Written by Authoress Angel

Episode 45


❤️❤️ Diana Pov ❤️❤️

I dressed up eager to meet my family.
They would arrive sooner or later.

As I fixed my hair into pigtails still leaving the fringes,Delia went out to meet her family.

I soon relaxed and waited for my family to come .

Few minutes past nine, they had arrived and I hurried out to go meet them.

On my way, I came across Ryan taking a stroll along the footpaths.

“Hey!” He waved at me and I smiled brightly.

“You look good.” He complimented and I definitely turned red.

“Thanks. Am actually on my way to meet my family.” I notified and he only nodded.

“You could come along with me. My parents would be delighted.” I offered and he looked at me with a relaxed gaze that was so tended seconds ago.

“I can?” Ryan asked and I nodded as he pulled on a bright smile.

We both walked off heading for the car park where I spotted my family including Silvia.

“Diana!” Silvia squealed running into my open arms as I lifted her off teh ground and twirled her while she giggled happily.

I placed her back on her feet and she faced Ryan.

“Hey Diana’s boyfriend.” Silvia waved at Ryan as I let out a gasp.

“Silvia.. I have told you already. He is my friend.” I groaned and she giggled as Ryan pulled her cheek slightly..

“Ryan, it’s been a while,how are your parents?” Mum asked and I saw Ryan smile.

“They are fine Ma’am.” He replied

“So Princess, are we going out for a ride today?” Father asked and I nodded with exictement bursting through me.

“Is he coming along?” Dad asked.

“Of course.” I and Mum chroused and giggled happily.

I smiled at Ryan who grinned as we got into the pickup jeep Father hired this time.

We stopped by a McDonald’s snack shop and purchased our desired snacks.

I and Ryan had burgers and soda before our ride continued.

Ryan suggested we go to a lake nearby and it turned out to be great and relaxing.

I inhaled the fresh scent of the surrounding with a relaxed smile glued to my lips.

Silvia was busy skipping around while my parents hanged around codely having their couples play.

I was left with Ryan as we both lean on the pickup jeep gazing out.

“How did you figure out a cool place like this?” I asked and he exhaled.

“During a day like this.” He plainly replied and I furrowed my brows staring at him.

“You came here with your parents?” I asked.

“Nahh.. I came alone.” Ryan bluntly replied.

“Hold on. You mean you left school on a day like this alone and you were allowed?” I queried and he scoffed.

“It isn’t much of a big deal tho. I can leave the school premises anytime I want buh I don’t do that. I decided not to.” Ryan said and I was left in awe.

“Tell me something,how rich are you?” I blurted and he chuckled.

“I have two personal mansions in Washington and New York. I have ten guards and two maids who follow me around outside the premises even without me knowing. Am certain am being followed right now and reports definitely get to my parents, my Mom tho as my Dad is too busy to care I guess.” Ryan concluded with a sigh.

“Wow!” I muttered.
“You really didn’t appear so rich to me until I saw the entourage your parents came with.” I stated and he smiled.

“Yeah. There are times I wish I am not so rich. Look at you, you get the love of your family at the slightest chance buh my parents are too busy building an empire for me to even notice how lonely I feel. I crossover every year for the past years alone, likewise this year. It’s… it’s not what I desire.” Ryan narrated and I bit my lower lip.


I can’t believe Ryan feels this lonely.
I can’t even imagine not crossing over without my family.

So much riches and little happiness.

I vowed within myself to be the friend Ryan needs no matter how bad the outcome may be.

I reached for his hand and squeezed it lightly as our gaze met.

I smiled at him before he pulled me into a longing embrace.



The sun had become less harsh when we got back to school.

The visiting hours are officially over.
I and my family had our goodbyes and my parents offered Ryan some cookies made by my Mum specially.

I took mine and we hugged once again.
With smiles on our faces, they departed.

So far .. I have had the best visitation ever!

“Guess I will see you around.” Ryan said and I nodded.

He gave me a cute smile and walked away.

He suddenly stopped and walked back to me.

“I will walk you to the dorm.” He offered and my cheeks grew hot.


❤️❤️ Diana Pov ❤️❤️

I sat down at the dinning table with my tray in the middle of my friends and Delia stood up to go take her food.

“What did you take?” Abigail asked.
“Veggie salad.” I replied and she groaned.

“Still dieting? Oh com’on!” She threw her arms up in the air and quickly brought it down after realising we were at the dinning table.

“By the way, the exam date is out..” Denise stated and paused as Delia took her seat then she continued.

“It’s in three weeks.” She added.

“Wow! This term is super short!” Abigail exclaimed.

“What did you expect from a term beginning middle of April and ending early July.” Delia scoffed.

I guess I will have to begin night reading immediately.
“I do hope your silence means your thought about studying hard cause babe, you need high grades to keep your post.” Denise said with a matter of fact tone and I gave a weak smile.



I closed my locker and headed up for my history class.
Well…I would begin my reading tonight and it’s totally worth it.

The library posed to be the perfect reading place and I am too excited to begin..
The day went by pretty fast and cheer practice came along and I felt super exhausted.

I opted to sleep till am ready to go read but not after I had gotten my night snack ready.


💜💜Corriene Pov 💜💜

I waited till Ryan’s team concluded practice and walked up to him.

“Hey!” He cooed and kissed my cheek.

“You did great.” I complimented and he chuckled.

“It’s only practice boo.” Ryan said and I laughed.

“Anyhow but my bad is totally the best.” I replied and he smiled deeply.

“Am ready. Let’s head for the dorm together.” Ryan offered and I nodded happily.
He helped in carrying my bag with his before we headed out.

“So what course are you taking? Is it still biochemistry?” I asked and Ryan shrugged.

“Yeah. That’s if am not placed in a tight position to choose between my dream course or the family company.” Ryan replied.

“You were not around on the day if visitation. Why?” I asked and Ryan didn’t reply.

I glanced at his distant looking face and arched a brow when he let out a soft smile.

“It’s nothing Corriene.” He finally said and I scoffed.

“Nothing?” I asked and he nodded.

“We are here. I will see you around. ” He replied handing me my duffel bag then placed a kiss on my cheek before heading for his dorm.

I pulled on a deep frown as the possible thought of him being with Diana that day filled my head.

I headed for my dorm in an upset mood and met Paige inside.

I dropped my bag on the bed and sighed rubbing my hot head.

“Everything okay?” Paige asked and I sat back on my bed staring into space.

“Could it be possible that Ryan and Diana were together on the last visiting day?” I replied questionly and from the corner of my eyes, I saw her shrug.

“I think you need to calm down Corriene. You already have Ryan to yourself.” Paige advised and I scoffed.

“He has that Diana as his fking assistant school president.” I snapped.

“It’s not a big deal. After all,they only stay together during patrols and separate after that. I think we should leave Diana be. She is no longer a threat.” Paige said and I glared at her.

“You are saying this cause you have no one you love, neither do you have a boyfriend to love you. You are so clueless on matters like this. Don’t advice me again as you lack experience!.” I retorted and stormed out.


❤️❤️ Diana Pov ❤️❤️

I packed my hair into a ponytail after pulling on a black hoodie.

I picked up my bag pack and headed out of the room.

Everywhere was so silent giving me the message that everyone is at the dinning hall.

I plan on reading very early and return to the dorm before 1am.

At least, I would have covered alot then.

The walk to the library felt short and the environment made me remember Dave for a moment.

Letting out a sigh, I stepped into the library.


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