Written by Authoress Angel

Episode 46

❤️❤️ Diana Pov ❤️❤️

Upon my arrival, I spotted three students,a boy and two girls who were studying separately.

They only spared me a glance and faced their books.

I walked further into the library and picked the texts I would be needing and occupied a desk among other desks in that area.

The light used in here was totally and not so bright which is so good for reading.

The desk I occupied was made up of wooden portable table and a cushioned chair providing comfort for the b.utt.

I immediately brought out my materials and began studying.
I had spent only few minutes studying when I heard soft steps come my way and I looked up on instinct to see Ryan.

He had a smile on his face when our gaze met.

“You’re here?” I heard myself ask and he nodded.

“I study every night for years now.” He replied.


“When did you start?” He asked and I shrugged.

“Exams are coming up and I need to study harder.” I replied and he grinned.

“Impressive.” He said and headed for a desk, few desks from mine

I watched him settle down and began studying.
A tiny smile crept up my lips before I carried on.

I was getting a hang of night studying until I eventually fell asleep on my physics text.
I didn’t really fall asleep, I opted to shut my eyes for a while before I carry on.


❣️❣️ Ryan Pov ❣️❣️

I smiled watching her sleep cutely.
Her lips were in a pouted position and her hair almost masked her pretty face.

I drew a seat carefully next to her and sat down still watching her.
It’s her first time studying so late I guess,resulting to her sleeping so early.

I sighed lifting my hand and moved her richly made hair off her face and slowly caressed her soft smooth skin totally reminding me of the night we both spent together and my junior twitched at the cozy memory.

I must have caressed her for so long as she stirred and slowly opened her eyelids revealing those pretty eyes.

Why am I admiring her!?

I sat back as she sat up straight arranging her hair.

“You fell asleep.” I stated and she sighed.

“I only wanted to close my eyes for some minutes.” Diana replied with a groan and I chuckled.

“You’ll get used to it soon.” I assured and she nodded glancing at her watch then gasped.

“Two fifteen!?” She whisper yelled with bulging eyes and I giggled softly.

“Easy cherry. I could help me if you want.” I offered and she stared at me quizzically.

“I could be your study partner. If you don’t have a partner in studies like this,it would be a waste of effort.” I added.

“But you have no partner.” She stated.

“Yeah. Am used to it already.” I replied and she sighed.

“Ok. I accept.” Diana finally agreed.

“Okay.” I said with a plain smile.


❤️❤️ Diana Pov ❤️❤️

I packed up my books and headed out of the library with Ryan.

Everywhere was so silent that my own breath sounded so loud to me.

“Do you always study this late?” I asked and he nodded.

“I do.” He replied orally.

It’s a great thing l now have someone to study with everyday.
We finally arrived the dorm area and baded each other for the night.

As days went by, I found late night reading really interesting.
Two weeks to our examination, night class began.

It’s just like everyone studying in classes from 9pm to 12 and only class A buildings in each grade were put to use.

Tho, it didn’t stop I and Ryan from staying at the library to study, to an extent,only the two of us had the library to ourselves.

The final SAT exam results came out few weeks ago and majority passed in Poshville High.

The senior students would be leaving soon.
Tomorrow is their prom and graduation then the day after that, they would leave the school.

Abigail and I walked past a group of giggling senior girls and sighed.

” I seriously can’t wait to start wearing the silver coloured uniform.” Abigail groaned and I chuckled.

“Seems like you will travel ahead of time if you can.” I said.

“You bet I would. I would get five pairs of the uniform if possible. Heard the uniform cost two hundred dollars each.” Abigail notified and I felt my heart miss a beat.

“The total fees for next session according to my private counselor is two thousand dollars…no! Five.” She said and giggled.

Five thousand!
How on earth would my Dad be able to afford such amount!?

Back in Graham Prep,my fees were only two hundred dollars and I knew how hard it was for my father to get that paid.
How did he get me admitted here?

“Diana!” A tap on my arm followed the call and I blinked rapidly then faced Abigail who frowned.

