Vivian’s prayer life had taken a new turn ever since she dreamt she refused to share with anyone. No matter how busy her day was, she’d set out at least 30mins of her time to pray. This too her prayer life to the next level, but it still wasn’t as strong as before.

“Thank you Jesus.” Mrs. Folawe said with a satisfactory smile as soon as she woke up this morning, the dream she just had still fresh in her memory.

It’s been a while she has had any meaningful dream, so this meant a whole lot to her.

“At last.” She whispered to herself in smiles after her morning prayers, as she recalled the details of her dream.


She remembered seeing herself crying miserably in a lonely environment. In a short while, a man walked up to her in smiles.

“Weep no more daughter, it is settled.” He said to her as she was handed a present, which she didn’t hesitate to unwrap out of curiousity to know what it was.

“This is for me?” She asked as she admired the package which happened to be a portable Bible.

“Yes, it is for you. Now your life has been fully restored, and the days of your misery are over.” The man responded as she began to thank God with gladness in her heart.

“Thank you Jesus, my dream life has been restored.” She said in smiles as she reached for her dictionary of dreams kept safely on the cupboard.

“To be presented with a Bible represents the call of God upon your life, spiritual victory and divine elevation.” She read to herself quietly, trying to relate to her dream.

“The man said restoration and this is saying to be presented with a Bible means call of God upon one’s life, spiritual victory and the likes…..that means..OMG! That means God’s call upon my life has been fully restored to me and my life can finally be meaningful again!” She figured out happily, thanking God for yet another opportunity to fulfill purpose.

“Esther, where are you going dressed like that?” Happiness asked with a shocked expression on her face.

“I’m going for fellowship.” Esther said as she powdered her face moderately.

“Okay but….dressed like that?” She asked

“What’s wrong with my dressing?” Esther questioned.

“Nothing but, a long skirt with a long sleeve and turban isn’t your kinda dressing.”

“Oh that? Yeah I’m hoping to see Kingsley at the fellowship, I hope he’d be pleased with my dressing.”

“Are you serious? I thought Emma talked some sense into your head the other day.”

“Did you send him ni, abi what kind of question is that?”

“Esther when will you stop being the chaser and be chased for once?”

“Happiness when will you stop being overreactive, naggy and judgy, and just understand me for once?”

“Hia….what is there to understand? That you’re all over a man who doesn’t even want you in that manner? For goodness’sake, this man doesn’t want to have anything to do with you. You do the calling, the texting, the checking up, everything!”

“Sweetie it’s for a while. I’m sure with time, he’d get to notice me and I’d stop being the chaser, I promised.” Esther said as she held her sister’s hands reassuringly.

“So it’s cos of him you’re wearing these baggy clothes?”

“From the small little information I gathered from Emma, he at least has a flair for church girls so…..”

“So what? You’re going to change your lifestyle to fit into his?”

“Babe don’t see it like that. It’s for a while.”

“Chai…..Esther you have been bewitched. I mean who did this to you?”

“Babe no one is using jazz on me….I’m running late already ehn, we’d talk when I’m home.” Esther said as she hurriedly left the house.

“Oh God, deliver this sister of mine.”

“I sense there’s fire on the mountain, isn’t it?” Karen asked as soon as she responded to Eunice’s summon in the broad day light, which was unusual of her.

“Yes my queen.” She responded with a bow, trying as much as possible not to panic due to the situation at hand.

“Okay then, speak.”

“Vivian’s temperature is beginning to get hot nowadays, and I fear the outcome of this new development.” She said, expecting Karen to be bothered, but we disappointed by her still calm response.

“For how long has this happened?”

“For about two weeks now.”

“It’s still young then. Since there’s no reserved oil in her lamp, her present fire isn’t strong enough to defeat what we’re bringing her way. Still we mustn’t take chances. I’d call for reinforcements in our next meeting.”

“Well said, Lord.” Eunice responded with a bow as the image of Karen disappeared, leaving just her dressing mirror.

“Had you wanted to sleep there ni? You spent over half an hour back there.” Cindy said as soon as Vivian walked out of the restroom.

“The water was just so irresistible.” Vivian responded with a smile as roomie rolled her eyes.

“Babe you missed your call.” informed as soon as Vivian walked out of the restroom.

“Oh really? Who?”

“I don’t know, didn’t check.” Cindy replied.

“What is it? Why the change of face?” Cindy asked on noticing her facial expression.

“Nothing jare.”

“Nothing? I just said someone called and you checked it up only to hiss and change mood and you’re saying nothing. Who was it?”

“Kingsley.” Vivian said after much hesitation.

“The same guy you refused to return his calls the other day?”


“Okay so tell me, what’s going on? What are you worried about, and why the attitude?” Cindy asked, eagerly waiting for a response.

“Sis, if you ask me I’d say he wants to be more than just friends with me, and with everything going on I don’t think I’m ready.” Vivian opened up as Cindy tried to process the whole thing.

“O…kay? So what is the everything going on and what kind of ‘ready’ are you talking about?”

“My family isn’t in good shape yet, especially financially.
Spiritually, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. With all these and even more, I don’t think I’m ready to start anything as serious as a relationship with him.”

“Okay good. Tell him then.”

“Tell him what? He should figure out on his own with my attitude na.”

“That’s unfair and you know that. It’s best you let him know so he could move to the next available lady who is ready for what he wants.

And speaking of your spiritual life, that lies in your hands.
I mean you know something’s wrong somewhere, yet you’re not making efforts to fix things.
You don’t pray, read your Bible or attend services. I guess whatever you feel is wrong with you isn’t an emergency yet because if it was, you’d jump back to your feet quickly.
Who knows everything in your family is the way it is because of your lukewarmness.” Cindy said as Vivian listened silently.

“Babe you’re talking as if I’m not making any attempt to see things right. I’m trying my best.”

“Girl your best is obviously not good enough.”

“So what would you have me do?”

“You’re struggling alone, and it’s not meant to be. Pray to the Holy Spirit and ask Him to hell you because if you ask me, I feel your cold attitude towards prayer is more than meets the eye.

So ask him to help you, remind you to pray, wake you up for vigils and so on.

It’s even possible the Kingsley guy is the one for you but you’re to cold to discern.” Cindy said as Vivian stopped in her tracks.

“What did you just say?”

“Yes now. I may not be too deep but I know when a huge breakthrough is coming one’s way, your prayer life would be attacked so it wouldn’t be strong enough to possess or claim what we’ve long been praying for.” She responded as Vivian laughed hysterically.

“What? Have I said something funny?”

“Babe, Kingsley is not my kind of man abeg, so your assumption of him being the one is so wrong.”

“How? Why? I mean at least I’ve seen him once, when he came here to visit you and he looked well-to-do so what could your reason for writing him off like that?”

“Okay first, he doesn’t have a car yet.” She said as Cindy’s eyes widened in shock.

“Are you seriously saying this? Wow….”


“Nothing, but I thought your first lookout should be based on his inner qualities and not some materialistic stuffs.
You’ve really changed o….wow.”

“Cindy I don’t understand you. So because I’m spiritual or a Christian now, I shouldn’t like good things abi?”

“Babe we both know that’s not what I’m saying. I was expecting you to say something else like…..”

“Something else like what? Seriously, I just said one thing and you’re making it sound like I’m a great dinner for wanting something good for myself.”

“Geezz…… babe you’re overreacting.”

“Oh please. I’m pissed off already, I’d see you later abeg.” Vivian said as she headed out.


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