with his mouth.

All these he did without breaking eye contact with her.

Georgia felt her heart leap and heat began creeping up to her cheeks.

He looked nothing less than a hot Adonis at the moment.

She only realized she was staring at his lips heatedly when he smirked at her.

She blushed and immediately looked away from him, her heart hammering in her chest.

He definitely did that on purpose! pervert!

Georgia cursed within herself but a mini version of her raised her brows at her thoughts as if saying
‘Seriously? You’re the bigger pervert for staring at his lips’

Georgia was relieved to realize that Old Gerald wasn’t paying attention

Little did she know Old Gerald witnessed everything.

Old Gerald glared at Dylan without Georgia realizing it while Dylan smiled at Old Gerald proudly.

This punk has some tricks under his sleeve!
Old Gerald thought.

After the dinner, Georgia was about standing up when they heard something shattering, looking at the direction.

it was Aunt Felicia, She had somehow knocked a vase over, she moped at the man with cold features sitting in the dinning room.

Is-is that really Dylan Donovan she was seeing?
Dylan Donovan is in the house?

She haven’t seen the legendary Dylan who was even more popular than people in the entertainment industries this close untill now!

Georgia seeing this, rushed over to her in panic, thinking she was hurt

“Aunt are you alright?
Georgia asked checking her out of any possible injury.

Coming to her senses, Aunt Felicia shook her head, embarrassed at her actions

“No I’m fine, I’m sorry, I’ll clean the mess”

“Don’t worry aunt, I’ll do it” Georgia refused

Dylan walked over to them, bowing slightly, he gave Aunt Felicia a smile that nearly made the woman have a heart attack.

“Hello Aunt, I’m Dylan Donovan, hope you weren’t hurt?

Dylan asked in concern and respect
Anybody who Georgia is fond of deserves his respect and time and he could see the woman was one of them.

“Ah? oh no, I’m okay thank you, Mr D-Dylan”
Aunt Felicia stammered and Georgia nearly burst out in laughter.

Ah so even Aunt Felicia wasn’t spared from Dylan’s handsomeness.

She was sure every woman in the city and beyond would do anything just to spend time with him and that got her wondering what exactly he sees in her.

Old Gerald called Aunt Felicia over, while asking Georgia to send Dylan off as he was about leaving.

He wouldn’t deny that he preferred Dylan for his precious granddaughter, Dylan is smart, influential, wealthy and capable enough to take care of her and to top it all, he could see he really loves her.




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