CRUSHING ON YOU : Chapter 31 – 40

Authoress Berry Julie📝

Chapter 37.🍂

“Aunt come and see my painting!” Samar yelled rushing into my room

I stretched myself and then turned to him patting his head

“What did you draw This time my boy” I smiled at him as he handed me a paper

I stared at it and it was a painting of a smiling man , but he look familiar to me

“Who’s he?” I took my eyes off the paper

“My daddy!” His voice was down

“Uh uh, but….I thought you said you don’t know him?”

“Yes, I don’t know what he look like expect on pictures, I picked one of the picture we generally took together when I was two months old, I found the picture in mum’s drawer” he explained

“Oh!” I mouthed and stared at the drawing

“Can I see the picture?” I asked him and he nodded dipping his hand inside his pocket he brought out a picture and handed it to me

Amily,him..probably two months old him like he said, his mum…and then his dad”

Wait….is this not Tracy’s daddy?

I stared at the picture for a while, the face looks so familiar, like I have seen the man countless times

“Do you know him aunt?” Samar’s voice brought me back to reality

“Mmm no! No I don’t know him” I laughed nervously and handed him back the picture

“you draw so good”

“Thanks aunt” he smiled and hurriedly ran out of my room

I shut the door and led on it,, am sure….that man in the picture is Tracy’s dad

Okay it’s crazy” I laughed

Maybe they just looks the same or maybe…..maybe

The ringing of my phone jerked me up and I hurriedly grab it from the bed

“Hello daddy?” I said

“I want you in the family house, alongside with your two brothers in the next one hour”

“okay sir!” I ended the call and ran my finger through my hair

Seems like dad have some contract, gosh am so tired!


I held my jaw as the security’s operate on the CCTV camera

Am getting tired and yet he haven’t find any useful thing

“Stop!” I suddenly said and he obeyed

The CCTV captured everything that happened in the ladies toilet except the face of the guy

What’s the name of the girl again?! Gosh she’s just a torn on my flesh really

“Who…who ar…are you? This is ladies restroom and you’re not supposed to be here!” her voice came up

“forgive my manners but you see my boss sent me to you” the guy said and took off his glasses

“Who’s your boss?” Her voice came up again

“Well you won’t like to meet him but I will just tell you why he sent me”

“Mmmm” she hummed

“Actually…..he said Noah your boss took something from him and he want you to help get it back”


“He wants you to work for him until he regain what is his……he’s paying you triple of your pay here”

She suddenly laughs

“Go tell your boss he’s a coward, if he need anything let him get it himself” she yells

“And if he sent you to visit me in a ladies restroom then he’s much more of a coward”

“You!!” The guy slapped her cheeks

“What sort of guy hits a lady?” The security guard muttered

“No one speaks to the boss that way!” With that he kicked her stomach

she spat out blood immediately

“Fuck you!! Let go of me!” she yelled

“Seems like you want it the hard way little lamb” and with that he dragged her up and smash her head on the mirror

The mirror broke and she fall on the floor gasping for breath

“Let go of me!!”

“All I need is for you to accept the job”

“I can nev…….”

“Stop stop stop!” I hit my hand on the desk

“Sorry sir” the guard says and I sighed

“She’s really brave but what can this help? The man’s face wasn’t even captured” I yelled

“Sorry sir but…but do you in any way collect something from someone forcefully?” The police man beside me asked

“Excuse you? Are you trying to accuse me now?”

“No sir….it’s just that….”

“Cut the trap and get out of my sight or I will have you lose your job”

“pardon sir” with that he walks out

“Delete the record” I told the guard and walked out of the room, my guards walking behind me

Without being told I already know who sent the guy, the tattoo on his hand explained it all

“Marshall! That ungrateful bastard!” I muttered

The guard opened the car door for me but as I was about to enter my phone rang

“Hey kid sister”

“Brother dad want us in the family house in the next 55 minutes, inform Kelvin he must not be late” she says

“Argh! Do you have any idea why?”

“No, he didnt talk about it” she replied and I sighed

“see ya there”

“I love you!” She disconnected the call and I sighed

“Connect to my brother, tell him to be in the family house in the next 54 minutes” I told one of my guard

“Yes sir”

“Eric, drive me to the family house then go pick ….. Amily from the hospital” I stammered the last part

“OK sir!”


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