CRUSHING ON YOU : Chapter 31 – 40

Authoress Berry Julie📝

Chapter 36.🍂

I watched as one of my guards took the dead body away after examination

I riffled my hair angrily and sat down on the couch gulping down the whiskey beside me

“This isn’t what I asked him to do!!” I suddenly yelled and all the guards turned to me

“Sir I think…..”

“You dare not speak when am still talking!” I yelled at him and he went shut immediately

“Simple assignment and he failed it!” I hit my palm on the couch and angrily walked into my room

I just needed someone from his house who could give me informations about him each day and seeing that pretty girl alone makes me want her for the job

But things didn’t go and planned! Well am not given up yet

I will make sure he go down! He insulted me and still walks with pride ! His twin brother will also feel what I felt

And so is his sister, everyone special to him
I will make sure he feels what I once felt

I smirked devilishly, well little lamb get well soon cause you must walk for me


The lights went on immediately making me to use my palm to cover my eyes

G©sh! My body itches a lot….and my head it feels like I was loaded with thousand of big stuffs

Upmh!! I winced after trying to sit up and can’t

“Hey! Easy easy” a voice said and I looked up to see a man dressed on a doctor’s wear

Wait, am I in the hospital? I tried recalling how I ended up here but It was adding to my headache

“You’re hurting yourself” he said to me then pull out a chair beside me which I never noticed

“Why am I here? Why am I in the hospital?” I asked nervously

“Well miss, you got admitted yesterday afternoon, they find you laying unconsciously In the school rest room with blood trills..can you at least tell me what happened?”He stops and stared at me

“For investigation” he added

I remembered…..the guy in hoodie..Tracy pouring me ice creams and then standing in the restroom with an unknown man

“Did you remember anything at all?” He startled me

I stared at him for a while then shakes my head negatively

“No, I can’t remember a thing” I lied and he gave me a quick smile

“Okay then, get some more rest if you wish to'” with that he walks out leaving me lost in thoughts

The question is who is the hoodie guy who acts all suspicious? And what could have Noah taken from the latter?

Then why did they want me….??


I turned to the other side of the bed yawning, I felt more stronger and better

“She’s awake” a nurse beside me informed the doctor who was diagnosing a injection

“It should be easier now” the female doctor said and stylishly walked to me

“Hey, how you feeling?” she touches my forehead

“Much better” I snapped and face the other wall

“I need to go home” I muttered to their hearing

“We know but first you need to see this” he handed me a file containing a drawing of a heart but well I’m not a doctor so I understand just nothing

“What does it mean”? I asked

“Do you realize you have heart disease?” She asked and I sighed

“I know” I muttered

“Really, you know you’re lucky to be still alive but really you need to undergo a surgery, your heart needs to be replaced” she explained

“Apart from me, who else do you show this?” I asked facing her like a flash

“Well nobody, I damned it fit to inform you yet so….”

“Much better, keep it like that…no one else must hear or see this okay? I will go for the surgery when I gather enough money” I snapped


“Please doctor I really need some rest can you allow that?” I asked

“Okay but you have visitors”

“Suspend them, I need to think” I snapped again

“Really!!! Sofia and Linda barged in

“Hey!! I suddenly screamed

“Did you hear anything? I asked staring at them

“We’ll excuse you all now” the doctor waves at the nurse and they both walked out shutting the door

I turned to Sofia and Linda who were staring blankly at Me

“Did you hear anything?”I asked again

“Well……..” Linda stops

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