Written by Authoress Angel

Episode 43

Location: Poshville High

Writer Pov

The previous term had ended in a jiffy as the holiday rolled in and out as the students returned to school after their short spring break.

Every student felt great joy in their own way.

The seniors in Grade 12 were excited to graduate while Grade 11 were preparing so hard to become seniors in matter of few months or weeks to come.


Location: Posh 536

❤️❤️ Diana Pov ❤️❤️

“When would the form be out?” I asked the girls as we fixed our corners and they shrugged.

“Anytime we hear the news.” Denise said and I nodded.

“Don’t forget to go meet Dave. He said he needed to speak with you.” Denise notified and I sighed.


During the spring break, he had sounded so stressed over the phone when he said he had something to tell me on resumption day.

When I was done fixing my corner, I changed into something cute.
I felt I needed to look extra pretty.

After all, today would make I and Dave six months into dating.

I bade the girls and headed out.
Outside,the rain from the sky had already began to drizzle lightly.

This month has been so wet since it began.

I soon arrived Dave’s dorm building and headed straight for his room.

I happily opened the door and walked in closing it to meet Dave in the room.

Be had his back against me and I smiled moving to hug him from behind.

I felt him stiffened before loosing up then turned to face me as I broke the hug.

“You are here.” He stated and I nodded before noticing he wasn’t smiling nor holding me tight neither did he call me babe.

“Are you okay?” I asked tenderly stroking his hair but he stepped away.

“You need to know something Diana.” Dave spoke up and I furrowed my brows.

Even when we had a misunderstanding, he never called me by my name but… he just did.

What’s happening?


💜💜Corriene Pov 💜💜

I beamed happily upon hearing the news.

Ryan’s sister gave birth to a baby boy two days ago.

“Too bad you couldn’t stay back to see the baby. I beg he is as cute as his uncle ” I teases as Ryan smiled bouncing the basketball.

“Quit teasing me Corriene.” He said and I grinned.

“Am only complimenting my boyfriend duh…” I replied and he chuckled.

I smiled watching him leisurely play the ball.

All thanks to Diana’s cooperation, I and Ryan are happy together.

The only problem I have now is the fact that Ryan and Diana would be together most of the time all in the name of being Presidents.



❤️❤️ Diana Pov ❤️❤️

“What’s happening Dave? You never address me by my name.” I said totally confused.

“Yeah. That was when we were still good.” He replied and I scoffed.

“What are you talking about? Instead of you to celebrate with me on our sixth month together, you are busy acting so weird.” I pointed out.

“Yeah. You are totally right Diana. Fk those six months.” Dave snapped facing me and I felt my heart skip a painful beat.

“Dave..” I whispered and he scoffed.

“Am tired Diana. Am sick and tired of pretending I still love you. What am I even saying, I never loved you. Never!” He sneered and I palmed my mouth in shock then shook my head.

“No Dave.. you are lying. What sort of April joke is this? Cut it out cause it isn’t funny.” I stuttered and he chuckled darkly.

“I would be leaving this place tomorrow and needed to clear this sh*t between us before leaving. We are done Diana,use the door.” Dave spat

“How could you Dave?” I muttered in shock as tears streamed down my cheeks.

“How? Everything we shared,all the memories,they were false? Why Dave? Why? Why did you do this to me? Why did you ever ask me out? Why did you step into my heart? I gave you my all, I gave you my heart….”

“But not your body Diana!” Dave snapped.

“You are so boring. I can’t even touch you properly.” He added.

“But you did!” I retorted angrily.

“You did..” I broke down in fresh tears.

I glared at him as I felt a different emotion explode inside of me.

All I saw before me was a monster and not the Dave I knew.

The one who would call me babe,the one who made me laugh, the one who got me a precious gift.

I lifted my left wrist glaring at the bangle Dave had given me.

I took it off angrily and threw it at him.

“I hate you Dave Harry! I hate you!” I rasped and stormed out of the room with tears threatening to spill.

Everything was all a lie!
The love was false!
I hurried to the school orchard trying to hide my tears.

As soon as I stepped into the quiet cool place,my tears began to spill endlessly.

He played me!
It was all a sick pretence!

I slumped on the grassy field and began to sob till the rain came pouring down really fast and violent.

It felt like nature also had the same hurting feeling with me.
I felt used, dirty,lied to.!

Why me!?

I cried till my eyes felt sore and out of water.

I weakly got off the grass and headed out after arranging my drenched body like I had fallen into a pile of dirt.


💛💛 Denise Pov 💛💛

Delia and I laughed at Abigail joke.
She had come to see us minutes after Diana had left.

The door opened and we all wanted Diana walk in and I couldn’t explain how I felt upon seeing her.

She seem to have taken a bath cause her extra outfit in the bathroom was what she had on but that wasn’t the matter.

Her eyes were all red and puffy.

“Diana!” We all called rushing to her staggering self and led her to the bed them used a duvet to cover her up.

“What happened to you Diana? Your eyes are red and puffy.” Delia queried and Diana broke into tears that stunned us.

We glanced at each other and faced her again.

“What’s going on Diana?” Abigail demanded and Diana suddenly hugged her tightly.

“He lied to me… He used me.,. He said.. he said am boring. Dave broke up with me!” Diana wailed and shock was boldly written on our faces.

“Tell me you are kidding.” I deadpanned.

“He fking broke up with me! He had a betrothed that loves so much all along!” Diana yelled breaking from the hug as she hugged herself crying out loud.

“How dare he?!” Delia growled and I fumed angrily while Abigail tried calming Diana.

“That boy just pushed the wrong button. He is so dead!” I swore and fisted my palms imagining how I would hit him to a fine ugly pulp.


Next Day

Writer Pov

The girls dorm room was a huge mess, tissues were alover Diana’s bed and packs of half eaten chips added to it not forgetting cans of soda.

Diana laid still on her bed fast asleep while the girls watched her for a while and let out a sigh.

“Do you think she would be fine.?” Denise asked worried.

“Am certain. She needs to rest meaning she will miss classes today.” Delia replied.

“It won’t affect her post right?” Denise wondered.

“I hope so.” Delia groaned.

The room door opened and Abigail stepped in.
Her gaze fell on Diana and she heaved a thankful sigh.

“When did she fall asleep?” She asked.
“5am.” They chroused.

“Damn!” Abigail muttered then suddenly gasped.

“I saw Dave this morning.” She announced.

“So what?” Denise scoffed.

” He is leaving the school today.” Abigail added.



Dave stepped out of the Admin building holding a file which he fixed into his backpack.

“DAVE!” He heard an angry call of his name and looked up to see three girls approaching him wearing killer looks.

He recognised them to be Diana’s friends and he scoffed.

“How may I help you?” He asked pulling on a smrink and Abigail was the first to give him a free slap as the impact made his head turn to a side and he faced Abigail gritting his teeth.

“What the h*ll was that for!?” He growled lowly and Delia scoffed.

“You are so heartless Dave. How could you? You played our friend for six months! Six fking months Dave!” She rasped

“Prepare to meet your maker.” Denise deadpanned and Dave scoffed.

In a jiffy, the girls had pulled him with great effort to the gym to carry out their master plan.


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