“What are you thinking about so hard?” She queried.

“Nothing. Am good.” I assured forcing out a smile before sighing.



Immediately after dinner, I headed for the library.
I and Ryan would be having our weekend test tonight which is Saturday night.

I spotted Ryan at our regular spot and let out a warm smile and greeting.

He returned the smile as I sat down next to him.

“You are such a slow eater.” Ryan began and I chuckled.

“Am not a boy duh..” I replied and he only grinned.

Ryan handed me a stack of papers…our test.

I still wonder how he get them printed for over two weeks now.

“You know the drill. Solve, answer and exchange for marking in two hours.” Ryan stated and I gasped then opened the papers glancing through it.

“First you reduced the time from three hours and now two? How do you expect myself to solve and answer over 150 questions in two hours, 100 of which is filled with scientific questions?” I asked and he faced me.

“You can do it Diana… I know you can.” Ryan said and I sighed.
Here we go…

I began solving and scribbling and calculating and thinking so hard that my head began to hurt but I had to keep going.

Ryan was through with his work a long time ago before I rounded off and the mini alarm rang lowly.

“You did it ” Ryan said with a smile and I nodded werily as he chuckled helping me exchange our answers.

He began using the answers from random textbooks in the library to mark our solutions.
At the end, I climbed up to 80%.

“You did great!” Ryan cheered and I only smiled.

“I know but you are always outstanding.” I complimented and showed him his script.

He had 100% as usual.
My highest over two weeks ago was below 60% but I improved by 20%.

“How about we reward ourselves?” Ryan suggested.

“How?” I asked toying with my pen.

“Let’s go watch a movie. You and I.” Ryan suggested and I felt the goose bumps.

“Wh.. what?” I muttered and he nodded.
I gulped heavily.

What about Corriene?
His girlfriend
“The passes must have been sold out already since yesterday.” I stated.

“Good thing I bought them earlier.” Ryan replied bringing out two passes from his pocket as I gasped.

“I bought them on Tuesday and needed to take someone with me.” Ryan notified with gleeful eyes.

“B.. but you can go with your girlfriend.” I suggested and he stared at me blankly as I gulped.

“Tell me Diana,if you are given bread for the rest of your life as your only meal, wouldn’t you want a change? Especially if your love for it is dead?” Ryan asked and I sighed.

“Yes.” I muttered.

“Then be my movie date tomorrow.” Ryan proposed.


💜💜Corriene Pov 💜💜

I sighted Ryan approaching the dorm area and I scuttled to meet him.

We had a brief hug and I began to arrange his hair leisurely.

“You are through?” I asked and he nodded.

It’s past 10 and only few students are outside heading back for their dorm or to their study building.

“Why don’t you let me study with you?” I asked with a pout and he sighed.

“You would sleep off ten minutes into studying.” He replied.

Or something else…

“Tomorrow would be a busy day so I need to rest. Good night boo.” Ryan cooed and kssed me briefly before walking off.

I smiled widely and headed for my dorm.



❤️❤️ Diana Pov ❤️❤️


“Rise and shine!”.
I heard squeals and groaned in my sleep.

“You are too loud!” I snapped and they giggled.

“Seems like our assistant school’pres’is forgetting something.” Denise sang and I gasped opening my heavy eyelids.

Today is the graduation ceremony and I need to be there!.

I hastily got off the bed, gathered the things I needed in a duffel bag and sprinted out of the room leaving the laughing girls behind.


❣️❣️ Ryan Pov ❣️❣️

I fixed my badge and neck tie before brushing my hair.

“Ouu… President! ” Carl teased and I rolled my eyeballs.

“More like a groom with his assistant by him.” Nathan jeered.

“Ha!” Carl gave a short laugh and I knew something so not nice would follow.

“I bet your girlfriend would steam up soon.” He said and I groaned.

Said it..

“Shut up Carl.” I snapped and licked my lower lip staring at my reflection one last time.

“Bye bros!” I said and stepped out wearing a smile.


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