“What nonsense!” Baba roared thunderously.
He was just coming back from seeing K and Emma praying fervently about the same ladder he had wanted to use.

“How did they know? Is someone telling them my every step?” He thought to himself as he carefully transformed as he was wounded slightly in the form he went to their place as a result of the heat oozing out of their prayers.

While thinking, he didn’t know exactly what to do anymore.


“If there’s no ladder, there no way for me.”

Emma sat up alone as he pondered on what his friend had just taught him.

“Could it be my mom is way too sick because of a ladder in her life?” He thought to himself as he stared at the necklace in his hands.

Remembering how it was given to him, he had every right to doubt dad was the good man he was portraying.


“My son, before you go back to school, I want you to have this.” He said in pants as Emma looked at his dad suspiciously.

“Dad, what is this? Besides, I’m already late and you’re delaying me.” He said impatiently as he stared disdainfully at the pendant dangling in his dad’s hands.

“Please son, you need to have this. It’s for your own good.” He insisted

“Dad you know I don’t fancy all these jewelries…….”

“I know but this is not just for fancy. I don’t want to see you dead before I return from my trip.” He said to the shocked Emma.

“What do you mean dead?? I’m still young and vibrant……”

“Emma there’s alot you don’t understand. Just take this and wear it. You don’t have to showcase it, it’s for you alone. And one more thing……” He added as he was about leaving

“No one has to know the sole purpose of that pendant.” He said as he finally waved goodbye

Flashback ends

“Hmmm…….so my dad is this diabolical? But what about my mom? Isn’t there something to be done about her?” He kept asking himself till he slept off.

“Hello” Mr. Frank answered with a shaky voice.

“Hello my son, how are you doing today?”

“I’m not well at dad, everything is so messed up. My wife is threatening to leave me with the kids; I can’t cater for myself not to talk of them, and we’re about to move into a new apartment soon and guess what? It’s a self-contained!
Dad, everything is so messed up!” Frank lamented as Mr. Mbakwe kept quiet and listened.

“Dad? Are you there?” He said when he realized he didn’t say a word.

“Dad even the extra person like you I consulted failed! Dad what am I going to do now??? People are laughing at me already!” He lamented further.

“I’d go on a journey to gain more power, because it seems nothing is working on that brat.”

“Oh thank you Dad. When are you embarking on the journey and can I come with you?”

“No, you can’t. You’re too young for that kind of journey. I can’t go immediately anyway, say in a month time.”

“A month??? Dad I’d be dead by then!”

“You won’t be. I’d send help to you soon. I can’t go immediately because of certain things I have to handle and I’d have to journey with other forces not just me.

Don’t worry my son, in a month time you’d be fine and I’d send help in two days, all I need from you is to be extremely patient.”

“Hmmm…..okay Sir. Please the help should come soon; I’m about losing my family already.” He responded as they spoke a little further and hung up.

“It’s time to pay the Nwankwos a painful visit.”

“So I called you both here to share my testimony.” Boss said as Daniel and Kingsley exchanged looks.

“If you’re observant, you’d notice that customers are now more in number and frequency than before.

I had a dream few weeks back where a gift was snatched away from someone and given to me. There in my dream, I knew the gift belonged to me but had been taken away.
Immediately I received it, the dream cleared and I woke up from my sleep.

I was still pondering on what the dream meant and what the gift was until I started seeing the manifestations in the physical realm not long ago. ” She began as they both nodded.

“I honestly want to believe it’s your handwork of intercession and I’m so grateful to you both. In order to show my gratitude, I’ve increased your salaries. It’s not yet time to pay that anyway but I’ve already sent them.” She said as K was the first to check his phone and smiled afterwards.

“Thank you Ma.” He said as Daniel followed suit.

“But I didn’t intercede for her o, I was so busy with Emma’s case and mine too to think of anything about boss. Abi…..” He thought as he looked at Daniel’s direction who was still in smiles.

“Is it just me, or this Daniel guy is God’s sent.”

“Was it you?” Kingsley asked Daniel in their leisure period

“Excuse me?”

“I mean I also noticed what our boss said this earlier; about getting more customers and all. She mentioned it was intercession probably because she didn’t pray. I myself didn’t pray, I was so occupied with lots of things. So, was it you?”

“Yes and no. I did intercede for her quite alright, but the little faith she had too balanced the whole things and summed it up to what we’re seeing today.”

“Hmmmm…..well, that’s all good.” K replied as he resumed work.

That evening, Kingsley made his way to church as there was an evening service to be held that day.

Throughout the service he flashed back on how his life had been and how it was now.

“Lord, little by little you’re restoring all back to me now. The funny thing is you’re beginning to listen to my cry because I’m not longer praying amiss as before; to think I was few years back baffles me till now.” He thought as service was going on.

As soon as the pastor had wanted to end his preaching for that day, he stopped I his tracks and said:

“There is someone here; your family is about to be in danger for the breakthroughs you’ve both received and are about to receive.” There and then, Kingsley knew in his spirit it had to do with him. As the pastor went a bit further, he was convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that he was being referred to.

He therefore prayed fervently until he felt a level of peace within and the prayers simultaneously ended.

After all said and done, the service closed and he headed home.

“Is my family under an attack?” He thought to himself as he flagged down a taxi home.
Though they weren’t his blood family, he had a strong bond with them being the people he grew up with.
He then resolved in his heart to create time out his busy schedule to pray for them.

“We’re beginning to lose Emmanuel Folawe.” Baba announced to Mr. Douglas over the phone on a cool evening. This bombshell was very difficult to take in by Mr. Douglas.

“What? What do we do now?”

“If we can’t get him, we’d get the one whose tragedy would affect his life.”

“Okay, and who might that person be?”

“His mom. Make sure she’s still intact and tightly under our grip in the market. We mustn’t lose two souls at a time.” Baba ordered.

“Consider it done.” He responded as he hung up.

“I must not be demoted, never!” He said beneath his breath as he waited for time, determined to carry out the order given to him.


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