Written by Authoress Angel

Episode 41


Writer Pov

The entire atmosphere felt so different,the premises was oddly quiet.

The day before had been filled with expectations.
News went wild that Ryan and Diana would be getting expelled and it would finally be confirmed false or true today.

Diana’s dorm room wasn’t left out.
The girls hoped for a miracle and as early as 8am, their tension increased when Diana was sent for by the school court at the board room.



???? Diana Pov ????

“Could it be your parents are here?” Delia asked and I sighed pulling on my black flats then stood up staring at my reflection then packed items.

“I wish a miracle would happen, anything that would hopefully prove you innocent.” Denise hoped and I only let out a scoff.

“Nothing could obviously save me now. It’s over.” I stated and headed out alone.
I would earlier told them I needed no company to the board room which is located in the same building as the court.

After a long pain filled walk, I finally got to the board room and knocked softly before walking in to meet my Mum saying something.

“…you people need to cross check again. My daughter isn’t capable of what you all are accusing her of.” My mum defended and soon all eyes darted to me and Mum rushed to encase me in a hug.

“My baby..” she cooed as I hugged her too.

“They are wrong. I know you are innocent my child.” Mum sighed and kssed both of my cheek before leading me to sit by her and opposite Ryan who was next to a couple whom are obviously his parents.

“Listen, my son can never stoop so low to make out in such a place and even if he ever did, then he must have been seduced.” The lady next to Ryan said.

“Oh please! What do you mean!? My daughter is not do cheap I tell you all.” Mom defended as I held her hands.

My father sighed and faced the board members at the top of the table.

“Everything needs to be properly checked again. My Diana here is filled with great respect and definitely can’t do what so ever she is been accused of.” Dad spoke up and I sighed bitterly.

“The evidence is obvious.” A man spoke up from the teachers when the door suddenly flew open and we all faced the direction to see Corriene who walked in with a student and the janitor of Grade 11 A building.

I let out a gasp standing up.
“You!? You are the same student who came to me last night.” I spoke up pointing at the boy.

“And I believe they both have something to say.” Corriene added and we all faced them.
“… I didn’t mean to create a big mess as it was a great coincidence. I was dared by my friends to deliver a prank message to Diana else my lunch for the week would be gone so I did it. I didn’t want to cause such trouble and never led her to the janitor closet.” The student explained.

Oh heavens!

The janitor explained that the items found were used by him and his lover who is also a janitor there in there that closet an hour after the party began and forgot to dispose it.

CCTV clips of that night confirmed everything and I let out a relieved sigh at the same time with Ryan.

The teachers realized their errors and rendered an apology to us and our parents then suspended the student for two weeks and fired the janitor.


“I could sue you all for such a dirty false scandal against my son. If not for the good relationship I have with the principal.” Ryan father stated angrily.

“Tho the expulsion has been withdrawn, I definitely can’t let my daughter spend another day in this school. Her image has already been tampered with.” My Mum stated and Ryan’s Mum agreed with her.

“Please, you should forgive us. If that happens,we might lose our jobs.” The lady who had earlier given me a verdict pleaded and I scoffed inwardly.

“The only solution is to apologize to our kids before we leave in the presence of the entire school.” Ryan’s Mum conditioned as she and my Mom exchanged warm grateful smiles
The teachers had agreed and an urgent meeting was placed amongst the students to assemble at the hall.

In no time, I and Ryan together with the teachers were standing before our parents and the entire school and an individual apology was rendered after clearing our names by telling the students what really happened.

At the end of it all, everyone’s view of I and Ryan had changed drastically for the better.

I was with my parents close to the car park where they spoke to me tenderly.

“I trust you so much Diana. You are my princess and I hate seeing you hurt. Am glad everything is back to normal.” Dad said stroking my hair.

“Mrs Arlo?” We all turned to see Ryan and his parents.
His Mum had called out to my Mum then hugged her to my surprise.

“Am so glad you stood by your daughter alot and you trust her. Maybe if my silly son didn’t go after her,all these would happen.” Mrs Kai said and glared at Ryan playfully and Mum smiled.

Tho our Mothers seem to bond for a while,our fathers sat in their various cars.

Ryan’s parents had come with six cars,two automobiles and numerous escorts.
They are really super rich.

Our parents soon departed asking us to stay good and safe.

I heaved relieved and turned to leave when Ryan called out to me.

I stopped walking and turned to face him.

“Am sorry.” He apologized and I furrowed my brows.

“Why?” I asked and he sighed.

“If I hadn’t followed you,all these wouldn’t have taken place.” He said and I gave out a tight smile.

“It’s all good now.” I replied and he shook his head.

“It’s not. You and Dave.” He stated reminding me of the words Dave had slapped me with.

He had actually broken up with me and didn’t even want to hear me out.

I shook my head at the memory.

” I am fine Ryan.” I assured.

“So… we’re good?” He asked and I nodded.

“A hug?” He requested and I rolled my eyeballs moving closer to him as we hugged warmly.


??Corriene Pov ??

I beamed happily as Ryan and Diana walked into the canteen and the students around cheered happily.

“Thank you so much for helping.” Carl appreciated and I waved him off smiling.
“He’s my boyfriend duh… I needed to get proof.” I said and got off my seat heading for Ryan.


???? Diana Pov ????

I watched as Corriene hugged Ryan tight and kissed his cheek countlessly making Ryan chuckle.

I bit my lower lip and headed for the snack desk to make an order when I heard a frantic call of my name and spotted the girls waving at me then Abigail lifted a tray.

“We ordered for you already.” She notified not minding the students around and I turned pink then headed for their booth.

They happily hugged me before I sat in their midst.

“Am so happy you are staying!” Abigail squealed and I chuckled.

“Me too.”

“I knew a miracle would happen.” Denise grinned.

“We love you Diana.” Delia cooed and we had a group hug then started eating our lunch.

“Wow! You all got me my favourite” I exclaimed and they nodded.

“Honestly, Dave was such an *sshole. How dare he not trust you?” Denise suddenly spoke up and I sighed.

“Yeah! I suddenly hate him. He deserves someone like Corriene.” Abigail said bluntly and they agreed.

“You girls should quit it. After all, how do you expect him to react to a news about his cheating girlfriend.”

“False news.” Abigail corrected and I sighed.

“By the way Diana, have you agreed to being the school face cover?” Denise asked and I gasped.

“I totally forgot about it.” I exclaimed.

“Are you with the envelope?” Delia asked and I shook my head.

“It’s at the dorm.” I replied and got up on my feet then hurried out.
After running around countlessly, I finally arrived the principals office and was stunned to meet Ryan standing before the desk and speaking with the principal.

I greeted her to let my presence known.

“Great! Now you are here,do you agree?” Principal Mary asked and I replied positively.

“Good! Mister Kai here is your co-president and you are his assistant. Both of you would be the school cover for a year and few months.

Your photoshoot would be on Friday and inauguration would take place on Monday. You two are expected to work in unity. Good day.” She concluded.

I was left with nothing but surprise as we both made an exit.

I and Ryan?
I am going to be his co-president?
More like a vice?
Oh heavens!

“You are quiet.” Ryan stated as we rode the elevator to the first floor.

“Yeah.” I only muttered.

“Why?” He asked and I scoffed.

“For the past two and half days,a scandal about us went viral and now our names have been cleared,we are going to be Presidents.” I stated and the elevator doors parted as we stepped out.

“We only got lucky.” Ryan replied giving me a smile that l was quick to return.


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